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The primary goal of the Hidden Valley Lake Garden Club is to foster members’ interest in horticulture, gardening, and flower arranging. Educational demonstrations, programs and tours are arranged throughout the year for members’ enjoyment.

To encourage and promote community beautification, the Garden Club presents a Yard of the Month award to homeowners with especially attractive landscaping. Look for the yard signs from May to October, recognizing residents whose landscaping efforts have improved their lots as well as the community.

The Garden Club also promotes fellowship among the women of Hidden Valley Lake by sponsoring luncheons, a pontoon party and field trips.

We extend a gracious invitation and welcome to all new members.

You can always tell when Spring arrives in Hidden Valley.   Following are just a few of the beautiful plantings taking place all around the Valley.   More to come and many more to thank for their beautiful work, design and creativity, keeping Hidden Valley Lake a beautiful community.

                                June 2020 Garden Club Minutes

What better way to have a Garden Club meeting than to have it outdoors? Several members showed up with lawn chairs to reconnect after being shut in for so long. 

     President, MaryAnna Taylor welcomed everyone back. She then recited the gardener’s prayer and led members in the pledge of allegiance. She then went on to thank all the members who were able to plant the gardens around the valley.

     Since the minutes from the March meeting had already been printed in the Echoes, MaryAnna made a motion to accept them as written. Carol Morman seconded the motion and it was passed by members. Jane Ulrick then gave the treasurers report which will be filed for audit.

     Vice president, Valerie Lewis reminded everyone that the July meeting would be a pitch-in dinner at Jane’s house at 6:00pm.

     MaryAnna then went on to discuss each garden and asked if any further supplies were needed.

     It was announced that Ed and Sue Wright on Alpine Dr. had received the yard of the month award for June.

Old Business:  There was a brief discussion about renegotiating a new contract for getting the phone books ready for mailing. MaryAnna will let members know what day the books will be delivered.

New Business:   There was no new business. 

     Sharon Hornung shared a poem she had that described the special place in Heaven for volunteers. Everyone agreed that it sounded pretty nice.

     Since there was no further business, Marti Sharpe made a motion to adjourn. Sue Marcotte seconded the motion and the meeting was adjourned.

     A few members went to Willie’s to have dinner and share quarantine stories. It was great to get back to normal, almost.

                                                                                       Respectfully submitted
Carolyn Chasteen

2019 Outdoor Christmas Decoration Update

Decorating for the Holidays this year was definitely not confined to the indoors.   Hidden Valley is a wonderland of beautiful decorations on every street.  Below are just a sampling of outdoor decorations that were uploaded to the Garden Club webpage.  They are all beautiful and all very unique.  As you drive through the valley, you get that added touch of Christmas everywhere.  With so many homes so beautifully decorated, it was very hard this year to choose the winning house.

The winner of Casey’s Gift Certificate was the home of Steve and Kathy Jones on Walnut Ridge.  Thanks to everyone for their contributions to this Christmas Season with their festive outdoor decorations.   All of us HVL Garden Clubbers…… wish everyone a wonderful Christmas Season and a very Happy New Year.

The Houtchens have lived in the Valley for 23 years.  Their yard is absolutely beautiful with many colors and many repurposed Garden Art they have created for their yard.   

We would like to acknowledge Casey’s Outdoor Solutions for their continuing involvement in HVL Activities and Events.

Casey’s sponsors the Garden Club’s Yard of the Month program along with the Christmas Outdoor Decoration Award.   Each Yard of the Month selection receives a $50 gift card from Casey’s, along with a framed picture of their beautiful yard.

Check out Casey’s monthly events located on the Community News and Events page.


2nd Thursday of the month
6 p.m., HVL Community Room



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