Garden Club


The primary goal of the Hidden Valley Lake Garden Club is to foster members’ interest in horticulture, gardening, and flower arranging. Educational demonstrations, programs and tours are arranged throughout the year for members’ enjoyment.

To encourage and promote community beautification, the Garden Club presents a Yard of the Month award to homeowners with especially attractive landscaping. Look for the yard signs from May to October, recognizing residents whose landscaping efforts have improved their lots as well as the community.

The Garden Club also promotes fellowship among the women of Hidden Valley Lake by sponsoring luncheons, a pontoon party and field trips.

We extend a gracious invitation and welcome to all new members.

“September Yard of the Month”

Congratulations to Kathie and Gary Schmid of 19681 Knollwood Drive upon receiving the September Yard of the Month award.  The Schmids have lived here in the Valley for twelve years.  In fact, their daughters (and families)  reside in this community also.  And, according to Kathie, she wouldn’t live in any other place!   Their manicured lawn and very attractive home is  welcoming to the eye.  Thanks to the generosity of  Casey’s Outdoor Solutions and Florist for donating a $50.00 gift certificate to them.

“August Yard of the Month” 

A beautiful home in every aspect. Impeccable lawn,gorgeous hanging plants throughout, beautiful fire pit surrounded by a comfortable seating area and outdoor fireplace. When you think of Hidden Valley Lake, this home’s exterior decor is synonymous with the living style we all love in our valley. That is why we awarded Sarah and Todd Wirtz, Yard of the Month. Casey’s Outdoor Solutions gave the Wirtz’s a $50 gift certificate in appreciation for such a beautiful yard.

July “Yard of the Month” 

Yard of the Month for July was awarded to Bob and Kathy Grote on Raylynn Drive.  Beautiful backyard, gorgeous baskets and a wonderful swimming pool setting.  Grote’s were awarded a $50 gift certificate from Casey’s Outdoor Solutions

June “Yard of the Month” 

The Stelles were awarded a gift certificate from Casey’s Outdoor Solutions.


April “Yard of the Month”

The Bowells were awarded a gift certificate from Casey’s Outdoor Solutions.


2nd Thursday of the month
6 p.m., HVL Community Room

HVL Garden Club 2017 Plantings

2017 Garden Club Officers

2017 Officers

President: MaryAnna Taylor
Vice-Presidents: Sharon Hornung and Luann Roberts
Treasurer: Luann Roberts
Recording Secretary:  Carolyn Chasteen
Corresponding Secretary:  Carol Mormon

2017 Events

View the HVL Events Calendar.

HVL Garden Club Fall 2017 Bunco Party

Fall 2017 HVL Garden Club Bunco Party
HVL Garden Club Fall 2017 Bunco Fundraiser

The Garden Club held the Fall Bunco Fundraiser on October 14.  It was an afternoon of fun, food and friends!

Consider attending the spring event! Date TBA.



HVL Garden Club Minutes (March, 2018)

Have you ever been told that you’re “batty” or that you have bats in your belfry? Maybe you’ve been accused of being “blind as a bat”. Everyone has probably heard these expressions, but have given little thought to the bats themselves. The HVL Garden Club learned a great deal about bats at our March 8th meeting.
     President MaryAnna Taylor opened the meeting with the pledge of allegiance and the recitation of the gardeners prayer. She then welcomed our guests and thanked hostesses Luann Roberts and Sheri Day for snacks and treats.
     Kendra Insprucker from Casey’s Outdoor Solutions gave an informative presentation on bats. she said there are more than 1300 species of bats and that 13 species are native to Indiana. Many species populations are declining and some are on the endangered list. Kendra also informed the group that it is illegal to kill them. While most bats are pollinators, others can eat half their weight in insects each day. That’s quite a lot of mosquitoes. For more information, go to
     After a break to enjoy snacks, MaryAnna called for the minutes from the Feb. meeting to be read. Marti Sharpe then made a motion to accept them as read and it was seconded by. Wilma Gardiner. The motion was passed by members.
     Jane Ulrick gave the treasurers report and corresponding secretary Carol Morman said she had sent out cards to Janet and Judy.
     Members were reminded that the April meeting would be held at Casey’s Outdoor Solutions. Also, the Bunco party will be held on April 14th.
     Claudia Richardt discussed plans for the Christmas party so that reservations could be made. She asked if members would like a change of venue or if they would like to return to Market Street Grille.
Old Business: There was no old business.

New Business: MaryAnna told members that the 4 Seasons Garden Club had invited our club to a luncheon on April 10th. If anyone is interested, they should contact MaryAnna.

As there was no further business, Claudia made a motion to adjourn. Wilma seconded the motion and the members passed it. Meeting adjourned.
Respectfully submitted;
Carolyn Chasteen