Safety, Security & Elections Committee Minutes: October 3, 2017

Hidden Valley Lake
Safety, Security and Elections  Committee
Meeting Minutes

October 3, 2017

Meeting was called to order by Chair Bonnie Starks at 6:30 PM.

Members Present
: Ginny Boyer, Tom Carrell, Becky Lortz, Don Norris, Steve Siereveld and Bonnie Starks.

Members Absent: Pat Sutton.

Board Liaison Present: None.

Guests Present:  HVL Community Manager Bruce Keller.

Minutes presented by: Becky Lortz (for August 2017 meeting).  Corrections required: None.

Motion to accept as presented: Tom Carrell.

Seconded by Don Norris.

Vote count: 5-0-0.

Treasurer’s Report: N/A

Guest Issues: None.

Community Manager’s Report:

 Wall installed at Beach – A two foot high wall of concrete boulders has been installed at the edge of the parking lot at the upper level of the beach area.  This will make it easier and safer for parking.

  • Portalet Replacement – New portalets will be installed at the marina, upper beach and guard shack in 2018.
  • Marina Shelter Update – There is a good possibility that a shelter will be built at the marina in 2018.

 Deputies/Lake Patrol Report: Community Manager Bruce Keller presented the August/September 2017 Report (see attached).

Current/Active Business:

 HVL Internet Site Update – No report.

  • Steve’s Git R Ready Videos and Echoes Articles Discussion – We need to change our approach for presenting these on the HVL website. Steve will work on updating it and report back at our December meeting.  In the meantime, Tom will write the November Echoes article on the Smart 9-1-1 program.
  • Neighborhood Watch – No report. Tom Carrell will contact Dave Wisman and report back to us in December.
  • Rent/Lease Amenity Agreement – Bruce said the POA Board had passed the modified Rent/Lease Amenity Agreement at their September meeting. He passed out copies to our committee and thanked us for our input.

New Business:

  • CMP Review and Update – Becky reminded committee members that the Future Planning Committee needed any suggestions for changes to our Community Master Plan by January 19, 2018.  We agreed to review our Section IV and discuss at our December meeting.  We also agreed to review the sections of the HVL rules we oversee and discuss them in December, too.  When we discuss the HVL rules Bruce suggested we consider adding a part to the Noise Policy directing a dog owner to be sure his/her pet is inside if owner is leaving property.
  • Echoes Article – Tom will write the article for November.  Becky will write for December.

Action Items for Committee Members:  For Tom – Meet with Dave Wisman to consider feasibility of Neighborhood Watch program for HVL.  For Becky – Send reminder e-mail to all committee members with CMP and HVL rules details.  For All Committee Members – Review Section IV of CMP and pertinent policies in HVL Rules for review and discussion at our December meeting.

Action Items for the Board of Directors’ Meeting:  None.

 Meeting adjourned by Bonnie Starks at 7:15 PM.  Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, December 5, 2017 at 6:30 PM.  Remember: We are now meeting on the first Tuesday of every other month and our start time is 6:30 PM.

 Respectfully submitted,
 Becky Lortz, Secretary

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