Lakes Committee Minutes: June 8, 2016

Hidden Valley Lake Lakes Committee
Meeting Minutes
June 8, 2016

Meeting called to order by Dave Patterson at 7:28 pm.

Members Present: Dan Beckman, Bill Cox, Tom Derrick, Jill King, Dave Patterson, Dave Ryberg, Joe Stocker, Gerald Young

Members Absent: Eric Fox, Alan Kohlhaas

Community Manager: Bruce Keller – Present

Board Liaison: Pat Hawkins – Present

Guests Present: Bill Dillaha, Michael & Beth Wess

Minutes from the May meeting were presented by Dave Patterson. Corrections required: None.

  • Motion to accept by: Gerry Young;  Seconded by Tom Derrick.
  • Vote count: for 5, against 0, abstain 0.

Guest Issues: Michael & Beth Wess were present to request that they be granted permission to build a dock on greenbelt that attaches to their property. They would create a path through the green space (approx 200 feet) that would cause minimal disturbance to the green space. Bob Dillaha was present to support the request of Michael and Beth, and he also said that he has a deed that grants him use of the dock on the green space. They presented a letter that they has emailed Bruce detailing their request. After significant discussion, we told them we would consider their proposal and get back with them after we had had a chance to research it and make a decision.

Board Meeting Report: Bruce and Pat briefly reported on the May meeting.

Fish & Game Club Comments: Tom Derrick reported for the Club. The annual Kids Fishing Derby will be held at Lake Melody, starting at 7:00 a.m. on July 9. (It looked to be a great success). The club won’t be putting in any more shelters/fish attracters for awhile. They will wait and see how the ones they have in are working.

Lake Patrol Report: Paul Rolfes reported that they issued their first citation – 2 girls and an adult on a tube in the high speed area.

He is concerned that people are in canoes and kayaks without any life jackets at all. Most of the warnings they are giving out are to new people on the lake. He thinks we need to re-visit the idea of having special sessions with new boat owners with possibly some sort of orientation program with Paul.   There are still only 2 members on the Lake Patrol. More are needed

Lake Statistics Report: Gerry Young – Gerry reported that all is good with the lake and all statistics are well within what they need to be and fit with past years data. The next lake treatment will be June 21, just before the Fourth of July weekend.

Small Lake Maintenance report: Bruce Keller – There wasn’t much more to report. They expect to be done with Crystal Lake by this fall and to be $20,000 under their original budget.

Current/Active Business Updates –           

  • Committee Reorganization – The Parks and Rec committee voted unanimously to merge with the Lakes Committee.
  • Sluice Gate Bridge Update – Carol Morman is working with her daughter to assist with the project. It appears that they already have raised about $3,000 towards the project.
  • Beach/Dock access – Needs to be drop off only, and also no fishing. Need new and better signage.

New Business:

  • Request for a dock on green space off of Cove Circe / Timberline – This is under discussion. Bruce will present our recommendations for rule changes to tighten them up so that this doesn’t come up again. As far as what to do with this situation, we will discuss it further in July.
  • Parks and Rec Project List – George presented their current list of projects and which ones were still active or relatively active. We will more than likely use several task forces to deal with most of the projects from the Parks and Rec area.

Community Manager’s Report:

  • Floating Docks at the marina. Bruce is still working with Peter Soltys to come up with a design for new docks that might give us a couple of additional docks if we do some minor re-alignment of the docks.
  • Nothing new to report that hasn’t already been discussed.

Motion to adjourn by Dan Beckman ; seconded by Tom Derrick. The motion passed unanimously.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:25 p.m. Thanks to all for their time and dedication. This was a longer meeting than usual, but there was a lot of important information to go over.

Respectfully submitted by Dave Patterson, Chairman



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