Governing Documents

Bylaws, Rules & Regulations

The Hidden Valley Lake Property Owners Association (HVL POA) Bylaws, Rules and Regulations (Bylaws) contain a wealth of information. This document details how we govern ourselves as an un-incorporated community within the State of Indiana. The goal is to ensure the safety and comfort of HVL residents and to safeguard property values and quality of life.

These rules are the product of ongoing collaboration between committees and the Board. To add a rule or change an existing rule requires a reading at each of two consecutive open Board of Directors meetings, with the final vote at the second meeting. All Federal, State of Indiana and Dearborn County laws apply within Hidden Valley Lake unless modified by the POA.

We encourage residents to develop a strong sense of community involvement by participating in committees, clubs, events and activities. Our website is designed to provide information residents need to know. Subscribe to Keep In Touch for email alerts and notifications, find the latest community news and calendars, and read the Echoes.

We request that all HVL POA members, their family members and guests cooperate in understanding and adhering to the rules. It is the duty of the community manager, deputies and other employees to enforce the Bylaws. Violations may result in citations, assessments, and potential liens on personal property, although members have the right to appeal.

The Administrative General Information part of the Bylaws describes the POA and how it operates. The policies, procedures and practices described in this part are not enforceable as rules, but reflect current practices and are guidelines on how to conduct POA business. The Board may change these administrative polices without a vote as circumstances warrant.

Before You Build, Landscape, or Improve Your Property  —  Click here and Read the Bylaws

Well-designed property improvements and maintenance are always welcome in Hidden Valley Lake. But before you drive the first nail, shovel the first dirt or open the first paint can, be aware that property improvements within HVL are governed by the HVL POA Bylaws.

To avoid problems, you should review and understand these regulations before you begin planning your project. Before You Build, Landscape or Improve Your Property is a quick summary of what types of property improvement and maintenance are governed by the POA Bylaws. It outlines what you need to do to make sure your improvement plans meet these regulations.

The Builder’s and Contractor’s Guide details specific HVL POA guidelines that apply to contractors, builders, landscapers and painters. We highly recommend that both you and your contractor review this document before beginning to build.

For any questions, please contact the POA Office for assistance.

Other Governing Documents

Articles of Incorporation
Community Master Plan (CMP)
Restrictions, Conditions, Covenants & Agreements

POA Bylaws 
Revised Bylaws 2023 – Architecture
Revised Bylaws 2023 – Judicial Panel
Revised Bylaws 2023 – Future Planning

Land Use Plan (draft) (modified 4/1/21)
Land Use High Resolution Map (4/1/21)
Amenities Survey Results (4/4/19)                                                                                                        Revised Election Procedures  (Safety, Security and Elections, 2022)                                                Nomination Form for Board of Directors, 2022

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