Lakes & Parks Committee Minutes: July 11, 2018

Meeting was called to order by Dave Patterson at 7:30 pm.

Members Present: Dan Beckman, Jim Conner, Tom Derrick, Eric Fox, Jill King, George Lortz, Dave Patterson, Dave Ryberg, Joe Stocker, Gerald Young

Members Absent:  Alan Kohlhaas

Community Manager:  Bruce Keller – Present

Board Liaison: Pat Hawkins – Present

Guests Present: None

Minutes from the May meeting were presented by Dave Patterson.  Corrections required: None.  Motion to accept by:  Gerry Young; Seconded by:  Jim Conners. Vote count: for 6, against 0, abstain 0.

Guest Issues:             None

Chairman’s Report – 

            We discussed swimming off the dam, an issue raised by Dave P re the children of the people setting off the Fourth of July fireworks.  We decided it was a non-issue and no action or rules were necessary.

Board Meeting Report:  Pat gave a brief report on the meeting.  The main issue was an appeal by a resident of a ruling by the architectural committee.  The appeal was turned down.

Fish & Game Club Comments: Dave reported that theAnnual Kids Fishing Derby is on July 14.

Lake Patrol Report:  Paul reported that this year’s Fourth of July was one of the easiest ones yet.  That was possibly helped by the fact that it fell in the middle of the week this year. He educated and then cited a pan fisherman for too many fish (10 over the limit).  I mentioned my discussion with the Civic club chair and suggested that she and Paul and Bruce get their heads together and see if things can be improved over past years events, specifically with adults cursing and yelling at the lifeguards as they take down the swimming buoys

Lake Statistics Report:  Gerry YoungEverything is well within normal ranges except that the dissolved oxygen was a bit better than normal, 5ppm or better to 22 feet.  See attached report.

Small Lake Maintenance report:  Bruce Keller– Currently dredging Kathy Lake.  Should be done in a couple of weeks.  Then going to the main lake to touch up things there and respond to requests from homeowners to have additional dredging done around their docks.   They will return in 2020 to do the rest of the small lakes.  The small lakes have been inspected.

Current/Active Business –   

Sluice Gate Bridge Project update– Concrete for the decking and ramp has been installed.  The ramp on the dam side will be extended approx. 12 ft.

Lifeguard Shelter– A phase two project will occur next spring to upgrade the existing building to more closely match the lines and styles of the rest of the HVL buildings. Jill and Dave (Ryberg) volunteered to assist in this project

Property Trade– Meeting was held with the property owner, Bruce, Pat and Dave P.  Project ideas don’t look bad.  Process has 4 steps.  Property owner must meet with the property owner across the channel and get agreement from them.  If agreement is reached, then it goes to Architecture, Lakes & Parks, and then the board of directors.

            Fish limit Rule– There are several rules in different sections. We need to get them all together and in synch.  After the fish study this fall we will be better able to assess the size and quantity limits.  Then signs will be updated.

Boat Safety Session Rule– Second Reading.

Marina layout – Peter is going to re-draw his starting proposal.  Bruce will email latest suggested version to the committee as soon as he has something.

Fish Study Timing – Currently have cost of $2,895, and it is budgeted.  The study will  be done around the end of August.

Land Use Plan Task Force update –  Final report will be done before the next annual meeting, but the final amenities survey should be done very shortly.

Parks and Recreation Subcommittee/Task Force report – No Report.

CMP Update – No Report.

New Business:  

Parking in the marina lot– A better parking layout needs to be established. Vehicles without trailers should not be interspersed with vehicles that have trailers attached.  Space needs to be left at the far ends of the parking rows so that vehicles can make a loop instead of having to back up when they see they can’t get through. We might want to look into putting lines on the ramp to assist folks in lining up their trailers and allowing best use of the ramp, especially in busy times.  Reflective lines that can be seen after dark might be worth looking into as well.


Community Manager’s Report:

Covered above.

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