Lakes & Parks Committee Minutes: September 14, 2016

Hidden Valley Lake Lakes and Parks Committee
Meeting Minutes
September 14, 2016

Meeting called to order by Dave Patterson at 7:30 p.m.

Members Present: Dan Beckman, Eric Fox, Jill King, Dave Patterson, Dave Ryberg, Joe Stocker, Gerald Young

Members Absent: Bill Cox, Tom Derrick, Alan Kohlhaas, George Lortz

Community Manager: Bruce Keller – Excused

Board Liaison: Pat Hawkins – Excused

Guests Present: Luann Roberts

Minutes from the July meeting were presented by Dave Patterson. Corrections required: None.

  • Motion to accept by: Eric Fox;  Seconded by Dave Ryberg.
  • Vote count: for 6, against 0, abstain 0.

Guest Issues: Luann was present to see what is going on and to find out what happened to the Parks & Rec. Committee

Board Meeting Report: Dave mentioned that the meeting was probably one of the shortest on record since there was no Lakes Committee report or Parks and Rec. report.

Fish & Game Club Comments: Dave Ryberg reported for the Club. The annual Golf Scramble is coming up. Some bamboo has been donated by a resident to be made into a few more fish attractors to go along the face of the dam.

Lake Patrol Report: Will Dunham is a new member of the Lake Patrol, bringing the staffing to 4.

Paul reported that it is extremely important that the there be HVL Deputies on shore to assist with the Luau next year. Lake Patrol can’t handle it all from the water or shore.

Lake Patrol will end on Oct 1. They are hoping to keep the boat motor running until then. Reverse only works sometimes, and then only if it is very tenderly put in gear. The seat is also broken. They don’t need a whole new boat, just a new motor.

Lake Statistics Report: Gerry Young – The lake is in very good condition. See attached Water Quality Report.

Small Lake Maintenance report: Bruce Keller – Bruce will be meeting with Peter Soltys later this month to discuss the installation of the emergency overflow for Crystal Lake.  We should begin work in October.

Current/Active Business Updates –           

  • Sluice Gate Bridge Update – No additional information is available.
  • Shelter progress – The shelter for the marina is still in the schedule, but timing is being delayed due to budgetary constraints. There was additional discussion about other shelters and repairs.

Parks and Rec. Subcommittee / Task Force Reports – George Lortz – No report

New Business:

Community Manager’s Report:

  • The dredgers are here and will more than likely be here for 2 months.  They will start with Lake Holiday and finish with Lake Kathy.
  • Bruce did end up bringing in ATAC for a touch up lake treatment the Friday before Labor Day Weekend.  They said they found very little to treat.  There bill was just over $1,000.
  • If we have any monies left over when we are finished with Crystal, we can have Peter design a floating dock area where the stationary docks are now.

Motion to adjourn by Gerry Young ; seconded by Joe Stocker. The motion passed unanimously.
Meeting was adjourned at 8:09 p.m. Thanks to all for their time and dedication.
Respectfully submitted by Dave Patterson, Chairman

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