Hidden Valley Lake POA Board Minutes: July 27, 2017

Hidden Valley Lake
Property Owners Association
Board of Directors Meeting
July 27, 2017

Board of Directors Present: Tom Hamilton, Bill Minnery, Robert Starks, and Donna Yetzer

Board of Directors Absent: None

Community Manager Present: Bruce Keller

Guests: None

President Pat Hawkins called the July 27, 2017 Board of Directors Meeting to order at 7 p.m. The meeting began with the Pledge of Allegiance.

President’s Report: Pat Hawkins

It is Thanksgiving in July – a night for giving thanks.

  • Thank you Bill Minnery for facilitating the June meeting while I was away.
  • Thank you United Community Bank for the Fourth of July fireworks and for being such a good neighbor and supporter.
  • Thank you Karen Plogsted and the Civic Club for last weekend’s “Meet your Neighbors” event and for all the work you are putting into the luau, which will be held on Saturday, August 5.
  • And last, but certainly not least, thank you to Hidden Valley Lake’s property owners for understanding and supporting the need for an increase in general assessments, our first in thirteen years. The funds generated by the increase allow us to maintain the amenities and high service levels you have come to expect.

Respectfully submitted,
Patricia Hawkins

Treasurer’s Report: Bob Starks

Financial Position as of the end of June, 2017

Beginning Cash on June 1, 2017: $941,922.00
Ending Cash on June 30, 2017: $861,893.00

Income as Budgeted
Month $188,563.00
YTD      $1,138,889.00

Expenses as Budgeted
Month $218,602.00
YTD     $1,039,678.00

Income Actual
Month $188,602.00
YTD   $1,172,278.00

Expenses Actual
Month $212,111.00
YTD  $980,131.00

Secretary’s Report: Donna Yetzer

  • Request approval of the July 27, 2017 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Motion made by Bill Minnery and seconded by Robert Starks to approve July 27, 2017 Meeting Minutes. Motion passed unanimously.

Community Manager’s Report: Bruce Keller

  • Request permission for the ECHS Band and Guard students to hold a fundraiser on Friday, August 4th from 5-9pm at the HVL entrance, similar to what they did the last two years. Students will be wearing ECHS Band and Guard shirts and have envelopes and their marching hats (called shakos) to collect funds.  

Motion made to request permission for the ECHS Band by Robert Starks and seconded by Donna Yetzer. Motion passed unanimously.

We had a great emergency response exercise at the pool this past Saturday. This particular exercise, operated by the Dearborn County Emergency management agency Director Jason Sullivan, was held so that Dearborn County could understand what short falls we all may have in a chlorine leak response. There were about 80 people involved and came from as far away as Fairfield.

Golf Course Managers Report: Pat Sullivan

Membership in 2017 is slightly over 2016. We have our membership special beginning now which should promote growth by years end and at the same time start 2018 in a positive way.

Comparing rounds played, we had over 300 more rounds in 2017 compared to 2016.

We did a mailing through the Dearborn Chamber of Commerce to over 365 local companies asking that they consider a corporate membership to the golf club.

The Golf Club will have a Poker Tournament in golf carts. This will be a scavenger hunt for a fundraiser. Lunch or dinner will be involved. Look for details in the near future.

Our new irrigation system is up and running and the total cost came in well under budget.


Architecture Committee Report: Phil Heitz

  • Request approval of performance bond returns.

Performance Bonds for Return 7/27/2017

Tanya Williamson: Lot # 487H, 20375 Longview DriveLawrenceburg, IN 47025
Bond Amount $2000.00; Dues Owed $0; Fine/Fees Owed $0

William & Debora Murphy: Lot # 592H/593, 1147 Springdale CourtLawrenceburg, IN 47025                       
Bond Amount $500.00; Dues Owed $0; Fine/Fees Owed $0

Hargrove Construction: Lot # 2513/2514H, 1794 Cove Circle EastLawrenceburg, IN 47025
Bond Amount $500.00; Dues Owed $0; Fine/Fees Owed $0

Chris Buckman: Lot # 1896H, 20123 Ravenda Drive, Lawrenceburg, IN 47025
Bond Amount $500; Dues Owed $0; Fine/Fees Owed $0

Signed by Jason Craig, Jesse Jones, Mike Parks, Mike Chenault, Phil Heitz and Bruce Keller

Motion made by Robert Starks and seconded by Donna Yetzer for the return of the above Performance Bonds. Motion passed unanimously.

Judicial Panel: Bruce Plashko

  • Request approval of the updated Code Enforcement and Adjudication Process. (Attachment 1)

Motion made for the approval of the updated Code Enforcement and Adjudication process by Bill Minnery and seconded by Robert Starks. Motion passed unanimously.

  • Hearing for Appeal of Community Managers decision concerning the removal of a Utility Trailer, on lot 2260H owned by Milton and Bridget Kleier. This appeal was heard by Judicial Panel and passed on to the board. Appeal denied unanimously.

Bridget Kleier attended this meeting and spoke about the process of attempting to get the utility trailer approved. There was much discussion on the utility trailer.

Lakes Committee Report: Dave Patterson

Ken Day reported that the rip rap at the end of Lake Holiday had slipped into the lake and that with the extreme rains, sticks and all kinds of junk was flowing back into the lake, which had just recently been dredged. I spoke with Bruce about this before he left. He said that they wouldn’t be able to do anything until the dredgers returned. Ken said that HVL maintenance crew could access the area through his property if necessary to fix the problem.

Discussion on boat length and stickers. There is a task force that will be working on addressing the boat lengths. This has not been an easy process.

Jim Schneider almost got a fishing lure stuck in his finger as he was unsnapping the cover from his pontoon boat that is parked in a slip at Willie’s. This situation was discussed, but we weren’t able to come up with a resolution. There was much discussion on how to get this resolved.

Pat Sullivan covered the proposed Poker Golf Tournament/Event that has been proposed to raise funds for the Shelter at the Marina.

Thank you UCB! The fireworks were once again stupendous, probably the best in many years. The beautiful weather helped, too. I didn’t see anyone swimming in the water during the fireworks, nor did I see many kayaks or canoes without lights. In fact, the total number of boats seemed to be down significantly.  There was some discussion on when the fireworks would take place next year.

The walkway alongside of the marina that was rebuilt not too many years ago is for some reason under water most of the time, especially at a point near the end by the last two or three boats. That is causing moss or green slime to grow on the concrete making it very slippery and therefore difficult for people to get to their boats.

The Kids Fishing Derby was Saturday, July 15th. From what I saw, it was another success. Thanks, HVL Fish & Game Club!

Paul Rolfes from Lake Patrol reported things are going well. This will be his last report for the season as he is having a knee replaced and will be on the disabled list for a while. I believe we have someone to fill in for him to keep us at 4 for the rest of the summer.

The Fourth of July went well from Paul’s perspective; however, he did receive a request from the fireworks people to try and keep the boat traffic at least 300 feet from the dam, even during the set-up time, which is from about the time the lake goes to No Wake, because that is when they start to set up the real fireworks and the associated electronics. We need to come up with some way of blocking off that end of the lake, but still allow access to and from the marina.

Gerry Young reported that the quality of the lake is good, typical for this time of year.

Bruce Keller reported that the over flow that needs to be built at Crystal Lake has been approved by all required parties, but we are still waiting for the brown bats to leave, which should be this fall.

George Lortz reported that they are still working on the Survey of Amenities, and that it will now include maintenance projects and land use suggestions. This will tie in with the Land Use Task Force that has been set up.   Someone asked if it would include maintenance or replacement of the grills that are around the community as some of them are in pretty rough shape. This will probably fall under regular maintenance.

Sluice Gate Bridge Widening: This project was officially approved by the board. However, it seems that there is another snag. Based on what I have heard recently, someone checked with the state to see if a change to the bridge would be all right, especially if it were lower to the water surface to eliminate the ramp and stairs.   The response wasn’t favorable and involved having to do a geotechnical study and other testing. This will probably drive the cost up some more.

Boat Safety session for new boat registrants: So far no one has taken the course. Paul would like a rule requiring attendance for all new registrants, which would have to be a new rule. Alan suggested that we also tie attendance to the discipline aspect. That is, if a person receives a citation, after first being educated, and then warned, that they be required to attend the session as a part of the cost of the citation. Paul feels it would be a good idea if whoever is giving the course, have the individual(s) bring their boats and use them in the session. There was some discussion on this.

Dave reported that there needs to be more discussion regarding golf carts accessing the marina by Willie’s.

Community Manager’s Report was given by Dave after talking with Bruce prior to the meeting.

  • Docks at Timberline: All three docks have been installed and are in use.
  • Peter Soltys’ visit: Peter delayed his visit a week due to the extreme heat.
  • Boat measurements: 7 boats have been found that measured greater than 20 feet long. Better rules need to be in place to determine how they are handled.
  • Air B & B: The County has stated that HVL must approve any such entities with in the HVL limits, and the board will not pass any such requests.

Finance Committee: John Reiniger

No report

John thanked everyone for the cards and well wishes. He is on the mend and doing well.

John reported that there was an unexpected repair at Alpine Drive for the land slipping due to water issues. The cost of the repair was about $20,000.00. This is the reason there is an emergency fund of $325,000.00. There is an escrow fund of about $280,000.00 and a reserve of about $83,000.00 from residents that pre-pay their dues. Without these funds we would have been out the cost of the repair.

On a good note John reported in June a gain to the budget of $7000.00.

Safety, Security & Elections Committee Report: Bonnie Starks

No Report

Future Planning Committee Report: Bruce Keller

The Future Planning Committee is focusing on the new LUP and have formed a 9-person task force called the Land Use Task Force chaired by Jennifer Donelson. The initial meeting will be in August. They are also planning for several resident surveys designed to provide input to this effort.

The other item they plan to pursue in the near future is developing new resident information offerings.

Old Business:


New Business:

Bob Starks reported that there has been a lot of request for a Pickle Ball court. There is land available near the pool, but no funds available for the court. They are looking into doing a golf scramble to raise money for the court. Any help would be appreciated.

Pat Paolino at 20103 Longview was at the meeting to discuss the property adjacent to Moeller Park which is right next to Pat’s home. He’s been hearing a lot of discussions going on and wanted to know what was going on with the property. There has been an increasing trend of the rental of this property, parties of 20-25 people occupying that property on the weekends. He will be contacting Dearborn County.

There was much discussion on this property.

Motion to adjourn by Robert Starks and seconded by Donna Yetzer. Motion passed unanimously.

Adjournment: 8:31 p.m.

Minutes Prepared by Gina – Listen to Board Meeting Audio

Attachment 1

Code Enforcement and Adjudication Process

As Hidden Valley Lake Property Owners Association members, it should be our obligation to follow the By-Laws as written and approved by Association members. The Community Manager and his designated Compliance Officer, Deputies and other employees, are tasked to enforce these rules. We do this with a process to educate, warn and cite. After that it is important that members of the association have the opportunity to have their case heard in appeal, if they so choose.

Step 1. Education. This can be done in person, by phone or through correspondence between the above mentioned authorities and the POA member.
Step 2. Warn. Accomplished 2 weeks after Step 1, this step can also be done in person, by phone or through correspondence.
Step 3. Cite. Accomplished 2 weeks after Step 2, and can also be accomplished in person, by phone or through correspondence.

Appeal Process

Step 1. A member cited may appeal that citation the following month only, after the citation is issued at the Judicial Panel Meeting held the second Monday of each month at 7 p.m. in the POA Conference Room located at 19303 Schmarr Drive, Lawrenceburg Indiana.
Step 2. If a member believes they do not agree with the decision rendered by the Judicial Panel, they may appeal to the Board of Directors at the next Board of Directors meeting only held on the 4th Thursday of each month at 7 p.m. in the lower level of the Community Center.

Note: These processes are intended as general guidelines and may not hold true in certain situations i.e. traffic violation, parking violations, issues of safety.

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