Architectural Approval

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If you are considering any building project in Hidden Valley Lake, you will need POA Architecture Committee approval prior to construction. This applies to the following:

• New home
• Addition to home
• Detached garage
• Docks
Retaining walls
• Swimming pool
• Structures attached to existing deck, house, shed or detached garage

Performance Bonds

New home construction projects require a building permit fee and a cash bond when plans are submitted for approval. Smaller projects may also require payment of a performance bond. The performance bond is returnable upon completion if all conditions are met.

Variance Requests

For discussion on any variance requests, the Architecture Committee will schedule an ad hoc meeting. The meeting will be open to the public and announced via Keep In Touch. The committee will follow variance procedures as described in the HVL POA Bylaws, Rules & Regulations. The POA Board of Directors has final approval of any variance requests.

For more information, please see Before You Build, Landscape or Improve Your Property and Builder’s and Contractor’s Guide.

Administrative Approval Process

The POA Office may approve any of the architectural projects listed below, and any other project not specifically identified under Architectural Approval above. Barring any questions, applicants will receive an answer by email within 5 business days.

Contact the POA Office for changes such as:

• Screen addition to existing deck*
• Basketball hoop (permanent)
• Color change
• Concrete patio
• Deck cover
• Fence
• Handicap ramp
• Leveling yard, extending culvert pipe deck

• Parking pad
• Pergola
• Replacing existing concrete drive
• Rip rap
• Screened-in porch
• Shingles
• Shed
• Steps

* Unless it changes the footprint of house.

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