Lakes & Parks Committee Minutes: October 12, 2016

Hidden Valley Lake Lakes and Parks Committee
Meeting Minutes
October 12, 2016

Meeting called to order by Dave Patterson at 7:30 p.m.

Members Present: Bill Cox, Tom Derrick, Eric Fox, Jill King, Alan Kohlhaas, George Lortz, Dave Patterson, Dave Ryberg, Joe Stocker

Members Absent: Dan Beckman, Gerald Young

Community Manager: Bruce Keller – Present

Board Liaison: Pat Hawkins – Present

Guests Present: Luann Roberts, Dave Wingate

Minutes: from the September meeting were presented by Dave Patterson. Corrections required: None.

Motion to accept by: George Lortz;  Seconded by Joe Stocker.

Vote count: for 7, against 0, abstain 0.

Guest Issues: Luann was present to see what is going on and to find out what happened to the Parks & Rec. Committee. Dave Wingate is a new resident and was present to see how things worked.

Board Meeting Report: Bruce Keller reported. He and Bob Starks attended a very good Lake Community Conference.

Fish & Game Club Comments: Dave Ryberg reported for the Club. The annual Golf Scramble was a great success with a full slate of 18 teams. John Sizemore from the Oxbow spoke at the meeting. The new bamboo fish attractors will be installed this month.

Lake Patrol Report: Will Dunham is a new member of the Lake Patrol, bringing the staffing to 4.

We will be aggressively working on a session for new boat registrants and all related drivers. The session will probably be on a Saturday morning at 8:00 a.m. so that they can get on the lake while it is still at no wake status. They will make a video of the class for the new web site.

Dave Ryberg mentioned that the light wasn’t turning green in the morning at the right time. Bruce will have Jason check the timer.

We had a water plane touch down on the lake and leave right away. That is against any rules.

We need a new motor for the boat and several items fixed, such as the seat.

The lake patrol issued 15 citations over the summer. All were for more that 1 on a tube. One citation had 4 people on a tube in the high speed zone.

Lake Statistics Report: Gerry Young – There won’t be any more water quality reports until next spring. Thanks again Gerry for a job well done. We appreciate your efforts.

Small Lake Maintenance report: Bruce Keller – Work on Crystal Lake should be wrapped up shortly, as should the dredging on Lake Holiday. Dave asked that we clear out as many over hanging trees over Lake Holiday as we can while we are in there so that we can reduce the amount of leaf and other natural debris that falls into the lake.

Current/Active Business Updates –
Sluice Gate Bridge Update – Bruce asked several other individuals to submit designs for the replacement bridge over the sluice way.
Shelter progress – The shelter for the marina was again discussed with several members wondering if it was still on the schedule and if so, when. Bruce indicated that it probably won’t make the 2017 budget but we will keep working on the scheduling with the finance committee.

Parks and Rec. Subcommittee / Task Force Reports – George Lortz – George mentioned that a resident had approached him with requests to repair the tennis courts. Paul, a very active tennis player, responded indicating that, yes there were some cracks that needed repair. Bruce will check into it and see if it is something that Jason and company can take care of this fall.

George also brought homework for the committee in the form of a list of the Current HVL POA Lakes and Parks Committee Responsibilities and the Lakes section of the Community Master Plan. He asked that we all go over them and come to the November meeting with suggestions for additions and or replacements or other changes that we would like to have made.

George also suggested that perhaps we could use something he had come upon as a fund raiser for the marina shelter. Golf poker is something like a motorcycle poker run in that when holes are completed the team gets a card and then at the end the team with the best poker hand won half the pot.

We also discussed whether it was a good idea to have the Bylaws, Rules and Regulations in the phone book. Dave P. mentioned that he has seen contracts come through with photo copies of pages of the book to support requests or conditions on the use of properties. The problem is that the pages weren’t always correct in that changes had been passed by the board and they weren’t reflected in the pages, and wouldn’t get in the book until the next printing. George suggested that we only allow changes be made once a year, and that would be at the re-printing time. The committee felt that changes needed to be made and rules implemented right away as they usually came about as a result of a serious situation happening that required a rule change or new rule right away.

New Business:
As a follow up to the discussion on rules changes, the topic of test questions came up and that they needed to be revised to accentuate and emphasize the new and most often violated rules. Someone also questioned the reason for just having 10 questions. He felt we should have as many questions as we needed to be sure those passing the test really knew what we wanted them to know. This will receive additional discussion as we approach the time to re-do the test for 2017.

Dave Ryberg reported that the gravel between the large stones on the face of the dam was washing away and should be replaced. Bruce said he would check it with Jason. I checked it out personally and there are several 50 to 60 yard stretches where the gravel is just abut totally gone. As the lake goes to winter pool, we will get a better feel for how bad the situation really is.

Dave also reported that Lawrenceburg High School has about 8 fishing teams that compete in area tournaments. He suggested that the Fish and Game Club would reach out to them and support them.

Community Manager’s Report:

  1. The dredgers are here and have started with Lake Holiday and hope to finish with Lake Kathy. Some of the dirt has been dumped on the ball field and will be used to raise the level of the field.
  2. Bruce will again be requesting that those residents who live on any lake please refrain from blowing leaves and other yard waste into the water.
  3. The other topics he had for his report had already been covered above.

Motion to adjourn by Eric Fox; seconded by Joe Stocker. The motion passed unanimously.
Meeting was adjourned at 8:41 p.m. Thanks to all for their time and dedication.
Respectfully submitted by Dave Patterson, Chairman

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