Safety, Security & Elections Committee Minutes: February 4, 2016

Hidden Valley Lake Safety, Security and Elections Committee
Meeting Minutes
February 4, 2016

Meeting was called to order by Chairman Larry Rohling at 7:00 PM.

Members Present: Ginny Boyer, Becky Lortz, Vella Reiman, Larry Rohling, Steve Siereveld, Bonnie Starks and Pat Sutton.

Members Absent: None.

Board Liaison Present: Bill Minnery (Lot 2323).

Guests Present: Pat Hawkins (Lot 679), Community Manager Bruce Keller and Bob Starks (Lot 2800).

Minutes presented by: Secretary Becky Lortz (for January 2016 meeting).  Corrections required: None.

Motion to accept as presented: Steve Siereveld. Seconded by Vella Reiman. Vote count: 7-0-0.

Treasurer’s Report: N/A

Guest Issues: None.

Community Manager’s Report: None.

Deputies/Lake Patrol Report: Community Manager Bruce Keller presented the January/Year to Date 2016 Report.  There are ongoing problems with animals and littering.  We asked for enhanced definitions of the categories of Vandalism and Miscellaneous and examples of each.  Bruce will have Deputy David Wisman attend our March meeting to discuss the HVL Deputies Report with us.

New Business:

  • Review of Documents Relating to the Community Master Plan (CMP) and Current Committee Responsibilities – Larry led a lengthy discussion about the current HVL POA committee structure and the proposed changes in organization and responsibilities. A suggestion was made to have a meeting of all of the committee chairs, George Lortz, Dean Swomley and the POA Board to address details of this overall reorganization.  After hearing from all S,S&E Committee members, Larry asked that we each review and compare the information about our committee’s current responsibilities (as stated in the Handbook) with the proposed changes (attachments Larry had e-mailed us).  We should e-mail our thoughts to other S,S&E Committee members and also be prepared to discuss the topic at our March meeting.
  • POA Election – 2016 – There will be an election for POA Board members this spring because four HVL residents have been nominated to fill three positions. Bruce asked if our committee would be sponsoring a “Meet the Candidates Night.”  We decided we would not due to low turnout for past events like this.  Instead there will be a Q and A on the HVL Web site.  Ginny will arrange for the ballot counting procedure.

Current/Active Business:

  • Git R Ready – Steve will work with Moe Manion about placing emergency preparedness information on the HVL Web site. We will also explore the possibility of placing a survey on the Web site to gauge interest in further emergency preparedness events.
  • Parks Closed at Dusk – Bruce reported that parks in our Dearborn County area are open from dawn to dusk and there are signs posted at each park stating the policy. After discussion our committee unanimously decided we should change our policy to be consistent with parks in our local area.  The vote was 7-0-0 in favor of the change.  If our recommendation is accepted, signs should be installed at each HVL park location stating the new policy.  We understand the deputies would welcome this change as it will help deter suspicious activity, loitering and vandalism in those locations.  Larry will present this recommendation to the POA Board at their next meeting.
  • School Bus Issue – We discussed how to handle the issue of so much traffic at various intersections relating to school bus pick-up and drop-off activity. We decided not to change the current policy for now.  Instead Bruce will have the HVL deputies talk to any individuals who are observed causing traffic obstructions or delays and try to keep traffic moving smoothly.  He will report the effectiveness of this approach at our next meeting.
  • Echoes’ Articles – Pat wrote the article for March. Becky will write the article for April.  Vella will write the article for May.

Action Items for Committee Members:  For Larry – 1) Work with Community Manager Bruce Keller and Emergency Preparedness Task Force members on various aspects of this project (scheduling CPR/Basic First Aid classes and asking HVL residents to obtain/update their HVL identification cards.)  2) Remind Bruce to invite Dave Wisman to attend our March meeting to discuss the Vandalism and Miscellaneous categories of the Deputies Monthly Activity Report.   For Ginny – Work on setting up process for HVL POA Board election.  For Steve – Work with Moe Manion with regard to placing emergency preparedness information on the HVL Web site.  For all committee members – Review all documents defining (1) current S,S&E Committee structure and responsibilities and (2) proposed changes in organization responsibilities.  Share thoughts with fellow committee members via e-mail and at March 3 meeting.

Action Items for the Board of Directors’ Meeting:  One

The Safety, Security and Elections Committee recommends that the current HVL policy regarding the times our HVL parks are open be changed to reflect the Dearborn County Parks policy (section 209).  We recommend our HVL parks be open from dawn to dusk and that signs be posted at all HVL park locations stating this policy.  This policy would be suspended in special instances by ruling of the HVL Community Manager (i.e. family campouts, family film nights).

Meeting adjourned by Larry Rohling at 9:00 PM.  Our next meeting will be on Thursday, March 3, 2016 at 7:00 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Becky Lortz, Secretary




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