Hidden Valley Lake POA Board Minutes: October 26, 2017

Hidden Valley Lake Property Owners Association
Board of Directors Meeting
October 26, 2017


Board of Directors Present: Pat Hawkins, Tom Hamilton, Robert Starks, Bill Minnery and Donna Yetzer

Board of Directors absent: None

Community Manager Present: Bruce Keller

Guests: None

President Pat Hawkins called the October 26, 2017 Board of Directors Meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. The meeting began with the Pledge of Allegiance.

President’s Report: Pat Hawkins

Your Board of Directors is pleased to announce that our work on the codification of Hidden Valley Lake’s bylaws is now complete. We have completed our final review and the bylaws are now in the hands of Jared Ewbank, our attorney, for his final check. We expect that these bylaws will be on our website by late next week or early the week of November 6.
As we noted at our August board meeting, this was a massive undertaking and its completion would not have been possible without the help of many volunteers and employees. We thank them again.
Our bylaws are a living document that will always be subject to revision as our community changes. Be assured, though, that we will thoroughly review all proposed revisions in order to maintain the integrity of the bylaws.

Treasurer’s Report: Bob Starks

Financial Position as of the end of September, 2017

Beginning Cash on September 1, 2017, $1,423,000.00
Ending Cash on September 30, 2017, $1,283,000.00

Income as Budgeted                              Income Actual

Month $184,000.00                              Month $193,000.00
YTD $1,719,000.00                                 YTD $1,774,000.00

Expenses as Budgeted                                 Expenses Actual

Month $175,000.00                              Month $215,000.00
YTD $1,605,000.00                               YTD $1,567,000.00

Secretary’s Report: Donna Yetzer

  • Request approval of the September 28, 2017 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Motion made by Tom Hamilton and seconded by Robert Starks to approve September 28, 2017 Meeting Minutes. Motion passed unanimously.

Community Manager’s Report: Bruce Keller

Request approval for the following Winter Board Meeting Schedule.

 – November 2017- No meeting
                       – December 14, 2017 – Board Meeting
                       – January and February 2018 – No meetings
                       – March 22, 2018 – Resume regular Monthly Board Meeting schedule.

                       – The POA office will be closed December 24th through January 1 for the holidays.

Motion made by Robert Starks and seconded by Donna Yetzer to approve the Winter Board Meeting Schedule. Motion passed unanimously

Golf Course Managers Report: Jen Reuter

On Oct 12th, we had our company lunch and golf outing which turned out to be a fun time for all.
This weekend is the HVL Riders Halloween party which benefits Jase Armbruster.

November 3rd is our annual year end meeting which includes dinner, presentation of awards, and the election of 3 new Board Members for the Golf Club.

November 4th is our “Evening with Sinatra” which includes a terrific Italian buffet dinner and songs by Michael D. If you don’t have your tickets, time is running out. Check with the Pro Shop or the POA Office.

The weather is starting to slow us down, yet the golf course is doing well, up 483 rounds compared to 2016. We have made numerous improvements to the course and the clubhouse, so come check us out, you’ll like us!   We have a basket raffle going on in our Pro Shop with many wonderful donated items. All proceeds go to the hurricane victims in both Texas and Florida.

Beginning Monday, Nov 13, we will be opening at 6:30 am daily to offer a full breakfast menu or breakfast sandwiches and coffee on the run. You can call ahead your order for pickup as well at 812-537-5033.


Judicial Panel: Bruce Plashko

• Appeal for citation written for abuse of an HVL employee.

Vote was taken to uphold the $250.00 fine. Passed unanimously 5-0

There was much discussion between all parties involved.

Architecture Committee Report: Phil Heitz

• Request approval of performance bond returns.

Performance Bonds for Return 10/26/2017

 Michael & Jamie Lambrinides: Lot # 1762H,  19877 Alpine Dr.  Lawrenceburg, IN 47025
Bond Amount $500.00, Dues Owed $0,Fine/Fees Owed $0

Mark & Dawn Eberhard:  Lot # 1992H,  19723 Ventura Dr., Lawrenceburg, IN 47025
Bond Amount $500.00, Dues Owed $0, Fine/Fees Owed $0

Signed by Jason Craig, Jesse Jones, Phil Heitz and Bruce Keller

Motion made by Donna Yetzer and seconded by Bill Minnery for the return of the above Performance Bonds. Motion passed unanimously.

             • Request approval of a 9 foot front variance for Brian Rupel, Lot # 2426/2427A, 1418 Brindlestone for the purpose of building a home. Arch Committee approved unanimously.

Motion made by Tom Hamilton and seconded by Donna Yetzer to approve the 9 foot variance. Motion passed unanimously.

• Request approval of a setback allowing for the building of a detached garage in front of the house front elevation for Michael Sundbye, Lot # 658H/659, 20511 Edelweiss Lane. Arch Committee approved unanimously.

Motion made by Tom Hamilton and seconded by Donna Yetzer to approve the setback on the front elevation of the house. Motion passed unanimously.

Safety, Security & Elections Committee Report: Bonnie Starks

No Report

Lakes Committee Report: Dave Patterson

Last meeting there was a report on the damn inspection. The committee had a second inspection. The reasons for the lower rating had been fixed and after the second inspection the damn was ranked satisfactory.

Dave spoke of Bill Cox, who passed away recently and was a long standing member of the committee. He will be missed. Dave presented a suggestion that had been brought to him by a couple of members that the committee donate a commemorative tree in Bill’s honor.

The Fish & Game annual golf outing was once again a huge success. Their recent senior’s pan fish tournament was such a success that they put on a fish fry for the club at the following meeting.

ATAC sprayed at Lake Melody to reduce the number of cattails.

There were 6 citations given out on the lake this season, with the majority being for more than one on a tube in the high speed zone.

Bruce and George will finalize a rule making fishing from shore similar to fishing from a boat, i.e. two limits per member and guests. We need to review the rules and limits for guest passes.

The quality of the lake is good, typical for this time of year.

The bats are gone at Crystal Lake and the project to build the emergency spillway can get under way. This should take a couple of weeks, depending on weather.

Lake Holiday needs larger rip rap at the far end.

The inspection schedule for the small lakes is June and January.

Boat safety class preparation has been completed. No one has attended the class. New boaters should be taking the class to become familiar with HVL boating rules.

The requirement for further state approval or involvement is no longer an issue for the Sluice Gate Bridge widening. The bridge should be complete within the next couple of months.

Marina parking lot – potholes and road material placement – We didn’t end up with nearly as much milled road material as we had thought we would have. The maintenance crew started spreading it on the marina parking lot, but stopped so that we could re-assess where it should go. We need to use some of it where the asphalt starts to fan out in the marina parking lot. Several potholes have appeared there.

There was much discussion on the new concrete barrier walls that have placed at the upper beach parking lot and at the intersection of Alpine and Longview. This has been a project for the Safety Committee for some time. Bruce was able to get the sections for approximately $35.00 apiece. The Lake Committee did feel that the project should have come to their committee prior to implementation.

Finance Committee: Jen Reuter

 • Request approval of the August and September 2017 Financial Reports

Motion made by Donna Yetzer and seconded by Robert Starks for the approval of the August and September 2017 Financial Reports. Motion passed unanimously.

  • Request approval of the 2018 Hidden Valley Lake Budget

Motion made by Robert Starks and seconded by Donna Yetzer for the approval of the 2018 Hidden Valley Lake Budget. Motion passed unanimously.

  • Request that all dues, fees and assessments remain the same for 2018

Motion made by Robert Starks and seconded by Tom Hamilton for the request that all dues, fees and assessments remain the same for 2018. Motion passed unanimously.

Future Planning Committee Report: George Lortz

• Request that Thomas Plogsted be placed on the Future Planning Committee.

Motion made by Robert Starks and seconded by Tom Hamilton to place Thomas Plogsted on the Future Planning Committee. Motion passed unanimously.

Land Use Plan Committee making great progress. Great group of people working on this committee.

There will be a meeting the on Saturday, February 3. 2018 to review the requested changes to the Community Master Plan (CMP). This meeting will also cover CMP updates.

Civic Club: Karen Plogsted

November 4th – Evening with Sinatra at the Golf Club. This event includes Cocktails, Italian Buffet and Songs by Michael D.

Civic Club has been meeting and making plans for 2018 events.

Listed are several things that the Civic Club is working on:

January 1 – Polar Bear Dip
     January 20 – Trivia Night
     April – Know your Neighbors and Their Business
     June – Blast from the Past Party at the pool
     August – Luau
     October – Adult Halloween Costume Party

Old Business:


New Business:

  • There was some discussion on purchasing a Go Pro camera for Lake Patrol and use around the Valley for unusual circumstances.
  • Scott Chenault suggested streaming meetings live on Facebook.
  • A resident asked about the wood laying around. It was suggested that it could be cut and sold and the funds could be used for a fundraiser.

Donna Yetzer thanked everyone for attending the Board meeting.

Motion to adjourn by Bill Minnery and seconded by Robert Starks. Motion passed unanimously.

Adjournment: 8:15 pm
Minutes Prepared by Gina
Minutes published in this paper are abbreviated and a full account can be heard online at:

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