Did You Know About SMART 911?

Over 70% of 911 calls today come from mobile phones.

In this case, the 911 operator receives very little information – only your phone number and a very general sense of your location. If you are calling to report a life-threatening medical emergency or a fire, when seconds count, this can be a serious hindrance.

The solution to this problem is SMART911. With this system, you can enter key information about yourself and members of your household that will be available whether you call on a land line or mobile phone. Your entire household can be on one account.

Go to smart911.com to enter some or all of the information that applies to your household. For example:

  • People – Names, physical descriptions, and photos will help responders act quickly if a child goes missing, or help identify individuals in an emergency.
  • Phones – By adding all phones for your household, 911 will have a better idea where you are when you need help.
  • Animals – Responders need to be aware of pets, livestock, and service animals.
  • Medical Information – Including medical details provides responders with valuable information before they arrive on the scene.
  • Medical Conditions – If an individual is affected by asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, etc., responders need to know in order to safely treat the patient.
  • Allergies – Severe allergies often lead to emergencies that require an extremely fast response. Alerting 911 instantly could save a life.
  • Disabilities and Equipment – If special equipment or specific tactics are needed to assist a person, these details can ensure a safe response.
  • Medications – This list is of extreme importance for recovery.
  • Address and Location Info – Providing home and work addresses of a mobile caller, as well as directions or access info, helps facilitate faster response.
  • Property Details – Adding a photo of your residence along with other details and documentation can help responders quickly recognize and access the property.
  • Utilities Informing fire crews where gas or electric shut-offs are located can help avoid additional accidents during a fire or weather emergency.
  • Floor Layout and Bedroom Locations – Providing layout and bedroom locations can help ensure everyone is removed from the property quickly and safely.

If you have any comments or questions, please contact the Safety, Security & Elections Committee.

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