Hidden Valley Lake POA Board Minutes: May 26, 2016

Hidden Valley Lake Property Owners Association
Board of Directors Meeting
May 26, 2016


Board of Directors Present: Pat Hawkins, Tom Hamilton, Bill Minnery, Robert Starks, Donna Yetzer

Board of Directors Absent:  None 

Community Manager Present: Bruce Keller


President Pat Hawkins called the May 26, 2016 Board of Directors Meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.  The meeting began with the Pledge of Allegiance.

President’s Report: Pat Hawkins

The Board of Directors met after April’s annual meeting to choose officers and committee assignments for the coming year.  We have agreed that all board positions and all committee liaison assignments will remain unchanged.

We encourage all residents to participate in Hidden Valley Lake’s Memorial Day events thereby honoring and remembering those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our county.  The ceremony begins at noon at the Veterans Memorial in the 77-acre park and will be followed by the parade from Willie’s parking lot which starts at approximately 12:30.  Return to the 77-acre park at 3:00 pm to enjoy the 70’s tribute band Hi-Fidelity.

Please accept our best wishes for a safe and relaxing summer.

With your dues mailing due at the end of July you will receive ballots looking for your opinion pro or con on the Articles of Incorporation, the 15% rule and the property maintenance changes.

Treasurer’s Report: Bob Starks

Beginning cash for April 1st was $1,118,188.94 and the cash balance ending April 30th was $1,043,857.95.

Secretary’s Report:  Donna Yetzer

Annual Meeting minutes will not be approved until next year.

Community Manager’s Report: Bruce Keller

  • Request approval for Memorial Day festivities to be held at the 77 acres park to include a noon ceremony and parade to follow and band that begins at 3:00 p.m.
  • Motion made by Donna Yetzer and seconded by Tom Hamilton.  Motion passed unanimously.

There were some concerns about the playground last month, so I contacted our inspector.  The teeter totters are low profile which is a safe environment for the kids.  The swings are made to push the sides together for the kids to get it.  Regarding putting in a slide, there must be a shade structure and a clear zone around it.  He fixed everything needing repair.  We need more wood fiber and sand.  Bruce has copies of the report if anyone would like a copy.

Golf Course Managers Report:  Bruce Keller

The siding is going up now and should be finished within the next couple days.  The buildings are really going to look nice.  The next project will be the cart paths.  Bruce is holding the check until the contractor tells him when they will start the project.

We’re spending about $23,000 on the cart paths in certain areas that are in bad shape.  We are not adding new, but replacing damaged ones.

VRUC Report:  Don Yetzer

No report.


Architecture Committee Report:  Mike Parks

Jeff & Eleanor Clendenen
Lot 2241, 1492 Sandamont Dr.

Signed by Rick Manion, Jesse Jones, Mike Parks, Bruce Keller

Robert Jacobs
Lot 906, 21132 Zurich Tr.

Signed by Rick Manion, Jesse Jones, Mike Parks, Bruce Keller

  • Motion for the return of the above Performance Bonds made by Tom Hamilton and seconded by Bob Starks.  Motion passed unanimously.
  • Request for disapproval of a variance.  Olena Kamenetska, Lot 152, 20463 Meercham requests a 2 foot side variance to accommodate existing deck and stairs.  Variance disapproved by Architectural.  Not voted on. 

Pat Hawkins requested they have a new survey done since one has not been done since the home was built, in case the survey will show there is enough room without a variance being required.  If the survey is done and they do have room they would just need to take it before the Architectural Committee for approval.  Pat explained to the homeowners that side variances are not given.

  • Motion for approval for a variance for Adam Wehrle, Lot 1399, 611 Windemere Hill – requests a 20’ rear set back variance for a  8’X12’ shed.  Variance approved for 20 foot to set shed 5 foot from rear property line since it abuts green space made by Bob Starks and seconded by Tom Hamilton.  Motion passed unanimously.

Safety, Security & Elections Committee Report:  Bruce Keller

A driver had gone around a school bus.  Someone had asked if there are cameras on the buses or are there plans to get cameras on the buses.  Yes, grants have been put in for cameras for the buses.

Safety is considering getting signs we can move around that say “watch your speed”, etc.

Finance Committee:  John Reiniger

For April we had budgeted $22,000 and we actually had a profit of $39,000.  $15,000 was budgeted for salt that we didn’t spend.  YTD we had budgeted $137,000 and we are at $192,000.

  • Motion made to request approval of the April, 2016 Financial Report made by Bob Starks and seconded by Donna Yetzer.  Motion passed unanimously.

Finance Committee also reviewed projected budgets through the year 2020.  Each year our cash balances will decrease by about $40,000 so that by 2020 without any increases in assessments we will be in a deficit of $160,000.  The next meeting is in July.

Lakes Committee Report:  Dave Patterson

The annual Kids Fishing Derby will be held at Lake Melody, starting 7:00 a.m. on July 9.  The Club is looking for sponsors and door prizes.  The Lakes Committee has again committed $500.00 to the club for stocking with catfish.

There are currently 3 members of the Lake Patrol.  One or two more would make it easier on those remaining and allow for more scheduling flexibility.  2015 was a great year.  Only 2 citations were issued.  There were only 3 orange stickers issued on the post May 1 sweep for boats on the water without current stickers.

First lake treatment was May 17th.

The cost estimate for the over flow that needs to be built at Crystal Lake was revised downward.  Peter Soltys will monitor construction, seed, straw, etc.  Most of the work will be done by our maintenance personnel.

Committee Reorganization – Pro’s and Con’s were discussed with potential work load changes, etc.

Additional Status Light – The need for an additional status light was discussed.  Paul didn’t see a real need as there wasn’t much of a problem at all, especially since the patrol boat puts its lights on flashing yellow as soon as the light changes.  The committee decided there wasn’t a need here and ended discussions on the topic.

Committee needs to review the verbiage in the handbook regarding docks and insure that what are written are what the committee and the board intended.

Dam sprinklers need to be tested.

Buckeye docks ramp needed to be built to connect dock to shore.  Other issues seem to be resolved.

Floating docks at the marina.  Bruce is working with Peter Soltys to come up with a design for new docks that might give us a couple of additional docks if we do some minor re-alignment of the docks.

Gravel at the marina parking lot near the wall.  A little more will be added this year.  He is evaluating a project to use ground up asphalt from Hidden Valley Drive as a potential cover for the parking lot.  Electric at the dock.  An un-approved electric hook up at the fish table in the marina was disconnected.  We re-stated our position that electric at the docks provided too much of a danger and risk to the residents and guests.  Multiple deaths have been reported as attributable to improper or accidental installation and use of electric lines on docks.

Bruce has inspected the bath house/lifeguard building at the beach and feels that it needs to be replaced and upgraded.  This project needs to be added to the list of needed improvements to our amenities.

Parks and Rec:  George Lortz

We have had a lot of requests made to the beach playgrounds.  We came up with about 15 items and reviewed them all with Bruce.  All items have been covered.  There are a few items we will not be able to do strictly because it doesn’t make sense.  All of the items on the list we have presented over the last couple of months have been taken care of.  Bruce has ordered and received 10 steel tables and 4 benches.  With this group of tables we will probably have all the shelters with steel tables except the upper beach.  The steel benches will be anchored at the playgrounds.  We will try to save the best of the wooden tables and use them in the 77 acres park.

Three parts we want to touch on are:

Committee restructuring is going well.  Probably the June meeting we will have announcements.

Communication system development – they are tentatively setting a target date of October for the first version of the website.

The board restructuring project – we started with eight or nine subjects to look at.  We are looking at different ways the board can be comprised and function differently.  Three subjects we are ready to announce tonight in the form of a motion.

  • Request a motion that the size of the HVL POA Board of Directors shall remain at five (5) members.  The length of the members’ terms shall be increased from two (2) years to three (3) years.  The annual voting schedule for the Board positions shall become:  Year 1 – two members, Year 2- two members, Year 2 – two members and Year 3 – one member.  (First Reading). 
  • Motion made by Tom Hamilton and seconded by Robert Starks. 

Five board members works well today.  We had considered seven members to align themselves with seven committees.

Diana Clark, 988 Hickory Rd., asked about the grandchildren passes she requested for the pool and the beach.  George responded that it was announced at the Annual Meeting, in the Echoes and on ListServ.  She also asked about a bench at the park at the pool.  George stated we just announced tonight that the new benches would be placed at each playground.

George mentioned the Garden Club will now be decorating the front entrance at Christmas.

Brian Burns, Lot 893, 1062 St. Moritz asked the goal with this is the continuity of government, two, two and one?  George stated in any given voting year we wouldn’t have a major revision in one given year.

George review the current Board of Directors voting process and possibly voting online in the future.


No report.

Old Business:

Pat Hawkins recognized Michael & Christina Chenault who were in attendance for being awarded the Doerflein Award that was presented at last month’s annual meeting.

Bruce announced that Rick Manion has retired and that the new Maintenance Supervisor will be Jason Craig.

New Business:

  • Motion to adjourn by Donna Yetzer and seconded by Bob Starks.  Motion passed unanimously.

Adjournment:  7:49 pm

Minutes Prepared by Jill Knosp

Minutes published in this paper are abbreviated and a full account can be heard online at www.hiddenvalleylakepoa.com.

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