Future Planning Committee Minutes: February 8, 2016

Hidden Valley Lake Future Planning and Political Action Committee
Meeting Minutes
February 8, 2016

Meeting called to order by:  Kathy Wirth at 6:35 p.m.

Members Present:  Gary Ewald, Kathy Wirth, Pat Sutton and George Lortz.

Members Absent:  Michael Paul, Dean Swomley.

Board Liaison Present:  Tom Hamilton.

POA Office Staff Present:  Bruce Keller.

Guests Present:  None.

Minutes presented by:  George Lortz.

Motion to accept as written by: Pat Sutton.  Seconded by: Gary Ewald.

Vote count: 4 for, 0 against, 0 abstain.

Current/Active Business:

  • Committee Reorganization Focus Group Meeting: Discussion led by Kathy Wirth and George LortzMajor discussion points:  The Focus Group meeting was held and 17 people attended.  Not all HVL Standing Committees were represent.  Kathy presented the notes of the meeting and the committee discussed the most important points.  It was decided that a second meeting should be scheduled following the HVL POA Annual Meeting and as soon as all the committees have reviewed the meeting material.

George agreed to attend the next Lakes Committee meeting and review the draft of the first Proposal to Restructure the POA Standing Committees document.  The Committee needs to contact other committees that did not attend the Focus Group Meeting.

When necessary, another version of the POA Organization Chart needs to be created.

  • Community Master Plan 2016 Review and Update:  Discussion led by Kathy Wirth and George LortzMajor discussion points:  The proposed CMP changes need to be incorporated into the existing CMP for submission to the POA Board for approval at the Annual Meeting.  Kathy agreed to provide a draft for the new CMP.
  • HVL Subdivision Land Use Plan:  Discussion led by Tom Hamilton and George LortzMajor discussion points:  A final outline of the LUP contents needs to be developed.  The plan should probably include a land inventory of HVL and input from a future HVL community survey.  Much od the land inventory is already completed.
  • POA Communications System Upgrade: Discussion led by Kathy Wirth.  Major discussion points:  Kathy reviewed the current progress of the task force and indicated that another meeting would be scheduled soon.  Kathy provided handouts and discussed the Site Map Contents and a Sponsorship Ad Program.  There are issues concerning the possibility of the Web site creating a financial profit and this needs to be reviewed by POA accounting/legal personnel.

It was suggested that an HVL Satisfaction Survey would provide good input of resident testimonials for the development of marketing-oriented Web pages.

  • Proposal to Restructure the POA BoardNo report.
  • Rewriting of POA Governance DocumentsNo report.

New Business:  None.

  • Development of New Building Guidelines Documents: Discussion led by George Lortz.  Major discussion points:  The possibility of developing two new HVL building guidelines documents was discussed in the January Focus Group meeting.  One document (Before You Build) would provide guidelines for HVL residents and another (Contractor’s Guidelines) would summarize all the pertinent rules in the current POA By-laws pertaining to builders, contractors and landscapers.  This work may also lead to possible updating of the rules in the By-laws.

George suggested that a team of four could start discussing this concept and form a group to develop the documents if approved.  He suggested that the team could initially consist of Community Manager, Bruce Keller, Mike Parks, Architectural Committee Chairman, Property Maintenance Inspector, Dan Tester and himself.  George will contact the proposed members and determine their input into this idea.

Action items for Board of Directors’ Meeting:  None.

Motion to adjourn made by Gary Ewald.  Seconded by George Lortz. Vote count:  4 for, 0 against, 0 abstain.

Meeting adjourned by Kathy Wirth at 8:10 p.m.


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