Future Planning Committee Meeting – February 11, 2019

Future Planning Committee

Meeting Minutes

February 11, 2019


Meeting called to order by: George Lortz at 6:37 p.m.


Members Present:  Rich Gannon, Pat Sutton, Dick Myers, and George Lortz.


Members Absent:  Tom Plogsted, Gary Ewald.


Board Liaison Present: None.


POA Office Staff Present:  Bruce Keller.


Guests Present: None.


Approval of November Committee Minutes:

Motion to approve made by Pat Sutton. Seconded by Dick Myers.

Vote count:  4 for, 0 against, 0 abstain.


Current/Active Business:


  • Land Use Plan Development and Maintenance:Discussion led by George Lortz.  The Land Use Task Force is involved in helping the POA Board and the Lakes and Parks Committee form five new task forces to address the items that received the most votes on the Land Use Survey of HVL residents.  Those task forces will focus on:


  1. Expand and improve the existing unpaved hiking trails in the 77-Acre Park
  2. Construct an outdoor activity center
  3. Provide improvements to the existing HVL swimming pool
  4. Expand the existing rental RV/boat/trailer storage area for HVL residents
  5. Construct rental kayak/paddle board/canoe racks and provide a kayak launching rack


The LUP Task Force is planning to present the initial version of the POA LUP to the POA Board at or before the POA Annual Meeting in April.


  • POA Communications Systems Development– Discussion led by Rich Gannon.  Rich reported that progress is being made on several communications projects including:


  1. A new approach to The Echoesis being planned. A meeting is scheduled with The Register to resolve issues and potential advertisers are being contacted.
  2. Introductory brochures about HVL and the POA are being developed to help enhance a welcome packet.
  3. Videos about the POA are being developed and there are currently 27 completed and available on YouTube.
  4. A new mobile camera has been purchased to assist in the development of videos.
  5. The installation of a high-speed WI_FI communications system has been delayed because the installation of fiber optics line(s) is behind schedule.


  • Community Master Plan Maintenance– Discussion led by George Lortz.  George reported that the draft for the updated CMP was sent to the Board.  No suggested changes have been received to date.  The draft will be submitted to the Board for approval at the Annual Meeting.


  • Community Information Services (Education) Development– Discussion led by George Lortz.  George reported that an article was submitted to The Echoesrequesting community input for possible subjects for educational offerings about the POA and HVL.  To date, no responses have been received.  George will work with Rich to develop a video announcing the project.


  • By-Laws Maintenance: Discussion led by George Lortz – George reported that several proposed changes to the By-laws have been drafted and sent to the Board for discussion and possible approval. To date, no responses have been received regarding the wording.  It was suggested that the Committee create a detailed description about how to create proposals for By-laws changes which also includes a once-a-year review by the POA lawyer.


  • Revenue Generation Plan DevelopmentDiscussion led by George Lortz and Rich Gannon.  The most obvious candidates for revenue-generating projects at this time are:


  1. Bringing the publishing of The Echoesin house.
  2. Offering high-speed, WI-FI communications service through fiber optics.
  3. Possible future membership offerings through the Golf Club.


  • Resignation– The FP Committee voted to accept the resignation of Gary Ewald.


  • Property Maintenance Document Development: No report.


  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Documentation Expansion– No report.


New Business:



Motion to adjourn made by Pat Sutton.  Seconded by Rich Gannon.

Vote count:  4 for, 0 against, 0 abstain.


Meeting adjourned by George Lortz at 7:50 p.m.


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