Lakes and Parks New Year Update

During the past year, the Parks and Recreation Committee and the Lakes Committee were combined to form the Lakes and Parks Committee. This was primarily because the work and projects that the Parks and Recreation Committee had been working on were either drawing to a conclusion or they were on hold pending release of funds, and the prospects for funding in the near future were not bright. George Lortz joined the committee to maintain cohesion with the projects that had been in the Parks and Rec backlog.

Early last fall, Bill Cox passed away due to a heart attack. Bill had served on the Lakes Committee for many years, and his valuable input will be missed. The committee will be planting a tree in his memory near the site of the proposed Marina Shelter.

The small lakes are frozen over and the main lake is also about completely frozen over. The aerators have been turned off in the small lakes so they won’t cause potential thin spots in the ice.   Signs have been placed by each of the small lakes and at the beach and marina indicting that going out onto the ice is dangerous and that HVL is not responsible for any injuries. If you venture out on the ice, you do it at your own risk. Any questions, comments or concerns about this issue should be brought to the attention of Bruce Keller, our property manager.

The new year was ushered in in a festive mode with the Annual Polar Bear Plunge at the beach. Many thanks to Ashly and Darryl Howe for organizing and putting on this great event. In spite of the near record low temperatures, another great crowd participated or watched. The HVL Deputies and Bright EMS were on site as a precautionary measure. Fortunately, their services weren’t needed.

The lake quality over the past year was very good as indicated by the data recorded by Gerry Young and our maintenance staff. Gerry measures water temperature, at various depths and water clarity and Ph. The maintenance department takes samples from the lake and sends them out to certified lab for testing for e-coli bacteria. All readings are taken on a monthly basis and all were in the normal range and were comparable to similar measurements taken over the past years.

The bridge over the sluice gate is scheduled to be replaced this spring with a wider version to allow bikes and double width strollers. Motorized vehicles of any type are not permitted on the dam or the bridge at any time unless approved by the property manager in advance.

As we approach the New Year and the 2018 boating season, there are a few things to keep in mind. If you are planning on purchasing a boat, remember that the maximum length for speed boats is 20 feet, and the maximum length for Pontoon boats and non-powered watercraft is 26 feet. The committee is looking into the methodology and rationale surrounding the boat length limits. The length limits will not be changed. If you are planning on purchasing a new boat, or if you have any questions, please address them to Bruce Keller.

Last year there were 6 citations issued and many warnings. The majority of them were for pulling more than one person behind a boat in the high speed zone. This is one rule violation that will automatically get a citation.

Damage from large boat wakes has been increasing, causing damage to shore lines and docks. This is something that the Lakes and Parks Committee and the Lake Patrol will be taking a good hard look at this during this spring and summer. Remember, you are responsible for your wake.

Finally, the Lake Patrol is on the lake to keep it safe for everyone. They will take all the help that they can get. If you are aware of or see bad situations or rules violations, don’t hesitate to call them. Their number is 812-584-9997.

Have a wonderful and safe 2018

Dave Patterson,

Chairman, Lakes and Parks committee

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