HVL Board of Directors Meeting September 26th, 2019 7:00pm POA Community Center



Board of Directors Meeting

Thursday, September 26, 2019 7 PM



Board of Directors Present:  Pat Hawkins, Dave Hafner, Robert Starks and Donna Yetzer, Scott Giska


Board of Directors absent:


Community Manager Present: Bruce Keller


September 26, 2019 Motions:


  • Approval of August 2019 Minutes — Board Secretary
  • Approval of 2019 Deer Cull Program—Community Manager
  • Approval of Bond Returns—Architectural Committee
  • Request that the POA Board approve the draft of the POA LUP last modified on 9/23/19.
  • Approval of Sign/Solicitation Rules to put our By-Laws in line with Indiana Law—Safety and Elections Committee.


Call to Order: Patricia Hawkins


President Patricia Hawkins called the September 26, 2019 Board of Director Meeting to order at 7:00pm


Pledge of Allegiance: Patricia Hawkins


The meeting began with the Pledge of Allegiance.


Presidents Report: Patricia Hawkins


Your Board of Directors would like to acknowledge the “retirements” of two of the POA’s valued employees—Moe Manion and Angie Ruberg.

Moe started working for us in 2003 with her focus on the financial aspects of the POA.  In retirement, she and her husband Rick will travel and spend time in their Florida home. Safe travels always, Miss Moe.

Angie Ruberg joined us in 2004 and managed our pool as well as other recreational facilities.  While Angie will no longer be working for us, she will continue her employment with the Lawrenceburg School District.  Angie, enjoy having those summers off!

We thank both Moe and Angie for all their work for the betterment of Hidden Valley Lake.  They leave with our affection, gratitude, and best wishes.

Please note that Dearborn County, including Hidden Valley Lake, is under a county-wide burn ban.  This ban will remain in place until lifted by the Dearborn County Commissioners and was made necessary by a prolonged lack of rain, high heat, and high humidity.


Treasurers report:   Robert Starks

All amounts are rounded to the nearest dollar.

Financial Position as of the end of August 2019.

Beginning Cash on August 1, 2019, $1,282,993.00

Ending Cash on August 31, 2019, $1,160,063.00


Currently we are on budget for this year, unfortunately we are projecting a deficit for next year.  Based on that we are trying to minimize the impact but could be looking at an increase next year.


The Marina Shelter is nearing completion.


The roof on Willie’s is in very bad shape.  There is a concern that there could be a leak around the flashing and chimney.  This could be a very big expense for the POA next year.


Paul Nielander, Lot # 441/442 wanted to know if the contract stated that Willie’s would maintain the building. Bob Starks said “no”, not for the structure of the building.


Karen Hatfield, Lot # 621, Karen asked if the POA paid for the cooler at Willie’s when it broke last year.  Pat Hawkins said the POA split the bill with Willie’s. The cost was $40,000 and the POA paid $20,000.  Karen also wanted to know why Willie’s wasn’t expected to pay for the roof.  Pat explained that the POA is like Willie’s landlord and it is our responsibility to fix the roof.


Secretary’s Report: Scott Giska


  • Request a motion for approval of August 22, 2019 Minutes


Motion made by Donna Yetzer and seconded by Dave Hafner to approve the August 22, 2019 Meeting Minutes.  Motion passed unanimously.

Community Managers Report: Bruce Keller


  • Request Approval of 2019 deer cull program with a goal of culling 50 deer between the dates of October 13, 2019 and November 23, 2019.  The cull will end when we get to November 23, 2019 or we reach 50 deer culled.


Motion made by Donna Yetzer and seconded by Robert Starks to approve the 2019 Deer Cull Program.  Motion passed 4-1.


The American Legion donated a Handicap accessible swing that will be placed at the 77 acres.  The cost of the swing was $2000.00.  Thank you, American Legion!


Julie Mason, Lot # 2224 asked if 50 deer were not reached would Bruce address getting another permit.  Bruce said that he would do that.


The clocks outside of the POA need repair.  The cost to replace or rebuild the clocks are: $12,000.00 to replace and $4300.00 to rebuild with a 3 year warranty.


Assistant Community Managers Report:  Dave Wismann


Marina Shelter

Much of the finishing touch items, such as siding and trim, are being completed this week. The electric is roughed in and waiting for connection with REMC. The plumbing should begin to be roughed in and connections made soon. The next portion for the builder will be concrete work for the walkway and grading the lot.


Upper Beach Bathrooms

Work will begin soon. As stated previously, permits have been obtained.


Pool Committee

I had a great meeting with members of the pool committee on Thursday September 12, including new pool manager Miranda Wintz. Amy Ayers has done a great job recruiting members and it was decided that we would meet on the second Tuesday of the month at 6pm at the POA building.


The committee will be looking at ways to improve the pool building and work with Miranda on staffing ideas to extend the pool season.


Golf Course Managers ReportJen Reuter


Last year at this time, I was reporting to you how September had officially been one of the wettest ones on record.  This is the perfect example of the saying “be careful what you wish for”.  We have had some real challenges this year trying to keep the course green…when you cross a drought with a 45-year-old irrigation system, that happens.  On the upside, we are over 1500 rounds ahead of where we were last September.  There is still plenty of good golfing weather left, so come on out and use that yellow pass, grab a bucket of balls for the driving range, and see the specials we have going on in the Pro Shop.


Tomorrow will be our last mixed couples scramble of the year.  We are opening it up to everyone, so grab a partner and come out for some fun!  We will also have the grill fired up on the patio, so even if you are not a golfer, I urge you to stop by and enjoy some dinner.


Our outings have wrapped up for the year, so, with the exception of September 30 when we aerate the greens, every Monday from here on out will be an “Open Play Monday”.  These are open to allat a deeply discounted rate.


Speaking of deeply discounted, let me tell you about our fall membership special.  As a Hidden Valley resident, you can join the club at an introductory rate of $995. That applies to your first year and is good for either a single or a family membership.  But wait…there’s more.  If you join now for 2020, you get the rest of 2019 for free!  Yes, that’s 15 months for just $995.  That’s less than $67 a month, or roughly $2 a day. It’s hard to believe, I know.  If you are a golfer, there is truly no better time to stop by the club and check us out.  If you have friends who are looking for a new club, the rate for a non-resident is $1,100 for their first year.  This special rate is guaranteed only through the end of December.


In summary:

It may never rain again; however, we are open year-round (weather permitting).

Use your yellow pass.

Stop by and hit a bucket of balls.

Check out our new fall merchandise in the Pro Shop.

Have a burger on the patio while you are there.

Check out the craft beers and new appetizers we have at the 19thhole.

Bring your $2, then talk to us about joining.


Committee and Club Reports

Architecture Committee Report:  Tom Cross


  • Approval of Bond Returns



Lot # 2581H                                                             Scott & Barbara Chenault          

Property Address 20304 Alpine Drive               Bond Amount $500.00

City, State, Zip Lawrenceburg, IN 47025           Dues Owed $0

                                                                                    Fine/Fees Owed $0


Lot #1066H                                                             Paul & Karen Baumann   

Property Address 20482 Matterhorn                 Bond Amount $500.00

City, State, Zip Lawrenceburg, IN 47025           Dues Owed $0

                                                                                    Fine/Fees Owed $0


Lot #1681H                                                             Gaylord & Janet Lischkge          

Property Address 1168 Montclair Court            Bond Amount $500.00

City, State, Zip Lawrenceburg, IN 47025           Dues Owed $0

                                                                                    Fine/Fees Owed $0


Lot #2008H                                                             Zachary David Construction      

Property Address 19732 Ventura Drive            Bond Amount $2000.00

City, State, Zip Lawrenceburg, IN 47025           Dues Owed $0

                                                                                    Fine/Fees Owed $0


Signed by Floyd Ogden, Jesse Jones, Dave Wismann, Dan Tester and Phil Heitz.


Motion made by Dave Hafner and seconded by Scott Giska to approve the Bond Returns. Motion passed unanimously.


Finance Committee Report:Kyle Packer


No report


Future Planning: Dick Myers


  • Request that the POA Board approve the draft of the POA LUP last modified on 9/23/19.


Motion made by Robert Starks and seconded by Scott Giska to accept the POA LUP for discussion and will put a summary of it on our HVL website for property owners’ input.  Motion passed unanimously.


New Future Planning Committee Projects – The FP Committee voted to accept the coordination of the Outdoor Activities and Hiking Trails task forces.  These task forces are already active, and it’s anticipated that current activities will not significantly change.  The Outdoor Activities task force is planning to publish an on-line questionnaire requesting opinions from HVL residents.


OLCA Meeting Planning– Work has started in organizing and conducting the Ohio Lakes Community Association (OLCA) conference to be held in HVL in the fall of 2020.  Bruce Keller, Pat Hawkins and Dave Wismann recently attended the September 2019 OLCA Meeting and plans are being made to have three additional POA Members attend the spring 2020 event.


Development of POA Procedure– The Committee is progressing on the development a fully documented procedure on how to develop a new HVL amenity or improve an existing amenity. This document will be in the form of a handout guideline for people working on these POA business activities. The current schedule is to present the draft of this procedure to the Board and various POA committees in the October time frame.



Future Planning Staffing– The Committee has contacted two prospective members and they have attended the September Committee meeting.  Because we have the possibility of a meaningful workload over the next 12 months, we are interested in additional expansion of the membership. Anyone interested in joining the Committee can contact us through the POA office.


Judicial Panel ReportBruce Plashko


No report


Lakes Committee Report:Dave Patterson


Amy Ayers was present to represent the Task Force for improving the Pool facilities.


Dave presented the task force re-alignment that resulted from a meeting with Dave P, Bruce, Dave W., George Lortz and Bob Starks.  The recommended changes were:


Hiking Trails in the 77 acre park – This will be transferred to Future Planning:


Construct a new Outdoor Activity Center – This will also be transferred to Future Planning


Provide Improvements to the HVL Swimming Pool – This will be transferred to HVL Staff


Upper Beach Wall – This is a Board project


These were recommendations from Lakes & Parks.


We briefly discussed the handicapped dock situation. This topic will be handled by the Dock Layout and Improvement Task Force.


A concern had been raised as to whether we needed to change our rules as they pertain to wearing life jackets, especially to persons on wake boards, paddle boards, etc.  We determined that since our rules defer to the US Coast Guard rules that relate to water safety, our rules were sufficient as written.


Lake Patrol might suggest to boaters going at no wake in the high-speed zone when there were other boats going fast should be advised that for the safety of all that they should move to the no wake zone. Someone suggested that this needs to apply to the Lake Patrol boat as well.


Fish & Game Club reported that so far 1640 slot bass have been removed from the lake.  The club will again be sponsoring the Cincinnati Youth Bass Club Fishing Tournament on HVL on Oct 13.  They will be keeping all slot bass in addition to those to be weighed in for tourney prizes.


Fish & Game Annual Golf Outing will be held on September 21 at Sugar Ridge Golf Course.


Lake Patrol Reported as theyapproach the end of the season, the coverage hours will be less because there are fewer boats on the lake, especially in the mornings.  Three boats were asked to leave the lake due to their not having proper stickers.


The lake continues to be in good shape with all readings being comparable to those of past years over the same time periods.


The emergency spillway at Crystal Lake still needs to be finished.


Covered boat lifts and shore screens – The task force still wants to get more information and perhaps visit one or two lakes around us where they are allowed.  Consistency of colors is being discussed, too.  Obviously, if covered boat lifts don’t pass, then the shore screen issue is moot.   They may recommend a survey to determine community desires regarding this request.  Cody Passed out more information and photos of examples.


Marina Shelter Update – The project is progressing nicely, and they should be complete by early to mid-October.


Marina Dock Replacement – The task force (Dave P, Dave R., Adam Eric, Ken and Bruce) met on the 10th.  We discussed many of the suggestions that have been made so far. Some were discarded and others were added.  We will be presenting our final recommendations in the next couple of months.  We welcome input from anyone who has any ideas. Contact any of us on the Task Force.


Sluice Gate Bridge Project update – Still waiting on the contractor to asphalt the ramp parallel to the dam.


Task force Updates —


1 – Hiking trails in the 77- acre park – Jill will be reaching out to John Getzendanner to see if there has been any activity and to potentially schedule a meeting of any interested parties.


2 – Provide improvements to the HVL Swimming Pool – L&P liaison – This project is transferred to the HVL Staff.  Amy Ayers is heading up the effort.  See her report (attached).


3 – RV/Boat/Trailer storage area – L&P liaison – Dave Ryberg – They ae still looking for suitable sites that will have enough spaces.


4 – Kayak/paddle board/canoe racks – The launch has been installed and seen some use.  We have received a few suggestions for making it a bit more user friendly. They still need to do work on the specific size and layout of the racks.


Ken Horn nominated Adam Maurer to fill our opening.  After significant discussion Ken modified his motion to increase the committee size temporarily to 11 and add Adam Maurer and Wayne Reese to the committee.  The committee will revert back to 10 after the next resignation.  Welcome Adam and Wayne!


Julie Mason, Lot # 2224 wanted to know what the rules were for life jackets on boats.


When on the lake, all watercraft must be equipped with US Coast Guard-approved Type I, II, III, V PFDs (life jackets) equal to or greater than the number of people on board.  All watercraft (except canoes and kayaks) which are sixteen (16) feet or longer, must carry at least one Type IV, throwable, PFD.


Julie also wanted to know what was being done about the duck waste on the docks.  Until it starts to rain to wash the waste away, let the POA office know and the docks will be cleaned.


Ken Horn, Lot # 2790, Anyone on the paddleboard will need a life jacket around them but not on, unless you are a child.


The launch ramp is not designed to sit down in the water.  It is designed to be above water and is still not handicap accessible.  This will be taken care of by next season in the spring. To hear the discussion on this please visit our website for the audio portion of the board meeting.


Claudia Richardt, Lot # 1303, asked about the kayak racks.  The kayak racks on are hold for now.


Grant Landry, Lot # 2831, wanted to know what the expected cost for the kayak racks would be.  The cost could be $20.00 to $50.00 a season.

Grant also had concerns with residents who rent out the slips, that they cannot use what they paid for because people are parking their trailers where the boaters should be parking.


There was much discussion on this issue.


Safety, Security & Elections Committee Report: Bonnie Starks


The Safety, Security & Elections Committee had 2 meetings in the last 30 days about political signs, rules, etc.  They discovered that they were not in total compliance with Indiana state rules. They made very little changes with the political sign rules.



  • Request a motion making the following changes to our Sign/Solicitation rules to bring our by-laws into line with the state of Indiana Law.


Motion made by Donna Yetzer and seconded by Dave Hafner to accept the sign rules for discussion.  Motion passed unanimously.


This is a first reading and will not be voted on. 



11-6-4. Election and Political Sign Rules for lots:

Only one (1) “Election” or “Political” sign shall be permitted and is per membership regardless of how many lots are assigned to that membership. “Election” or “Political” signs may not be posted on private property within HVL sooner than sixty (60) days prior to an election and mustbe removed by the beginning of the sixth day after the election is held. It is the responsibility of the property owner to remove the sign in a timely manner.


Signs may notbe put on community property except on Election Day at the voting precinct only. All “Election” or “Political” signs on voting precincts’ property have to be removed by noon the next day after the election is held.


A resident wanted to know how membership is defined.


Phil Heitz, Lot # 2230, wanted to know if a resident supports other candidates, can they put up a real big sign supporting all of the candidates .  There is a limit to the size of the sign that can be put up.



Civic Club Report:  Steve Siereveld


Labor Day Bash had a great turn out.  Over 1000 people attended the Big Bash.


Halloween Dance will be October 24 at the Golf Club, 8:00pm-Midnight, $10.00 a ticket.


Old Business:




New Business:




Adjournment: 8:09pm


Motion to adjourn made by Roberts Starks and seconded by Scott Giska. 


Minutes Prepared by Gina


Minutes published in this paper are abbreviated and a full account can be heard online at www.hiddenvalleylakeindiana.com

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