Future Planning Minutes 12-8-20

Future Planning Committee

Meeting Minutes

December 8, 2020

Meeting called to order by:  George Lortz at 4:05 p.m.

Members Present:  Dick Myers, Pat Paul, Rich Mischell, Rich Gannon, Janis Messer and George Lortz.

Members Absent: Pat Sutton.

Board Liaison Present:  Pat Hawkins.

POA Office Staff Present:  Dave Wismann.

Guests Present:  None.

Current/Active Business:

  • Community Master Plan Maintenance – Discussion led by George Lortz.  George has sent e-mails to all POA organizations requesting that they submit any 2021 CMP updates they have to the FP Committee.  No responses have been received yet.  Updates to the CMP regarding the Golf Club have been completed.
  • Land Use Plan Development and Maintenance:  Discussion led by George Lortz.  George will update the LUP with current information about the parcel of land at the intersection of Georgetown Rd and SR-1.  Press releases have been collected and photos will be taken.  Changes to the current parcels already documented will be made also.  Target date for approval is the April Annual Meeting.
  • POA Communications Systems Enhancements – Discussion led by Rich Gannon.  Rich reported that the Communications Systems Task Force has been meeting and work is progressing on several major topics.  An article announcing the task force has been placed in The Echoes and will ask for volunteers.  Status of the current seven task force topics:
  • Add texting capabilities to the POA communications services. – Completed.
  • Enhance the communications capabilities in the Community Center lower-level conference room. – The December Board Meeting was used as a test case with some success.  Improvements are planned.
  • Improve and upgrade the POA Website. – Several small enhancements have been made, but no large project has been launched yet.  May require contract services.
  • Improve and upgrade The Echoes newspaper – Several enhancements have been completed and article responsibilities have been assigned.  More enhancements are planned.
  • Convert the HVL exit signs to remote-controlled LED displays. – Work in progress.  Quotes have been received.  Based on cost, the decision may be to try a new technology at the main entrance only.
  • Provide direct-line, high-speed fiber optics in HVL. – Work in progress.  Several vendors have been contacted.  Likely a high-cost enhancement.
  • Formalize the “Neighbors Helping Neighbors” program as an on-going service to HVL residents. – Currently on hold.
  • Development of a POA Improvement Project Approval Procedure:  Discussion led by George Lortz and Pat Hawkins. – The Committee requested a motion by the Board to accept the most current version of the procedure at the December Annual Meeting, but the Finance Committee did not approve.  George will contact the Finance Committee to determine what their detailed concerns are.  If the objections can be resolved, the FP Committee will re-introduce the request for a motion at the April Annual Meeting.
  • Sponsorship of Town Hall Meetings:  Discussion led by Pat Hawkins and George Lortz.  Having in-person Town Hall Meetings is not possible at this time.  However, the expanded use of on-line video services such as Zoom offer some possibilities.  Several topics suggested are 1) VRUC history and current operations, 2) Proposed Golf Club enhancements and 3) Possible energy-saving projects for HVL.
  • By-Laws Maintenance ProposalDiscussion led by George Lortz.  Research into how current By-Laws changes are made is required.  Changes are approved during the year and what may be needed is coordination in integrating these changes into the By-Laws on an on-going basis.  George reported that he would draft a proposal about how the FP Committee could be of assistance to the POA in this area.
  • Committee MembershipDiscussion led by George Lortz.  Not all members of the Communications Task Force are committee members.  An offer should be made to them to join the Committee if they wish.  The future membership status of Pat Sutton is not known and should be investigated.  It appears that 2021 could be a busy and important year for the FP Committee so additional members may be helpful.
  • OLCA Conference Planning:  Discussion led by Bruce Keller – Dave Wismann reported that the POA has not been contacted about the plans for 2021 meetings.  It is likely that the OLCA member that was scheduled for the Spring 2020 meeting would probably have the first option for a Spring 2021 meeting.  Item tabled.

Meeting adjourned by George Lortz at 5:45 p.m.

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