Safety, Security & Elections Committee Minutes: November 3, 2016

Hidden Valley Lake Safety, Security and Elections Committee
Meeting Minutes
November 3, 2016

Meeting was called to order by Vice Chairman Bonnie Starks at 6:30 PM.

Members Present: Ginny Boyer, Becky Lortz, Steve Siereveld, Bonnie Starks and Pat Sutton.

Members Absent: None.

Board Liaison Present: Bill Minnery (Lot 2323).

Guests Present: Tom Carrell (Lot 1948) and HVL Community Manager Bruce Keller.

Minutes: presented by Becky Lortz (for October 2016 meeting).  Corrections required: None.

Motion to accept as presented: Pat Sutton. Seconded by Steve Siereveld. Vote count: 4-0-0.

Treasurer’s Report: N/A

Guest Issues: One – Bruce received an e-mail from an HVL resident that he shared with our committee.  The writer was very concerned about the deer cull in HVL and the lack of signage announcing activity in each active area.  She also asked for some of the rules to be modified.  She did not attend our meeting.  Bonnie and Bruce will respond to her to discuss her concerns.  No action was taken during our meeting.

Community Manager’s Report: 

  • Consulting with HVL Attorney – Bob Ewbank responded to Bruce’s question about open Judicial Panel meetings with the recommendation to leave the situation as is. Also repeat speeding offenders are not an issue so a list in the Echoes is not necessary.
  • Consulting with Dearborn County Traffic Engineer – Bruce is still waiting to hear from Todd Listermann about scheduling a date to tour HVL streets and roads to evaluate stop signs, speeding signs and speed bumps.
  • Hrezo Engineering Report – Bruce shared this report from Hrezo Engineering, Inc. It gave specifics of an inspection they made of the HVL entry monument, the Willie’s sign and the guard shack.  The results and recommendations of the report are being used as a maintenance inspection list.  We will spruce up the main entrance and repair those areas that need it. 

Deputies/Lake Patrol Report: Community Manager Bruce Keller presented the October/Year to Date 2016 Report.  Radar checks for speeding are still being done.  Speeding is down.  The Lake Patrol is done for 2016.

Current/Active Business: 

  • Committee Elections – Bonnie addressed the need for new officers for our committee. After discussion by unanimous acclaim we designated Bonnie Starks Chair and Steve Siereveld Vice-chair.
  • Beach Parking Lot Safety – We discussed the beach parking lot borders. We decided that double stacking the railroad ties and reinforcing them with rebar would be a good solution.  Bruce will work with our maintenance crew to accomplish this task.
  • Git R Ready – Steve has contacted a friend in Kansas City about obtaining some films for our HVL Web site. He will give us a progress report in December.
  • New Members for our committee – Tom Carrell will be joining our committee as a new member. We will contact several other residents before our next meeting.  For 2017 we voted to change our meeting date to the first Tuesday of each month and continue the start time of 6:30 PM.  Our meeting in December 2016 will remain on the first Thursday.

New Business:

  • Hrezo Engineering Report – See Community Manager’s Report.
  • Stop Sign at Lakeview and Greentree – Ginny Boyer explained the view of the stop sign at this intersection is blocked by a resident’s vehicles. Bruce said this has been a problem in the past.  He will have the deputies talk with the resident again about repositioning the vehicles.
  • December Meeting – Pat Sutton will contact the Lawrenceburg Police Department to schedule a speaker from their Speakers Bureau to come to our December meeting. She will ask the person to discuss the Neighborhood Watch Program.  Also during our meeting we will review our suggested SSE revisions for the HVL Community Master Plan (CMP).
  • Echoes Article for December – Becky will write this article. We will discuss the 2017 schedule in December.

Action Items for Committee Members:  For Bonnie – Work with Community Manager Bruce Keller to encourage the Task Force volunteers to schedule a meeting and begin their work.  For Steve – Continue work on finding a video that focuses on emergency preparedness to post on the new HVL web site.  For All Committee Members – Contact HVL residents who may be potential new committee members.  Invite them to join us at our December meeting.  Review Community Master Plan (CMP) handout to discuss at our December meeting.  Optional:  bring cookies to share to our December meeting.

Action Items for the Board of Directors’ Meeting:  One.  Approve our new S,S&E Committee member, HVL resident Tom Carrell. 

Meeting adjourned by Bonnie Starks at 7:37 PM.  Our next meeting will be on Thursday, December 1, 2016 at 6:30 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Becky Lortz, Secretary

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