Please Be Responsible!

The Hidden Valley Lake recreational season is in full swing. We are seeing record crowds at the beach, at the pool, and on the lake. Unfortunately, we have already had multiple complaints about the behavior of certain property owners and their guests.

I would like to take a few minutes of your time to remind you which rules govern behavior in our shared spaces. Before I run through the list of problem areas, though, I need to apologize up front to the 99% of you who enjoy our amenities while respecting others.

Our policy regarding behavior has always been to educate first, issue warnings if warranted, and cite as a last resort. I hope that this message helps to educate you so that we will rarely, if ever, have to issue warnings and citations.

The Pool, the Beach, and the Lake

Very loud music can be an annoyance to others. It can also be offensive, depending on the type being played. Please, turn down loud music if others ask you to. Also, if you want to listen to music with obscenities, misogynistic lyrics, etc., please feel free to do so – but wear your headphones. Paul Rolfes and the other boat patrol personnel will further educate boaters about this, but are prepared to formally warn and cite if necessary.

Alcohol consumption on the lake has always been a part of how some enjoy the boating experience, but if you are consuming alcohol, please stay away from the steering wheel of the boat.

We are finding a number of smaller watercrafts — i.e., paddleboards, kayaks, etc. that are not stickered. Please get them stickered.

Abusing Hidden Valley Lake Employees and Volunteers

There has been a rash of employee and volunteer harassment issues. Our bylaws address harassment and strictly forbid it. If any property owner has an issue with a lifeguard, a member of the boat patrol, the office staff, or any other employees or volunteers, come to my office and fill out a complaint form. Hollering and cussing at a 15-year old lifeguard will not resolve your issue but it will get you a citation. Would you want your children treated that way by another adult?

Golf Carts and Appropriate ATVs

We recently caught an 8-year-old child driving a golf cart on our roads. To drive any motorized vehicle on our roads you must have a driver’s license. We also have folks who are not following the correct protocols while driving on our roads. If you are in a golf cart or appropriate ATV, you must obey all traffic laws and must pull over if a car is behind you. Do not forget to get these vehicles stickered at the office.

Pedestrian Etiquette and Safety

I received another complaint this week concerning residents walking three abreast and not moving over for cars. I have personally witnessed situations where cars were coming in both directions and walkers did not move over. I received a complaint a few weeks ago about a nighttime issue. A person wearing dark clothes was walking at night. Cars were coming in both directions. The driver of one of the cars swerved to avoid the walker and went off the road into someone’s yard. Walkers, please yield appropriately to vehicular traffic and wear reflective clothing at night.

Soliciting in Hidden Valley Lake

Soliciting in Hidden Valley Lake is prohibited. If you observe someone soliciting, please call the deputies immediately.

Let us all observe the above reminders and have a wonderful, and safe, summer.

Bruce Keller,
Community Manager

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