President’s Report State of the Valley – Annual Meeting:

Election Results: First of all, thank you to Ginny Boyer and her Team for running our election again this Spring. From the outside looking in, it looks straightforward.  However, with the process and oversight that the Election Team brings us, we are insured that every Board election is fair, equitable and consistent for all candidates.  As you all know, Brian Bays and Ken Horn are our two candidates to replace David Hafner who has provided us with absolutely stellar contributions from his appointed seat two years ago.  Thank you, Dave!

And now for the results:

We had a pretty typical involvement, with a total of 529 votes cast equaling about 25% of our membership.

Placing 2nd with 185 votes was Brian Bays.

Your new Board Member for the next three years, with 344 votes, is Ken Horn.  Congratulations, Ken.  We are pleased you will come join the very challenging FUN with us!

As a reminder from previous communications, and by following our bylaws and pattern over the last 10 years, the new Board will meet next week to work on appointing our 5th member replacing Steve Siereveld who has submitted his written resignation effective at the end of tonight’s meeting. We will also vote on officers of the new Board. Steve, I wish we could have had your energy, insight and ideas for all three years!