Hidden Valley Lake POA President’s Annual Report: March 5, 2017

Hidden Valley Lake POA President’s Annual Report
“The State of the Valley”
March 5, 2017

The “State of the Valley” continues to be strong…

…because of its committees and the Judicial Panel:

  • Architecture – They work with property owners in a courteous and timely manner and help ensure that new structures, or improvements to existing structures, are consistent with our guidelines.
  • Finance – Committee members provide leadership and good stewardship in fiscal matters.
  • Future Planning – Members continue to work on the implementation of our Community Master Plan and serve as a resource to other committees for their portion of the plan.
  • Judicial – Panel members handle the issues before them in a deliberative and discreet manner.
  • Lakes & Parks – This reconfigured committee works to ensure the viability and usability of our shared spaces.
  • Safety & Security – Members continue to identify safety issues and educate the community about how to address them.

…because of its clubs — Our clubs bring together people who have a common passion, be that passion service or social in nature.

…because of its employees – We employ people who work in the office, on the golf course, and out in the community. Regardless of where they work, they are the face of Hidden Valley Lake to our property owners and they execute their responsibilities well.

…because of Steve and Willie’s – Willie’s continues to be a community-gathering place and Steve, as always, is the consummate host.

This past year, your Board of Directors worked with numerous individuals and committees on many issues. I would like to highlight three important areas:

Transparency and Accountability

  • Bob Starks led the effort to institute changes to our Articles of Incorporation, specifically the “15% Rule” and the definition of what constituted a voting member. These changes, which limit a board’s discretionary spending and expand who can cast a membership’s vote, were affirmed by a community vote.
  • We engaged the services of Jared Ewbank for a review of our rules. This process, called codification, will ensure that our rules are consistent with applicable Indiana laws and will identify rules that are redundant or in conflict with other rules.
  • For nearly thirteen years, we had not increased assessments for general operations. Upon the recommendation of the Finance Committee, the board voted to increase them. Over the course of several board meetings, Finance made a compelling case for increasing assessments. The board’s vote was held in an open meeting once all attendees had the opportunity to ask questions and make comments about the increase.

Enhanced Communications

  • A team of volunteers initiated the effort to make Hidden Valley Lake’s dream of a new website a reality. Their important, foundational work transitioned to a paid individual who completed the project. This team, led by Kathy Wirth, worked closely with board member Tom Hamilton and produced a more user-friendly and timely website that will enhance communications within the community.
  • George Lortz and the Future Planning Committee worked with the board on the continued implementation of the Community Master Plan and served as a resource to all stakeholders. Continued focus on the plan will ensure that all Hidden Valley Lake personnel – be they paid or volunteer – are aligned on the vision and goals for our community.

Protecting Hidden Valley Lake

  • The assessment increase noted above protects Hidden Valley Lake by ensuring on-going financial viability.
  • In December, the board agreed to participate in the “One Dearborn” Project. One Dearborn is a public/private economic development entity dedicated to attracting new businesses and residents to Dearborn County. We believe that Hidden Valley Lake should have a seat at the table and a voice in the discussions that will take place about issues that will influence our quality of life and the value of our properties.
  • In February, we signed a contract to purchase approximately 21 acres of undeveloped land that lies between our golf course and Georgetown Road. With this purchase, we will control whatever development takes place there. It will also serve to protect our golf course investment.

Because of you — our property owners — the future of Hidden Valley Lake is bright. In the coming year, we will continue to work with – and for – you on the issues important to our beautiful community.

Respectfully submitted,
For the Board of Directors,
Patricia Hawkins



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