Help First Responders Find Your Home

House Numbers Work

At various times HVL deputies have alerted us to the problem of inadequate identification of homes in the community. The Safety, Security and Elections Committee (SS&E) urges Hidden Valley Lake residents to clearly mark the address on your mailbox, as well as on your home. Having house numbers easily seen from the road will help to make our community safer for all.

Why is this a concern? Missing or incomplete addresses make it harder for deputies and first responders to find your home. That means a longer response time in an emergency. You also risk denial of mail delivery if the address is missing or incomplete on your mailbox. When the mailbox and residence are not located on the same side of the road, clearly identify both.

What is the solution? The goal of this project is to have visible address identification numbers on every HVL residence and mailbox. Evaluate your residence: stand outside your home and check the address numbers. Make sure they are clearly displayed, identify both the residence and mailbox, and are visible from the road. If your address numbers are faded, covered, missing or otherwise not easily readable, it is important that you correct the situation.

To improve your address visibility:

  • Clearly identify your houseNumbers can be attached to the house itself, a nearby lamppost or other visible location close to your residence. If your house is not easily seen from the road, you may need several sets of numbers.
  • Improve mailbox identification – Use 3” reflective numbers on both sides of the mailbox or mailbox post.
  • For a mailbox across the road from the houseIt is even more important to attach address numbers to both the mailbox and on or near your home.

To obtain address numbers:

  • Various number options can be purchased at area home improvement stores.
  • The Bright Fire and EMS organization has numbers on address signs for sale that meet identification requirements. Contact them at: 812-637-3473.

The SS&E Committee encourages HVL residents to evaluate their residential identification and improve if it necessary. Make sure that any address solution you choose is visible and large enough to be read from the road, especially at night. In an emergency, the HVL deputies and first responders will be able to respond more quickly. Planning ahead will definitely help protect you and your family!

If you have any input, questions or concerns, please contact your Safety Committee at:

Thank you!

Your Safety, Security and Elections Committee

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