Safety, Security & Elections Committee Minutes: October 6, 2016

Hidden Valley Lake Safety, Security and Elections Committee
Meeting Minutes
October 6, 2016

Meeting was called to order by Vice Chairman Bonnie Starks at 6:05 PM.

Bonnie announced that our Chairman Larry Rohling officially resigned from the Safety, Security and Elections Committee as of October 3, 2016. As Vice Chairman Bonnie will lead the committee until all members can assess the situation. We will discuss this in November. We thank Larry for his contributions and we will continue to work on making our community a safe and welcoming place to live.

Members Present: Ginny Boyer, Becky Lortz, Steve Siereveld and Bonnie Starks.

Members Absent: Pat Sutton.

Board Liaison Present: Bill Minnery (Lot 2323).

Guests Present: HVL Community Manager Bruce Keller.

Minutes presented by: Becky Lortz (for September 2016 meeting). Corrections required: None.

  • Motion to accept as presented: Ginny Boyer.
  • Seconded by Steve Siereveld.
  • Vote count: 4-0-0.

Treasurer’s Report: N/A

Guest Issues: One – Our committee received an e-mail from an HVL resident on 10/5/16 about speeding on Bellemeade. The writer did not attend our meeting. Bruce will contact the resident to get more details. No action was taken during the meeting.

Community Manager’s Report:

  • Signs – Bruce wants us to help with wording (about speeding fine amounts) on street signs. He asked that we contact him with our suggestions.
  • Consulting with HVL Attorney – Bruce will ask Bob Ewbanks about the possibility of open judicial panel meetings and also publicizing the names of repeat speeding offenders in the Echoes.
  • Consulting with Dearborn County Traffic Engineer – Bruce will contact Todd Listermann to discuss street sign placement on HVL streets and roads. He will also ask Mr. Listermann for suggestions about wording on these signs with regard to speed limit and fine amount specifics.
  • New Vehicles for Deputies – Three vehicles have been purchased for use by our deputies while they are on duty. The cars will be officially marked in January 2017.

Deputies/Lake Patrol Report: Community Manager Bruce Keller presented the September/Year to Date 2016 Report. Things are generally going well. The deputies are working on speeding problems and are using radar as one way to spot problems

Task Force Report: Bonnie said several residents are still working on initial plans for this group. No meeting has been scheduled yet.

Current/Active Business:

  • Election Procedure Update – Bonnie and Ginny discussed this project. The first reading of the updated policy occurred at the September Board meeting. Our HVL attorney, Bob Ewbanks, did change the wording of the qualified candidate criteria (his suggested change of the definition now reads “the candidate must be insurable under current HVL POA insurance policies without increased cost to the community for bonding.”)
  • Git R Ready – Steve had nothing to report with regard to any programming at this time. He will work on getting a video about pertinent emergency preparedness topics for posting on the new HVL web site. We all agreed the low attendance at these sessions could indicate a lack of interest in the topic. Perhaps putting information on the web site would help.

New Business:

  • Chairperson Appointments – Bonnie said we will address these at our November meeting.
  • Future S,S&E Meeting Time – After discussion we decided to meet at 6:30 PM for our November meeting.
  • Committee Appointments for New Members – We agreed we need to recruit some new members for our committee. Bonnie asked that each member think about HVL residents to recruit and come to our November meeting with suggestions.
  • Echoes Article for November – Pat Sutton will write this article. We suggested writing about Winter Safety – winterizing your car, home, boat and self.

Action Items for Committee Members: For Bonnie – Work with Community Manager Bruce Keller to encourage the Task Force volunteers to schedule a meeting and begin their work. For Steve – Work on finding a video that focuses on emergency preparedness to post on the new HVL web site. For All Committee Members – Contact HVL residents who may be potential new committee members. Invite them to join us at our November meeting.

Action Items for the Board of Directors’ Meeting: One. Inform the members of Larry Rohling’s official resignation from the Safety, Security and Elections Committee.

Meeting adjourned by Bonnie Starks at 7:05 PM. Our next meeting will be on Thursday, October 6, 2016 at 6:30 PM. (Note – new start time.) 

Respectfully submitted,
Becky Lortz, Secretary

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