Meet Your 2021 Candidates

The six Hidden Valley Lake residents above are vying for two positions on the board.  One of the five candidates is an incumbent.  Be sure to scroll to see all six candidates below.

This web page is set up so you can see the resumes and ask questions of each candidate. Their answers will also be posted here for review. Additionally, once a week we will send out via List Serve and the POA Facebook page a summary of the questions received and the candidates’ answers.

Please direct your questions to our Community Manager, David Wismann at

We hope you take the time to review the questions and the candidates’ answers….then vote.
Your Voice Matters. We are in the process of setting up a “Candidates Night” Zoom Meeting
(Date and Time to be determined). 

The candidates in alphabetic order are:

Jeff Fuell (Lot # 3070, 3071, 3072)
Scott Giska (Lot # 1883)
Michael Morman (Lot # 2780, 2781, 2782, 2783)
Angel Packer (Lot # 1862, 1863, 1878)
Claudia Richardt (Lot # 1303)
Steve Siereveld (Lot # 1930, 1931)

The first set of answers to questions will be posted Thursday evening (Feb 25).
Thank you for your patience.

Last day to submit questions March 8

Answers to Questions will be updated on Thursday evenings

Jeff Fuell

Hello, my name is Jeff Fuell and I have been a HVL volunteer
for many years. I was a resident of HVL from October 1998 to
September 2011 and for those 13 years I served on the
Architectural and Finance Committees as well as the POA
Board of Directors and also as POA Board President.

Scott Giska

Ongoing listening, collaboration and communication is everything needed to build true awareness of what HVL residents really want and need. My position on this has not changed, in fact it is stronger. Shout out to Rich Gannon in our POA office that has taken HVL communication to the next level. Continuous improvement is a strategy and mentality that has found a significant place in HVL. We all are super busy today, especially young families working multiple jobs, raising kids and volunteering. Add a global pandemic the past year, and we worked through all of it and our parents are now teaching some too. Great job to those amazing families!

Michael Morman

My vision for Hidden Valley Lake is very simple. I want to maintain and improve upon what we have here in HVL to keep it a place where people want to come and live.

Angel Packer

Recently retired from the corporate world and ready to
serve our HVL community from the perspective of an
active parent of children with personal ties to everything
HVL has to offer, since becoming a property owner in 1999. Wife and mother of 2 teenage boys who were born and continue to be raised in HVL.

Claudia Richardt

My vision stems from the fact that I believe that all of us are in this together – we have a common bond, we are more alike than different, we are all social creatures who need community and we are here to help if we know someone needs it.

Steve Siereveld

Hello HVL neighbors, let me introduce myself, I am Steve
Siereveld and I am running for the POA board. My wife,
Denice, and I have been married for 27 years with 2 awesome children and 3 amazing grandchildren.

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