Hidden Valley Lake POA Board Agenda: April 27, 2017

Annual Meeting 
Thursday, April 27, 2017, 7 p.m.

Golf Course Club House
Enjoy finger foods from 6 to 7 p.m.
All HVL residents are welcome.

Call to order – Patricia Hawkins

Pledge of Allegiance – Patricia Hawkins

Introduction of Board Members – Patricia Hawkins

President’s report – Patricia Hawkins

Secretary’s report – Donna Yetzer
Motion to approve 2016 Annual Meeting Minutes

Treasurer’s report – Robert Starks
As previously noted our financial audit for 2016 has been completed by our auditor Donlin and Associates for both the POA and also the Golf Course. The audit results have been reviewed and accepted by both the Finance Committee and the POA Board of Directors.

HVL POA Financial Position as of the end of March, 2017

Beginning Cash on March 1, 2017, $1,220,143.00
Ending Cash
on March 31, 2017, $1,117,030.00

Income as Budgeted              Income Actual
Month $200,174.00                  Month $206,050.00
$558,693.00                  YTD     $579,048.00       

Expenses as Budgeted           Expenses Actual
$185,295.00                   Month $163,506.00
$474,438.00                  YTD      $435,093.00                                                                                                                


  • HVL POA plans annually for a balanced budget. (i.e. Annual expenses are planned to not exceed anticipated annual income).
  • Some infrequent expenses are predictable such as replacement of vehicles, maintenance of our roads, the many lake dams, swimming pool liner, lake dredging etc.
  • Funds are then escrowed each year to cover those future expenses and are included in the totals. Projected cash at year end is generally equal to zero dollars plus escrowed funds and necessary reserves.

Respectfully, Robert Starks, Treasurer

Community Manager’s Report – Bruce Keller

Golf Course – Pat Sullivan

Willie’s Sports Café – Steve Van Wassenhove

Committee Reports
Architecture – Matt Haarmeyer

  • Request a motion approving a 6′ variance for Larry Hereth to install a boat lift to be placed in front of their dock located at 1328 Cliftmont Circle, (Lot 1707). Neighbors do not have a problem. Committee voted 4 to 0 for approval.
  • Request approval of a front variance for Kevin Baumgartner, Lot 1624, 19532 Knollwood Drive, for the purpose of building a new home. This variance allows his house to align with others on either side of his new home. The committee voted 4 to 0 for approval.
  • Mr. Gordon Weis is appealing a decision by the Architecture Committee to disallow a seawall because his property is not lake front according to our bylaws. We are also in receipt of a letter from VRUC disallowing the seawall project until a survey is produced indicating his property line in relation to the sewer line, and asking questions concerning the building of a dock.

Finance – John Reiniger

  • The finance committee requests approval of the March 2017 financial reports.

Judicial – Bruce Plashko

Lakes – Dave Patterson

Future Planning – George Lortz

Safety, Security & Elections – Bonnie Starks

Club Reports
Athletic Club

Children’s Activity Club

Civic Club

  • Confirmed: “Meet your Neighbors and Know their Business” event will be held 7/22/17 from 3 to 6 p.m. in the Community Center
  • All HVL clubs are welcome to attend
  • Cancel 7/29 reservation for the Community Center
  • Civic Club will provide drinks/appetizers
  • Confirmed Luau will be held on 8/5/17 from 7 p.m.- midnight, $10/per person, BYOB. Will need deputy on site.
  • Civic Club members Laurie Groves & Michelle Misplay, plan to fill welcome bags at the POA during regular business hours, then distribute to new homeowners in the next couple weeks.
  • Chris Brandt will forward a list of new HVL residents to my attention each month.
  • Next meeting 5/30/17 at 6:30 p.m. at Willie’s.
  • Request a motion to approve all events listed for Civic Club.

Fish and Game 

Garden Club

Homemaker’s Club

Hidden Valley Riders 


New Business – Presentation on Emerald Ash Borer by Kevin Grosse


Submitted by:
Bruce Keller
Community Manager

Now is the best time to sign up for Automatic Monthly Dues Payments

  • Pay your January 2024 dues in full by 1/31/2024.
  • Fill out the form to begin monthly payments toward your July 2024 dues on the 15th of each month beginning February 15th.

Sign up forms need to be received by February 7th, 2024.

Email to forms@hvlpoa.net, send by mail, place in the secure drop box, or bring into the POA office.

Example of a monthly payment:  If your semi-annual dues are $563.50 your monthly automatic payments will be $ 93.92 each month.