Lakes & Parks Committee Minutes: October 11, 2017

Hidden Valley Lake Lakes & Parks Committee
Meeting Minutes – October 11, 2017

Meeting called to order by Dave Patterson at 7:30 p.m.

Members Present: Tom Derrick, Jill King, Alan Kohlhaas, Dave Patterson, Dave Ryberg, Joe Stocker, Gerald Young

Members Absent:  Dan Beckman, Eric Fox

Community Manager:  Bruce Keller – Present

Board Liaison: Pat Hawkins – Present

Guests Present:  Jim Conners.

Dave Patterson presented minutes from the September meeting. Corrections required: None.

Motion to accept by: Gerry Young; Seconded by: Alan Kohlhaas. Vote count: for 6, against 0, abstain 0.

Guest Issues: Jim Conners was present to listen and learn. He expressed interest in joining the committee.

Chairman’s Report: Dave requested a moment of silence in honor of Bill Cox, who passed away recently and was a long standing member of the committee. He will be missed. Dave presented a suggestion that had been brought to him by a couple of members that the committee donate a commemorative tree in Bill’s honor.  The committee agreed unanimously. George will bring the costs of various plaque options to the committee for the next meeting. Dave will check with Teresa to see if there is anything she needs.

The committee is now at 10 members, which was the size prior to the merge with the Parks Committee. At the time of merging, we didn’t want to take on too many new members, but when openings came up we said that we would try to fill them with members from the Parks Committee to maintain representation and focus from that area. The names of Lou Ann Roberts and Mike Boyce were mentioned as possibilities. The committee will discuss this at the next several meetings before coming up with a recommendation for the board.

Board Meeting Report: Pat reported that the board approved Sam Boyles’ project of building and installing 6 bat houses in the Valley. The board required that the houses be installed an appropriate distance away from public shelters, preferably near the lakes. Bruce will work with Sam and approve the final locations. Pat also reported that the rental lease agreement will be set at a minimum of 6 months, with special circumstances to be dealt with by the property manager. They also approved a streamlining of the judicial appeal process.

Fish & Game Club Comments: Dave Ryberg and Tom Derrick were present representing the club. Their annual golf outing was again a huge success.  Their recent seniors’ pan fish tournament was such a success that they put on a fish fry for the club at the following meeting.

ATAC did go to Lake Melody and spray to reduce the number of cattails. Dave Ryberg asked when the next fish study will be. Bruce will check and report back.

Lake Patrol Report: There were 6 citations given out this season, with the majority being for more than one person on a tube in the high speed zone. Bruce and George will finalize a rule making fishing from shore similar to fishing from a boat, i.e. two limits per member and guests. We need to review the rules and limits for guest passes.

Lake Statistics Report:  Gerry Young – The quality of the lake is good, typical for this time of year. See the attached Water Quality Report.

Small Lake Maintenance report:  Bruce Keller – The bats are gone at Crystal Lake and the project to build the emergency spillway can get under way. This should take a couple of weeks, depending on weather. We will also have to remove approximately 20 trees from the area.

Lake Holiday needs larger rip rap at the far end.

Inspection of the small lakes is set for June and January.

Parks and Recreation Subcommittee/Task Force report – George reported that Mike Boyce is helping to organize the project. We will need about a dozen helpers on the day of the event. Volunteers are welcome.

Current/Active Business Updates –           

Sluice Gate Bridge Widening:  The requirement for further state approval or involvement is no longer an issue. The bridge should be complete within the next couple of months.

Boat size regulations: No further report.

Boat Safety session for new boat registrants: Bruce and George are preparing a rule change for presentation to the committee and then to the board.

Marina Layout project: This is an ongoing project. There was no discussion of this topic.

New Business:  

Marina parking lot – potholes and road material placement: We didn’t end up with nearly as much milled road material as we had thought we would have. The maintenance crew started spreading it on the marina parking lot, but stopped so that we could re-assess where it should go. We need to use some of it where the asphalt starts to fan out in the marina parking lot. Several potholes have appeared there.

Community Manager’s Report:

Dredging: We will resume the dredging project in 2018 by completing the small lakes and then touching up any spots in the main lake that need it. We will also entertain requests from lakefront residents to do private dredging at their own expense.

Reflective vests: With the evenings getting darker earlier, walkers and runners need to be sure they can be seen by wearing reflective vests. We will try and find sources for vests that we can provide for residents as we were able to do in the past. Remember, walkers and runners on the left; drivers/riders on the right.

New concrete barriers: We discussed the wall that has appeared on the upper beach parking lot and at the intersection of Alpine and Longview. This has been a project for the Safety Committee for some time. Bruce was able to get the sections for approximately $35.00 apiece. While they aren’t the plain construction grade pieces, they do have stone relief on at least one side of them. We didn’t really see a problem with them, but will await input from the community. We did feel that the project should have come to our committee prior to implementation.

Motion to adjourn by Dave Ryberg; seconded by Allan Kohlhaas. The motion passed unanimously.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:45 p.m.  Thanks to all for your time and dedication.

Respectfully submitted by Dave Patterson, Chairman

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