Lakes Committee Minutes: May 11, 2016

Hidden Valley Lakes Lakes Committee
Meeting Minutes
May 11, 2016

Meeting called to order by Dave Patterson at 7:30 pm.

Members Present: Tom Derrick, Eric Fox, Jill King, Alan Kohlhaas, Dave Patterson, Dave Ryberg, Gerald Young

Members Absent:  Dan Beckman, Bill Cox, Joe Stocker

Community Manager:  Bruce Keller – Present

Board Liaison: Pat Hawkins – Present

Guests Present:  None

Minutes from the February (yes February. That was our last one.) meeting were presented by Dave Patterson.  Corrections required: None.

Motion to accept by:  Eric Fox;   Seconded by Alan Kohlhaas.

Vote count: for 5, against 0, abstain 0.

Guest Issues:  None.

Board Meeting Report:  Bruce and Pat briefly reported on the April meeting, which was also the annual meeting.

Fish & Game Club Comments:  Tom Derrick reported for the Club.  The annual Kids Fishing Derby will be held at Lake Melody, starting at 7:00 a.m. on July 9. The Club is looking for sponsors and door prizes.  The Lakes Committee has again committed $500.00 to the club for stocking with catfish.

Lake Patrol Report:  Paul Rolfes reported that there are currently 3 members of the Lake Patrol.  One or two more would make it easier on those remaining and allow for more scheduling flexibility. 2015 was a great year.  Only 2 citations were issued. There were only 3 orange stickers issued on the post May 1 sweep for boats on the water without current stickers.

Lake Statistics Report:  Gerry Young – No report.  Expect to have reports starting next month. The first treatment scheduled for May 17.

Small Lake Maintenance report:  Bruce Keller – The cost estimate for the over flow that needs to be built at Crystal Lake was revised downward.  Peter Soltys will monitor construction , seed, straw, etc.  Most of the work will be done by our maintenance personnel.

Current/Active Business Updates –

Committee Reorganization – Pro’s and Con’s were discussed with potential work load changes, etc.  Motion to support the restructuring was made by Eric and seconded by Dave Ryberg.  The motion passed unanimously, 7 for and 0 against.

Additional Status Light –  The need for an additional lake status light was discussed.  Paul didn’t see a real need as there wasn’t much of a problem at all, especially since the patrol boat puts its lights on flashing yellow as soon as the light changes.  The committee decided there wasn’t a need here and ended discussions on the topic.

Buckeye Docks – Ramp needed to be built to connect dock to shore.  Other issues seem to be resolved.

Committee needs to review the verbiage in the handbook regarding docks and insure that what is written is what the committee and the board intended.

Dam Sprinklers – to be tested.

New Business:  

Alan brought up for discussion the possibility of HVL providing a community owned cable system.  The board or the communications task force should deal with this.

Alan also brought up the fact that a resident over 70 ½ years old could provide donations to charity and get a tax break. HVL should look into setting up a 401C3 (or something like that) charitable organization to which our residents could make donations that would enhance HVL’s amenities.  That is probably something that the Finance Committee needs to address.

Community Manager’s Report: 

  • Floating Docks at the marina. Bruce is working with Peter Soltys to come up with a design for new docks that might give us a couple of additional docks if we do some minor re-alignment of the docks.
  • Gravel at the marina parking lot near the wall. A little more will be added this year.  He is evaluating a project to use ground up asphalt from Hidden Valley Drive as a potential cover for the parking lot.
  • Electric at the dock. An un-approved electric hook up at the fish table in the marina was disconnected.  We re-stated our position that electric at the docks provided too much of a danger and risk to the residents and guests.  Multiple deaths have been reported as attributable to improper or accidental installation and use of electric lines on docks.
  • Bruce has inspected the bath house/lifeguard building at the beach and feels that it needs to be replaced and upgraded. This project needs to be added to the list of needed improvements to our amenities.

Motion to adjourn by Tom Derrick ; seconded by Alan Kohlhaas. The motion passed unanimously.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:45 p.m. Thanks to all for their time and dedication.

Respectfully submitted by Dave Patterson, Chairman

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