Future Planning Committee Minutes – April 9. 2018

Future Planning Committee

Meeting Minutes

April 9, 2018


Meeting called to order by: George Lortz at 6:35 p.m.


Members Present:  Rich Gannon, Pat Sutton, Tom Plogsted, and George Lortz.


Members Absent:  Dick Myers, Gary Ewald and Jennifer Donelson.


Board Liaison Present: Tom Hamilton.


POA Office Staff Present:  Bruce Keller.


Guests Present: None.


Approval of March, 2018 Committee Minutes:

Motion to approve made by Tom Plogsted. Seconded by Pat Sutton.

Vote count:  4 for, 0 against, 0 abstain.


Current/Active Business:


  • Land Use Plan Task Force Update: No report.


  • Status of additional residents’ surveys – Discussion led by Tom Hamilton and George Lortz – The need for a second residents’ amenities survey should be predicated on the results of the first survey which only focused on the types of amenitiesthat HVL residents desired and not on the elements of costs, location, etc. Additional research work by the LUP Task force will be required to create more detailed information about each amenity before a second amenities survey can be conducted.


Another factor in determining the wording of a second residents’ survey is what actions the POA Board may enact over the next few months.


Two other possible residents’ surveys should be considered in the future.  One should focus on updating the current activities and interests of HVL residents.  The last such survey was done in 2010.  The last residents demographics-oriented survey was conducted in 2003 and probably should be considered unless enough demographic information can be obtained from other existing sources.  The last demographic survey was conducted in 2003. These surveys would probably be created and conducted by the FP Committee itself.


  • Status of Requests for Board Motion:  Discussion led by George Lortz – George reported the following:


  • Request a motion to accept Dick Myers and Rich Gannon as new members of the Future Planning Committee. – Passed on 3/18


  • The POA Board of Directors may, from time to time, require that voting on the creation, deletion or modification of POA policies, practices or procedures shall utilize Policy 1-8 specified for passage of POA rules. – Tabled


  • HVL amenities exist for the exclusive use of HVL property owners and their guests. Any proposal for the use of HVL amenities by any other persons or groups must come before the HVL POA Board of Directors for a vote of approval. – Tabled


  • The POA Board of Directors or a POA Standing Committee may, from time to time, appoint a “task force” of people to perform the function of working on a specific duty assigned to it. The task force may consist of POA members and/or non-members and shall have a designated chairman who is POA member.  There is no minimum or maximum number of people required to constitute a task force and all work done by the task force becomes the responsibility of the organization (Board or Standing Committee) that created the task force.  The task force shall, from time to time, submit the results of its work, including recommendations for action to the organization for subsequent follow-up. – Tabled


  • Request a motion to accept the current Community Master Plan Update draft as the new 2018 Community Master Plan. – Passed at the POA Annual Meeting on 4/26


Those tabled requests for Board motion should be reconsidered.


  • Community Information Services (CIS) Task Force– Discussion led by George Lortz.  The original intent of this task force was to focus on general community education and communications enhancements and to consider the types of delivery approaches such as written documentation, on-line systems, formal classroom education, one-time seminars and person-to-person contact (home visitations).  With the advent of the new communications position on the POA staff, this task force should probably consider involvement and support of this new POA function.


  • Development of new Property Maintenance Documents:Tabled for future discussion.


  • Expansion of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Documentation– No report.


  • Future POA Revenue Generation– No report.


New Business:


Requests to the POA Board for motions:


  • Motion to accept the Community Master Plan Update draft as the new 2018 Community Master Plan to be made at the April POA Annual Meeting.


Motion to adjourn made by Tom Plogsted.  Seconded by Pat Sutton.

Vote count:  4 for, 0 against, 0 abstain.


Meeting adjourned by George Lortz at 7:45 p.m.

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