Land Use Plan Task Force Minutes: August 17, 2017

Hidden Valley Lake Land Use Plan Task Force
Meeting Minutes
August 17, 2017

Meeting called to order by: George Lortz at 7:10 p.m.

Members Present: Jennifer Donelson, George Lortz, Dave Patterson, Michael Paul, Nelson Brett, Robert Starks, Jim Buchanan, Janis Messer, Mike Boyce

Members Absent: Tim Halperin, James Hasselbeck, David Ryberg

Board Liaison Present: N/A

POA Office Staff Present: Bruce Keller.

Guests Present: Tom Derrick, Ken Horn, Ruth Ann Hoyt, Bill Hoyt, Pam Annis, Rob Annis, Richard Misplay, Philip Heitz, Randy Isom, Becky Lortz, Kathy Wirth, Pat Sutton

Current/Active Business:

  • Hidden Valley Lake Property Owners Association history and structure: overview provided by George Lortz and summarized in attached document.
  • Member and Guests introductions: led by George Lortz, round table introductions including interests in the LUP and involvement in other HVL groups.
  • Previous LUP Documentation from 2015 review: Discussion led by Jennifer Donelson.

Handouts provided to all members and guests present included documents compiled by Michael Paul in 2015 as part of the FP Committee

1) Hidden Valley Lake Land Use Plan, Second Draft

2) Land Use Plan Outline

3) Outline of Proposed Steps to Generate a Land Use Plan (Current Conditions), 071115 Rev 00.

4) Also included in the package was the current CMP Goal VII (which would be different version than 2015 version original LUP documents were referencing).

Jennifer read through some of the line items in the documents and it was decided that our next meeting will be a focus on the first line item in the 2015 Land Use Plan Outline – “Identify current uses of all land in HVL”. Kathy Wirth suggested a 1.a. line item in that we also consider any suggested future land uses that have been discussed in the past, or perhaps currently, by any committees/clubs, the board, and/or POA members. We should focus on:

1) Undeveloped land
2) Recent acquisitions
3) Surrounding development

Although next meeting will focus on line item #1, Kathy mentioned in line item #2 the PUD restrictions could be scratched off as they have not been located with the county, but Dave Patterson objected to removal since some property owners purchased with the understanding the PUD restrictions were in place.  So, we will leave the PUD restrictions in line item #2 for now. The Indian Mound in line item #2 may be a folk’s tale – location unknown at this time.

Jennifer recommended that any person present for the task force meeting that may have information on current/future land use please provide it via the dropbox portal that will be established for LUP task force.

  • Additional Documentation provided as handouts: Discussion led by Jennifer Donelson. A color-coded map of HVL and an Excel spreadsheet were also handed out during the meeting.  The Excel spreadsheet was provided to Jennifer by Linda Hartrmann and represents all HVL-owned properties other than the newly-acquired property along Georgetown Rd, or any that she may not have heard of, and was set up for HVL’s MS4 reporting purposes based on usage and potential threats to water quality.  Linda also has information and visual surveys (trash and erosion) for all water channels based on topo maps and actual walking surveys from 2012 but files are too large to share so not available to this meeting.  Will have to use dropbox portal once set up.

Our current color-coded map does not include newly-acquired properties and does not have all of the coding as other similar LUP maps offer, such as geographic areas to be considered at each stage and types of land use (see Elkhart Indiana LUP as an example).  Bruce will work on an enhanced HVL map for the next meeting using the examples in Elkhart’s LUP discussed during this meeting.

  • Other Indiana Community LUP’s:  Discussion led by Jennifer Donelson.  Jennifer provided via website links to those members of the task force that had joined before this meeting examples of Mooresville, Indiana and Elkhart, Indiana Land Use Plans.  Mooresville is part of a Community Plan and is a bit more extensive but Elkhart is sectioned out quite well, is not long, and is very easy to follow.  Mike Boyce really liked the Elkhart maps and asked Bruce to update our map to reflect more closely to Elkhart’s (see above).  Jennifer recommended everyone interested in reviewing these LUP’s do so as they are very good examples from fellow Indiana communities.  The information will be included on the Task force Dropbox portal as well.
  • Communication and Task Force Meeting:  Discussion led by George Lortz and Jennifer Donelson.  Major discussion points:  Discussions were conducted about future update activities and Jennifer suggested that the task force establish a regular monthly schedule for conducting meetings, particularly due to availability of meeting room, scheduling around other committee/club meetings/and travel schedules.  Jennifer and Michael Paul travel regularly for work, so a scheduled meeting is best as it is the only way to try to solidify travel schedules around committee and task force meetings.  Discussions in the group on frequency of the meetings led to conclusion monthly was a good timeframe – anything less is not enough time to get “to do” items completed, anything further out is too long and makes our entire process much too lengthy.  Discussion of replicating the third Thursday at 7 p.m. similar to the first meeting led to unanimous vote in favor of third Thursday at 7 p.m. Kathy Wirth recommended Jennifer set up a Dropbox account through Moe Manion specifically for the Task Force so documents can be shared easily by the group. Jennifer will do so as soon as possible. Jennifer mentioned one of the goals of the task force is to develop a survey for POA residents asking them what their thoughts on land use are. Kathy Wirth organizes and runs the surveys for the FP Committee and wishes to do the survey strictly electronically. Becky Lortz has asked we consider a hard-copy survey for members without internet. Kathy mentioned they can come to the POA office. Jennifer suggested it will be a while before the survey is prepared and we table this discussion until that time.

Due to Jennifer Donelson travel schedule, Dave Patterson recommended a vice-chair for the committee. Jennifer asked for a volunteer. Jim Buchanan volunteered and received unanimous vote for approval as vice-chair.

  • New Members to Task Force: Ken Horn and Randy Isom: During round table discussions, both Ken and Randy indicated they would like to join the task force. George Lortz brought a motion to approve Ken and Randy as new members and the motion was seconded by Jennifer Donelson.  Vote taken. Unanimous vote approval for both to join the task force. Welcome!

Motion to adjourn made by Mike Boyce. Seconded by Janis Messer. Vote count:  22 for, 0 against, 0 abstain. Meeting adjourned by Jennifer Donelson at 8:10 p.m.

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