Hidden Valley Lake POA Board Agenda: August 24, 2017

Hidden Valley Lake Property Owners Association
Board of Directors Meeting
Thursday, August 24, 2017, 7 p.m. – POA Lower Level

Call To OrderPatricia Hawkins

Pledge of AllegiancePatricia Hawkins

Presidents Report: Patricia Hawkins

Treasurers reportRobert Starks

Secretary’s ReportDonna Yetzer

  • Approval of July Minutes.

Community Managers ReportBruce Keller

  • Linda Giglio has requested permission to block off Ventura Drive for an annual block party for Saturday, September 9th, starting at 3 p.m.
  • Opening of sealed bid for 2017 Paving Project.

Golf Course Managers Report: Pat Sullivan


Architecture Committee Report: Matt Haarmeyer

  • Mr. Brian Rupel, owner of lots 2426, 2427 and 2428 request approval for the split of lot 2427 as indicated on the attachment herein. The split will attach lot 2427A to lot 2426, and lot 2427B to lot 2428.

Safety, Security & Elections Committee Report: Bonnie Starks

  • Request approval for a new renters/lessor agreement and a rule stating: “All renters/lessors entering a contract with property owners within Hidden Valley Lake, must sign and adhere to the guidelines therein including the onetime payment of 100 dollars for registering in Hidden Valley Lake”.

Judicial Panel:  Bruce Plashko

Lakes and Parks Committee Report: Dave Patterson

Finance Committee Report: John Reiniger

Future Planning Committee Report: George Lortz

Old Business:

New Business:


Hidden Valley Lake Rent/Lease Amenity Agreement

The purpose of this agreement is to register those that are renting/leasing homes in Hidden Valley Lake and want to use our Amenities.  There is a onetime registration fee of 100 dollars for those renting/leasing in HVL and an annual 300 dollar fee for those with 12 months left on their lease and wish to use HVL amenities.  No rentals/leasing less than 6 months shall be allowed in HVL.

Renter:______________________________ Phone:  (   )_____________________

Address:______________________________________ Lot:__________________

Email:___________________________________ Date: _____________________

Landlord: ____________________________ Phone: (   )_____________________

Names of others in Household: __________________________________________

_____/_____ I/We understand that we will pay a onetime 100 dollar renter registration fee and that if we choose to use the Amenities, must pay another 300 dollars annually.

_____/_____ I/We understand that my contract with the landlord must be a minimum of 6 months and that Day to Day rentals are not allowed in HVL.

_____/_____ I/We understand that to use the amenities in HVL, I must have a minimum of 12 months left on my rental/lease contract and pay 300 dollars annually.

_____/_____ I/We understand that dock rentals are not included in the amenities.

_____/_____ I/We will show proof of address by providing a utility bill for the appropriate address and that if any information provided to the POA changes, they shall be informed.

_____/_____ I/We understand that we are responsible for all assessments, fines or charges in connection with my actions in Hidden Valley lake, but that in the case of a default the POA property owner will be held responsible for all Assessments, fines or charges assessed in connection with the above lot(s).

_____/_____ I/We understand that renters/lessors have no voting rights and cannot hold a Board of Directors Position.

_____/_____ I/We understand that the Renter includes those persons who are renting or leasing a residence and/or leasing residence or property with an option to buy in Hidden Valley Lake.

_____/_____I we have been provided with information to access the Articles of Incorporation and the HVL POA Bylaws as established by the Hidden Valley Lake Property Owners Association and will comply with the directives therein.

_____/_____I/We also understand that only those persons that can be proven to reside at the rental address will be authorized to receive HVL ID cards.

_____/_____I/We understand that this residence may not be sublet.

______________________________     _______________________________
Renters Signature                                     Property Owners Signature

Note:  Both the Renter and the POA

Submitted by:
Bruce Keller, Community Manager

Now is the best time to sign up for Automatic Monthly Dues Payments

  • Pay your January 2024 dues in full by 1/31/2024.
  • Fill out the form to begin monthly payments toward your July 2024 dues on the 15th of each month beginning February 15th.

Sign up forms need to be received by February 7th, 2024.

Email to forms@hvlpoa.net, send by mail, place in the secure drop box, or bring into the POA office.

Example of a monthly payment:  If your semi-annual dues are $563.50 your monthly automatic payments will be $ 93.92 each month.