Lakes Committee

Lakes Committee

Meeting Minutes

February 9, 2022

Meeting was called to order by Eric Fox at 7:30 pm at the lower level of the HVL POA building.

Members Present:  Jon Dutton, Eric Fox, Ken Horn, Alan Kohlhaus, Adam Maurer, Wayne Reese

Members Absent:  Jill Bittner, Cody Janszen  

Community Manager:  Dave Wismann 

Board Liaison: Scott Giska – Not Present

Guests Present:  Linda Hartmann , Angel Packer, Ben Brinck, Dietrick Shorten


The January meeting minutes were presented by Eric Fox.  

Corrections required: None. 

Motion to accept:  Wayne; Seconded by: Jon;  Vote count: for 5, against 0, abstain 1. 

Guest Issues

Most guests were just attending with no agenda, Linda was here to speak to certain cleanup initiatives

Chairman’s Report – 

  1. Eric met with Don Norris to fill him in on our history with High Wave issue.

Board Meeting Report:  Nothing to report.

Fish & Game Club Comments:  Nothing to report.

Lake Patrol Report:  

Dave Wissman- reports for 2022 we have 2 PT returning.  There is a former HVL deputy interested in returning for this, and a former Sunman officer who would be interested in scheduling, etc.  Emphasized training and consistency of application of rules. 

Lake Statistics Report: HVL looking to add a resource for Environmental monitoring work.  Makes sense to add this to the existing tests.  More wen this individual is named.    

Small Lake Maintenance report:  

Group of homeowners interested in helping with Crystal Lake. Invited to March mtg to discuss options.    A lot of discussion on maintenance and upkeep of these bodies, erosion, weed treatments and the causes occurred.

Current/Active Business – 

2022 Boat Test – Test is complete and ready to mail, as approved by Lakes.

Lake Study Plan– ATAC will study the main lake.  Single study of Melody was quoted too high.  Will push to next season and budget for all small lakes.  Motion (Ken, seconded Wayne)  raised to allow F&G only to place Slot bass from main lake into Melody after tournaments.  The feeling is this lake is fished aggressively and can handle them.  Motion was passed unanimously.  Studies next year will show what the aquaculture looks like in all our small lakes.  

Willies Docks–  Maintenance is working on stationary sections.  Contractor is submitting bid for floating.

EcoHarvester – Board & Committee Chairs to review and return questions for Lakes.  We have begun compiling answers to unique questions.  Will submit this to the Board and committee chairs.

Lake Light Status – Dave Wissman reports the work is complete.  

Lake Clean-up 2022 – Committee will host a lakefront clean up May 15th.  Will use the work pontoon to collect debris (sticks and logs) that homeowners place on docks.  Wayne and Linda will be looking to get a chipper shredder or a yard waste dumpster to dispose of the debris.  If this proves helpful, we will look at making this seasonal. 

Community Manager’s Report: 

We covered most everything in the rest of our meeting.

New business

We spent some time talking about Size of committee and when and how to fill vacancies.  Overall impression was that 10 is a good number, allows broad representation.  How do we fill?  Would like to have somewhat of an application process.  Would like to have people with broad interest in Lakes.  Paddlesports, small lakes, and environmental may be underrepresented now.  Attendance guidelines discussed.  Most in favor of about 75% of meetings. Would like to purse a vote to add Dietrick as a member in March.

Adjournment – 

Motion to adjourn by Jon; Seconded by Wayne. 

Vote count: for 5, against 0, abstain 1.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:30 p.m.   

Respectfully submitted by Eric Fox

To Do’s


Finalize Lake Patrol hiring.

Dave W

Work with Linda Hartman about spring cleanup details.  Date is May15th.  Need place to deposit debris, Boat to be ready, volunteers, sign up list(?)


Get final bid on Willie’s floating dock.

Dave W.

Eco Harvester Video Reviews

Following are 4 video detailing the operations of the Eco Harvester. This Harvester is being reviewed and researched as to the feasibility of utilizing this method rather than chemicals to keep our HVL Lake Clean