Don’t Dump Yard Waste

Reminder – do not dump yard waste in HVL green spaces or lakes!

Paradise Lake at Hidden Valley Lake, Indiana
Paradise Lake

When I was at the marina the other day waiting for the swans to pose for a picture, I noticed a bundle of cut branches floating around the docks. It was easy to identify as American Beautyberry by the small purple berries. If you are the guilty party who dumped this debris in the lake, please use the designated yard waste dumpster next time!

Quiz – why is this an issue?

  1. The debris will get caught in propellers.
  2. The berries will take root in the shallow water.
  3. It is unsightly and detracts from the beauty of the lake.
  4. Rotting debris depletes oxygen levels in the lake harming wildlife.
  5. Rotting vegetation releases phosphorus and nitrates that encourage algae growth.

(Answer – I’m not telling. Go do some research especially on choices 4 and 5)

Submitted by Linda Hartmann, HVL Natural Resources Coordinator