Finance Committee Minutes. August 8, 2018

Finance Committee

Meeting Minutes

August 8, 2018

Members Present:  Linda Hartmann, Jennifer Reuter, Mary Anna Taylor, Bonnie Starks

Members Absent: Kyle Packer

Board Liaison: Bob Starks

Guests:   Bruce Keller, Lee Steczynski

Approval of the July Finance Committee Meeting Minutes  

Motion by: Jennifer Reuter 

Second by:  Bonnie Starks

Voting record: all in favor

Review and Approval of July Financial Reports 

The committee discussed expenditures related to mulch, an on-line deed app, and membership in the Dearborn One organization. Jennifer continued last month’s discussion on how some capital expenditure items appear on both the escrow and income statements until adjusted in the year-end audit. This appears to overstate expenditures against budget throughout the year. We decided that a monetized list of those items to be moved at year-end should be added to the financial statements for clarification. Linda requested that projected expenditures be extended to five years on the escrow report. The committee discussed standard accounting controls related to purchase order approvals and noted that there are inconsistencies between departments on expenditure dollar amounts that require a pre-approved purchase order. Bruce is to review.  

Motion by:  Linda Hartmann

Second by:  Bonnie Starks

Voting record:  All in favor

Report from Bruce Keller – Bruce indicated that the amenities survey being prepared by the Future Planning Committee would be released soon 

Report from Bob Starks – Bob continued last month’s discussion on the usage of amenities by members having past due assessments. Bruce noted that only 2% of HVL members carry overdue balances. He agreed to submit a detailed guidelines on what repayment schedules and payment security would be required. 

Report on HVCG mid-year financial statement – Jennifer Reuter reviewed golf course revenue and expenses as of June, 2018. She noted that dues are in line with budget projections and that dues revenue per member are higher than last year. She also noted that HVCG is about 1000 rounds down this year due to weather along with the related greens and golf cart fees. Compared to last year, there are 4 fewer golf outings (and associated snack bar revenue) although this was anticipated in this year’s budget. Leagues and the 10-round pass offering somewhat offset the revenue lost due to fewer rounds, and revenue from the pro shop is higher than budget.  Jennifer also noted that expenses are up 3% due to increased equipment maintenance and that some needed equipment was purchased used at auction.   

Old Business:  No old business 

New Business:  No new business this month. The first draft of the 2019 budget will be reviewed next month. 


Motion to Adjourn

Motion by:  Bonnie Starks

Second by:  Linda Hartmann

Voting record:  All in Favor 

Meeting adjourned at 5:58 p.m.

NEXT MEETING TO BE Wednesday September 12, 2018 at 5:00 pm 

Respectfully submitted,

Linda Hartmann

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