Disaster Preparedness Videos Can Be Fun

Meet Disaster & Preparedness

When the sun is shining and everything is calm, people are not thinking about being prepared for emergencies. Emergency preparedness is a serious topic and can be somewhat tedious, but who says you can’t have some fun with it?

Disaster & Preparedness are two characters that take a fun, lighthearted approach to a serious subject. They star in a series of ten short emergency preparedness videos with a humorous approach that is actually enjoyable to watch. Each video covers a different emergency situation and how to prepare for it.

The entire Disaster & Preparedness video series is now on the Security page. Just scroll down the page to view. Watch them with your family and tell your friends. You’ll find a lot of good information and have a laugh or two at the same time. We live in a great, safe community, but there is always the potential for disaster. We encourage the HVL community to be better prepared.

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HVL Security, Safety & Elections Committee