Facility Reservations

Hidden Valley Lake POA members in good standing may reserve selected shelters, the Family Campground or the Community Room on a first-come-first-served basis.

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Reserve a Facility

Pool Complex Shelter – Hidden Valley Lake

• Check the calendars below for availability.
• Contact the POA Office to place a 24-hour hold on the date.
• Choose the facility above to find the reservation form.
• Complete the form online and return to the POA Office within the 24-hour period.
• Pay any applicable fees.
• Reservations are not guaranteed until confirmed.

Facilities Available

• Community Room Rental — $75 fee (cancellation fees may apply)
* Marina Shelter – $25 fee (cancellation fees may apply)
• Upper Beach Shelter — $25 fee | 10 tables | grill | electric | includes use of beach for up to 25 guests
• Pool Shelter — 8 tables | grill | electric | near restrooms & playground
• Lake Melody Shelter — 5 tables | grill | electric | restrooms
• Family Campground

Your Responsibilities

• Be considerate of neighboring property owners.
• Place all trash in designated receptacles.
• Clean up the area immediately following the event.
• Follow the checklist on the Community Room Rental form to clean up that facility.
• Expenses incurred to repair damage or for extra cleaning will be charged to your POA account.

Community Center

Beach Shelter

Pool Shelter

Lake Melody Shelter

HVL Marina Shelter