Hidden Valley Lake POA Board Minutes: April 28, 2016

Annual Meeting Minutes
Golf Course Club House


Board of Directors Present: Pat Hawkins, Tom Hamilton, Bill Minnery, Robert Starks, Donna Yetzer

Board of Directors Absent: Bill Minnery

Community Manager Present: Bruce Keller

President Pat Hawkins called the April 28, 2016 Board of Directors Annual Meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

The meeting began with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Presidents Report: Patricia Hawkins 

President’s Annual Report

“The State of the Valley,” March 26, 2015

The state of Hidden Valley Lake continues to be strong.  This continued strength is only possible because of the on-going commitment of our property owners, those serving on our Judicial Panel, committees, and clubs, our employees, and the Board of Directors.  This commitment extends from ensuring a high quality of life in the here and now to actively planning for Hidden Valley Lake’s future.

Our property owners were committed to controlling our community’s destiny by voting overwhelmingly to purchase the golf course.  During this past year, we have successfully integrated the golf course operations and have made improvements to the clubhouse and the course itself.  The golf course has met our financial expectations and is an important addition to our portfolio of recreational assets.  We thank them for their commitment to the purchase and their patience during the transition.

Members of the Judicial Panel and our committees (Architecture, Finance, Future Planning, Lakes, Parks & Recreation, and Safety & Security) remain committed to improving day-to-day life here in Hidden Valley Lake and actively planning for its future.  At their regular meetings they perform a myriad of tasks – adjudicating issues, approving property owners’ projects, reviewing finances, monitoring water quality and the status of amenities, and highlighting safety issues.  Working with Future Planning they also focus on our community’s future state by implementing the Community Master Plan.  The Board is grateful for all their efforts.

Our many clubs enhance life here in Hidden Valley Lake with a wealth of civic and social activities.  They make possible events of common remembrance and celebration such as those marking Memorial Day and Independence Day.  Clubs also stage events that bring us together in celebration as a community – from “Breakfast with the Bunny” to “Pizza with Santa” and the luau.  They provide recreational opportunities – fishing tournaments, activities for children, athletic competition, and card games – and beautify the community through gardening and clean up events.  All of us are better for their commitment to our community and we thank them.

Hidden Valley Lake’s employees remain committed to delivering services to property owners in an efficient and courteous manner.  Employees maintain our common facilities, staff our amenities, patrol our streets, remove our snow, and assist people with their issues and questions.  We could not function as a community without them and we are grateful for their commitment to excellence.

Steve and Willie’s make the good times possible.  The Board thanks Steve and his employees for the always tasty food and drink and welcoming service.

Lastly, your Board of Directors remains committed to making Hidden Valley Lake a sought after and desirable place to live.  We will do this by strategically choosing how we develop and grow while ensuring financial stability.  As always, we will be guided by what you – the property owners – tell us you want for our common future.

Secretary’s Report:  Donna Yetzer

  • Motion made by Tom Hamilton and seconded by Robert Starks to approve 2015 Annual Meeting Minutes.  Motion passed unanimously.
  • Motion made by Robert Starks and seconded by Tom Hamilton to approve March 2016 Meeting Minutes.  Motion passed unanimously.

Treasurers report:  Robert Starks

Treasurers Report, 2016 Annual Meeting

As of March 2016 beginning cash was $1,145,741 and ending cash is $1,118,200.  Income budgeted for the month $201,584 and actual income was for the month was $203,933.  Income budgeted year to date $562,855 and actual income year to date $574,497.  Expenses budgeted for the month $153,815 and actual expenses for the month $154,260.  Expenses budgeted year to date $447,575 and actual expenses year to date $422,013.

Our 2016 budget continues to be constrained. As you may know the current POA Board of Directors challenge ourselves to maintain a balanced budget and only employ debt where absolutely required unless first approved by you the membership. Our only current debt is for the Golf Course which was voted for by the community.  Our general operating assessments have not increased in the past 13 years.  This is due primarily to the many hours by our volunteers and staff who have worked diligently to maintain high quality amenities at a reasonable cost. Many thanks to our Sheriff’s deputies for keeping us safe and many thanks to our committees and staff for taking every opportunity to find a better way.

Community Managers Report:  Bruce Keller

2015 turned out to be one of the busiest and exciting years in my tenure here.    A good portion of the year was spent by Hidden Valley Lake’s employees and volunteers adjusting to the Valley’s new role as a golf course owner.  When Pat Sullivan gives the Golf Course Report, you will find that the golf course held its own when you compare money in vs money out.  The golf course staff was brilliant and deserves many accolades.   I will not list names, because I fear of missing someone, but the entire staff was awesome.

Looking forward, this year will mark a milestone with our paving program.  The two layers of asphalt for each road will be completed by the middle of June.  That will not change the fact that we will still need to invest in future maintenance, but it does give us a better product to maintain.

Dredging will also continue in the fall.  Dredging will be completed within the next few years, and we will come in considerably under budget.   The end of this year will find us dredging Lake Holiday and Lake Kathy.

Communication continues to be a struggle.  Some residents seem to prefer getting their information from rumor or Facebook.  (Not our Facebook page, though.  There seems to be another that is full of inaccurate information).   We send List Serves to 1,600 plus residents, post on our Facebook page, post on our website, post on our information signs and actually deliver information to every resident’s door in the form of our Echoes, yet information is still not getting to a large majority of people.  This is why I am excited about the Website Design Task Force headed up by the Future Planning Committee.  When their work is complete, look for new ways to stay in the loop and gain the information you need about Hidden Valley Lake.

In closing let me thank the Board for another stellar year.  This Board has not been afraid to tackle difficult subjects or issues.  I am confident that this year will be our best yet.

  • Motion made by Robert Starks and seconded by Tom Hamilton allowing Boy Scout Troop 693 to camp at our 77 acre park camp sites on May 13-15, 2016.  They will be working on our walking trails.  Motion passed unanimously.

VRUC Update:  Don Yetzer

Sewer line project is complete.  We are now meeting quarterly.  The next meeting will be the 2nd Tuesday in July.  We have a lot less inflow and infiltration.  We will be replacing the lift station 8 on Montclair in the near future.  At that point all lift stations will have been replaced.  The trees went quickly last year.  We will have more trees at the end of the summer.  A new brochure will go out with the trees available.

Golf Course Managers Report:  Pat Sullivan

INCOME: 564,483                                 8,949  NET INCOME
EXPENSES: (555,534)                            (81,293) DEPRECIATION
8,949                              (72,344) LOSS FOR INCOME TAX PURPOSES
LOAN FROM POA – Infused to Capital
20,000 CARTS­
50,000 EQUIPMENT                                 3,400 AC
20,000 BUILDINGS                       \         14,196 HOOD
10,000 IRRIGATION                      /           3,700 NEW RESTROOM

At the end of 2014, the club had 263 members. After resignations, the actual number of members we began 2015 with was 207. We signed up 46 new members in 2015, ending the year at a solid 253. In 2016, we already have as many new members signed up as we did for the entire 1st half of 2015. We currently have 241 paid members and 6 additional commitments which will put us at 247 to start the year. Last year we gained 22 new members in the 2nd half, and considering the fact that we have May, June and the 2nd half left, we look to be pushing the 270 member mark by the end of 2016.

Willie’s Sports Café – Not Present.


Architecture Committee Report:  Michael Parks

We would like to have some additional members.  We did have a couple new home starts this year.  We meet twice a month.

Matthew Owens/Teresa Gum
Lot 1145H, 20393 Meercham Way

Signed by Rick Manion, Jesse Jones, Mike Parks, Bruce Keller

Shelley & Travis Fite
Lot 0550H, 1324 Skyview Cir.

Signed by Rick Manion, Jesse Jones, Mike Parks, Bruce Keller

Ronnie Enochs
Lot 2909H, 2072 Morningside Dr.

Signed by Jason Craig, Jesse Jones, Mike Parks, Bruce Keller

  • Motion for the return of the above Performance Bonds made by Robert Starks and seconded by Tom Hamilton.  Motion passed unanimously.

Finance Committee:  John Reiniger 

  • Motion made by Robert Starks and seconded by Donna Yetzer to approve the Consolidated Financial Statements for 2015 and 2015 audit report.  Motion passed unanimously.
  • Motion made by Robert Starks and seconded by Donna Yetzer request approval of the December 2015, January 2016, February 2016 and March 2016 financial reports.  Motion passed unanimously.

In 2015 we missed the budget by $15,000.00, representing only ¾ of one percent difference to the income.  Still our cash is tight, as in the past several years, causing a hold on capital projects.  At the end of 2015, we had $487,000.00 on hand but from this balance we are holding $300,000.00 for two months of emergency funds, $177,000.00 in escrow funds, $11,000.00 in performance bonds due and $47,000.00 in prepaid dues credit for 2016, leaving us with a negative operating cash position of $48,000.00.  This will be made up in the 2016 budget.

The 2016 budget is again tight.  Just so you know some major cash payments in 2016 are:

Paving – $100,000.00 – We have 28 ½ mile of roads.

Dredging – $60,000.00 – Should be done by end of 2018.

Crystal Lake Repair – $60,000.00

The good news is for the first quarter of 2016, we are ahead of the budget by $47,000, but three months do not make a year.

Because of our tight cash status for several years, the finance committee is reviewing a possible increase in assessments.  It has been 14 years since our last increase (not counting the increase for the purchase of the golf course.  Even security has not had an increase since 1983.

Our revenue is somewhat fixed because of limited new building permits but our increasing costs and major repair or capital items have put a crunch on our cash.  Did you know besides the paving and dredging cost of $160,000, that we paid $15,000 for the Longview Road slippage, we paid $38,000 over the budget for the pool house/baby pool construction, we paid $142,000.00 for the dam irrigation system and slippage?  And then we had the terrible year for salt and sand in 2014 of $203,000.00 when in 2015 it was $80,000.00, still $30,000.00 over the budget.  Did you know our cost per snowfall is $10,000?

I know these numbers are a lot to understand and seem confusing but this is leading up to the committee having to review the possible increase in assessments.  The question here is when, how much, and how often should we have any increase.  A lot to decide before a recommendation to the board, but the process has begun.

Judicial Committee – Not present.

Lakes Committee Report:  Dave Patterson

Members of the Lakes Committee were introduced.  POA staff and boat patrol were recognized.  We are looking for 1 or 2 additional members of the lake patrol.  812-584-9997 is the number to reach the lake patrol.  Concrete canoe races were held.  Sluice gate is closed and the lake is full.  The rebuilding of the concrete walkway at the marina was completed.  Gravel was added to the marina parking lot.

Treatment dates will be 5/17, 6/21 and 8/9 with additional spot treatments if necessary.  Fish population has improved and we will have the same fishing limits this year.  Jerry Young performed the testing on the lake.  We have a healthy lake.  The summary report is available in Bruce’s office if anyone wants to see it.  Everyone should use low phosphorus fertilizers on their lawn.  Most of them drain into the main lake or small lake.

We need to be careful bringing our boats from other lakes.  This causes invasive species of plants especially the zebra mussel.  Dry your boats out before you put them in.

Some of our docks received repairs this spring.  We still hope to replace the docks at the marina with floating docks.

Fish and Game club will fabricate and install fish shelters under existing docks.  Larger bamboo shelters were installed along the face of the dam.

The patrol boat continued to have problems last summer.  There should be a reserve set up for replacing it.  After May 1st lake patrol will check boats for current registration stickers.

Fourth of July, swimmers, unlit canoes and kayaks continue to be the biggest issue because it’s dangerous.  Stay away from the dam during the fireworks because of potential misfires or create a conflict with the electronics used for the fireworks.

The dam sprinklers were winterized last fall, but have not been tested yet.  We want to prevent slippages because people think the dam is not safe which is not true at all.  The sprinkler system prevents those slips.

We are continuing to work on the Crystal Lake project.

Artificially enhanced wakes continue to be a problem.

We encourage all residents to come to the committee meetings.  Our goal remains to have everyone enjoy the waters and safety.

Parks & Recreation Committee Report:  George Lortz

The year did not develop into work on a set of high-profile projects as planned.  The following projects were either cancelled or put on hold due to the reasons listed:

Dog Park – The plan was to develop this amenity in partnership with Greendale and Bright in the area across Fairway Drive from the HVL Golf Course.  Greendale did not approve the project and it was cancelled.

RV Storage – The plan was to use the same area across Fairway Drive.  Greendale showed some interest in this project, but has chosen to delay a decision on proceeding at this time.

Wetlands Area – The development of a wetlands area is part of the 77-Acre Park Plan that was approved by the POA Board in 2006.  When POA money did not get budgeted in 2015 to work on this, the Committee tried to partner with IDNR and Dearborn County to obtain funding to finish this plan.  It was determined that the funding required a loss of authorization and possible ownership of the property selected and other suggested areas were not acceptable to the committee.

Connection to the Indiana/Dearborn County walking trail system – Meetings were held with Greendale about connecting the 77-Acre walking paths to this larger system.  Plans were suggested, but discussions with Greendale have not continued.

Butterfly garden – The project was not approved due to cost and location issues.

Frisbee golf course – Funding and location were never determined.

77-Acre Park development – Work on the following amenities was stopped due to lack of POA budgetary funds:

  • Construction of an additional shelter and toilet facility
  • Construction of a master park sign
  • Extension of the walking path system
  • Construction of an amphitheater
  • Expansion of the paved parking lot
  • Development of a wetlands area
  • Expansion of the campgrounds area
  • Restoration and expansion of the hiking trails
  • Repair/repainting of the concession building

A few smaller projects were completed in 2015 including:

  • Replacement of the Hickory Road pergola.
  • Work on removal of invasive species.
  • Work on a plan for a lake overlook structure.
  • Removal work on invasive species

The P&R Committee currently does not have a chairman.

  • Motion made by Robert Starks and seconded by Tom Hamilton requesting approval that the HVL POA shall offer a seasonal pool and beach pass for a one-time purchase price $35.00 per person.  The pass shall be issued by the POA office in the form of a color-coded identification card and shall be made available for purchase to non-HVL resident children and grandchildren of resident HVL POA members in good standing.  The pass shall be valid for the current calendar year only.  To use the pass, the person must be accompanied by a family member who is a POA member in good standing with their own POA-issued identification card.  Motion passed unanimously.

Future Planning/Political Action Committee Report:  George Lortz

Community Master Plan – Since its approval by the POA Board a year ago, good progress has been made on strategies for achieving the goals. Two Focus Group Meetings have been held so far this year.

In January, 17 attendees discussed CMP updates. In early April, 27 residents finalized the proposed 2016 CMP, and also discussed possible standing committee restructuring. Any interested resident is invited to participate in Focus Group meetings.

Communications Systems Upgrade – A critical need identified in the CMP, and a key component in the facilitation of most strategies, is improved internal and external communications. A Task Force was convened to evaluate the current status and possible solutions. An HVL resident and IT professional designed a comprehensive IT Upgrade Plan. Several other resident IT professionals are working to implement the plan. Included is a totally new website, improved notification system, restructured POA database and improved office systems.Viewable on all mobile devices, the website will be a comprehensive source of information and services for residents, as well as a public relations tool for visitors or potential home-buyers to learn more about the community.

Committee Restructuring – Since the current Standing Committee structure does not cover all of the functions identified in the CMP, a plan has been suggested for restructuring. Recommendations include:

  • Increasing the use of task forces for short-term, intermittent or specific needs.
  • Merging the Lakes and Parks & Recreation committees, also incorporating Natural Resources functions.
  • Combining Architecture and property maintenance functions into a Building & Property Committee.
  • Forming a new Communications and Public Relations Committee.

HVL Land Use Plan – Another need identified in the CMP is a clear understanding of how HVL might utilize land already owned as well as possible future land acquisitions. Property mapping and categorizing is underway. Identifying possible threats or opportunities is the next step.

Governance Documents – The current By-Laws require updating, and the changes that result from CMP work will need to be documented. In addition, two mini handbooks are planned for specific Architectural rules. These will be easily accessible on the new website:

  • Before You Build – everything a homeowner needs to know about the building, remodeling and the project approval process.
  • Building in HVL – everything a builder or contractor needs to know before and during a construction project, including required approvals and forms.
  • Motion made by Donna Yetzer and seconded by Tom Hamilton that the document entitled Hidden Valley Lake Community Master Plan shall be accepted as the 2016 POA Community Master Plan (CMP), to be reviewed on an annual basis.  Motion passed unanimously.

Safety, Security & Elections Committee Report: Ginny Boyer

We continue to work on our 3 main problems:

  • Speeding
  • Walking on the wrong side of the road.
  • Walking at night without flash lights

We have the results from the Board of Directions election, which will be given to the board. 

Club Reports:

Athletic Club – Not present.

Children’s Activity Club – Not present.

Civic Club – Karen Hatfield

We’ve changed the date of the Luau which will be August 6th.  More information will come soon.

Fish and Game Club – Not present.

Garden Club – Pat Hawkins on behalf of Sharon Hornung 

We plant and maintain seven gardens.  We started a new memorial garden near Willie’s.  We coordinate the clean up HVL.  There is a new pergola at Hickory and Greentree.  We have guest speakers and the public is welcome to attend our meetings.  We also have Bunco parties.  We are looking into beefing up the decorations near the main entrance and enhancing the beach.

Homemaker’s Club – Treasurer

We welcome all residents.  The Homemaker’s meet the 1st Thursday of every month at the POA.  We used to run the blood drive here at HVL.  Hoxworth chose not to have it this year as there are many other drives at various locations.

Hidden Valley Riders – John Kidd

The Hidden Valley Riders are doing well.  We are so glad to be a part of the HVL community.  We have a very positive outlook on the future of the club.  We are always open to new members and new adventures.  We are approximately 40 members strong consisting of men and women.  Some women are riders and some are passengers.  Ages range from 30’s to 70’s.  We have our monthly meeting at Willie’s downstairs the second Thursday of every month.  We are always looking for new faces to join the club and have fun.  HVR’s have been in our planning stage for the past few months and are now ready to ride for fun, for local charities and to help a neighbor in need.

(Example):  Jan Dressman our VP was approached by PAWS Animal Shelter of Dearborn County to assist them with their 3rd annual benefit ride to raise money for the shelter.  Jan is also helping them with flyers, shirt and patch designs for the event.  If you haven’t seen or heard about it, the PAWS event will be held June 4th with June 5th as a weather backup.  The HVR’s have donated their time to help by assembling the ride and planning a ride route for PAWS, plus we will be leading and executing the PAWS ride on June 4th as well.  We have a great ride plan I’m sure most riders will enjoy.  PAWS will have food, soft drinks and entertainment after the ride that will leave the shelter at 10:30am and return to the PAWS shelter at 3:00pm for the fun stuff.  We also donate to the food pantry, with money and/or collected food items. 

We also help the community by volunteering to help with the Halloween walk by assisting handing out the candy to the little ones.  We have in the past helped with the Memorial Day service and parade.  Due to certain circumstances we are not certain we can be as involved this year. 

Doerflein Award – Donna Yetzer

Each year at the annual HVL Board meeting we recognize a resident or group of residents who have made a significant contribution to this community.  The Doerflein Award has been presented to that person or group since its inception in 1992.  Again this year we choose to honor Mr. Doerflein, a consummate volunteer and advocate for Hidden Valley Lake, with another award to a deserving resident.

The Doerflein Award for (2015) is being awarded to Christina and Mike Chenault and Andy DiPuccio.  Through Mike and Andy’s commitment to establishing a commemorative remembrance to honor service men and women, past and present, they and several other residents have created a memorial that is second to none.  Their vision has become a reality of which all of us can be proud.  Once completed, Mike and his wife, Christina, continue to spend endless hours keeping the flags in good order, raising and lowering them when needed, weeding and watering the landscaped area and countless other tasks to keep this part of the 77 acres in pristine condition.

Thank you Mike, Christina and Andy for showing all of us that through your passion and devotion to our service people you have given us a beautiful memorial. Unfortunately, Mike and Christina are not here tonight.  We will contact them as soon as possible to present this award.  We are fortunate to have Andy present. The Board has asked Bruce Keller, our Community Manager and loyal veteran himself, to present this award to Andy.

Election Results

Vote count was:

  • Donna Yetzer 387
  • Bill Minnery 377
  • Tom Hamilton 322
  • Ken Kincart 281 
  • Motion to adjourn by Donna Yetzer and seconded by Robert Starks.  Motion passed unanimously.

Adjournment:  8:26 pm

Minutes Prepared by Jill Knosp

Minutes published in this paper are abbreviated and a full account can be heard online at www.hiddenvalleylakepoa.com



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