Fish & Game Club

Another Great Event for the Fish and Game Club.  So many Kodak Moments, so much fish caught, so much food, and so many winning young anglers.   Thank you, Fish and Game Club… 2021.  Help support these Fish and Game Events by participating in the annual Fish and Game Golf Outing in September. 


The Fish & Game Club held their annual golf scramble on Saturday September 26th.    This year the event was named the Gary Miller Memorial, in honor of Gary, a longtime member of the Club and a great guy.  Gary’s wife, Linda, and family members attended and all had a great time.  For the first time the event was held at our own Hidden Valley Golf Course.  It was a huge success, as it was sold out with 36 four-somes (144 golfers) participating.  We want to thank the POA Board, Bruce Keller, Dave Wismann, Rich Gannon, Ken Horn, Brian Krinsky and the staff at the golf club for making this possible.  The Golf Club rolled out the red carpet for the event.  The ladies that set it all up and served the food were outstanding.  The rib-eyes, from 3rd & Main in Aurora, were cooked to perfection by Wayne Stubenrauch, Ken Horn and Bill Sess.  Everything ran like a well-oiled machine all the way from sign-up, the meal, to the auction afterwards.  Jim Connor emceed the auction; we think he missed his calling, as he is a natural at it.  Great job Jim!  It was great to see the Golf Club, their staff and the Fish & Game Club work together to make this happen.  There is no way to thank everyone, so let’s just say a big THANKS to everyone that helped and all the volunteers.  Everyone had a great time.  Thanks to all those who contributed for hole-sponsorships and the items that were auctioned off.

A special thanks to Matt and Tricia Gaustad/Oasis Burgers and Brews for sponsoring a four-some of Wounded Warriors, all Purple Heart recipients.  It was an honor to have them at the event.

This event makes it possible for the Fish & Game Club to have the annual Kid’s Fishing Derby, make contributions to Cincinnati Youth Bass, the East Central bass team, the local food pantries and help with families/persons in need in our area and as well as other charitable contributions.

Again, thanks to all those involved, we look forward to next year.      

Seeing our community come together for such a large event is what makes the saying, “life is good where we live” a true statement.  

Welcome New Members

The HVL Fish & Game Club invites residents to join in the fun! You don’t have to fish to be a member. Some members are hunting enthusiasts or enjoy boating, golf, and other outdoor activities. Many of our meetings feature guest speakers on a variety of outdoor topics. The club takes a special interest in getting youth involved in outdoor activities. All of us care deeply about the lakes and natural environment, both here in HVL and elsewhere.

In addition to club business and social interaction, meetings include food, snacks and beverages – all for $30 a year. We hope to see many new faces!

Scroll down for Tournament Schedules and results. View the HVL Events Calendar.


President: Ken Horn
Vice President: Adam Mauer 
Treasurer: Mike Palmere
Secretary: Jim Conner

Director of Communications:  Jon Dutton


First Tuesday of each month – 7:30 p.m.
April through October at Upper Beach Shelter
November through March in HVL Community Room
Dues – $30/ year



Lake Enhancement Projects
Environmental improvements, such as Clean Up America Project
Support for HVL residents
Guest Speakers
Kids Fishing Derby
Outdoor Education
Fishing Tournaments (schedule below)
Seniors Weekday Tournaments (schedule below)
Sponsor of a Junior BASS Tournament
Golf Outing
Christmas Party
Assist Lakes & Parks Committee on Lake Management

Fishing Tips

Seasonal Fishing Tip of the Month

As the temperature starts to heat up, so does the water and the fishing.  Early in the season, think shallow.  The shallow water will heat up the fastest, drawing fish to these areas.  Until the water really warms up, keep your presentation slow.  If fishing for bass, try these baits; a jig, a crawfish imitating plastic, a jerkbait or a shallow running crankbait.  If fishing for blue gill, try these under a bobber; redworm, nightcrawler or a cricket. If you need to stock up on any of these baits, try Wormie’s just down the road.  Spring can be a great time to catch some nice size fish, they are actively feeding after winter and preparing to spawn.


Redworms, waxworms, nightcrawlers, crickets, and minnows are all excellent baits for fishing in HVL. Panfish bass and catfish love them. We are fortunate to have Wormies Bait Shop just down the road. Many of these baits can even be found in your yard. Remember, don’t put your unused minnows in any of the lakes as you might be putting in an unwanted species.

Zebra Mussel Prevention

Keep Hidden Valley Lake free of invasive species.

Inspect – Thoroughly inspect your boat’s hull, drive unit, trim plates, trolling plates, prop guards, transducers, centerboards, rollers, axles, anchor, anchor rope and trailer. Scrape off and trash any suspected mussels, however small. Remove all water weeds hanging from the boat or trailer before leaving any water body. Aquatic vegetation can carry mussels.

Drain – Drain water from the motor, livewell, bilge and transom wells and any other water from your boat and equipment while on land before leaving any water body.

Dump – Trash leftover bait on land, away from water, before leaving any water body. Leftover live aquatic bait that has contacted infested waters should not be taken to uninfested waters.

Rinse – When you get home – before launching your boat into uninfested waters – thoroughly rinse and dry the hull, drive unit, livewells (and livewell pumping system), bilge, trailer, bait buckets, engine cooling system and other boat parts that got wet while in infested waters; use a hard spray from a garden hose.

Dry – Boats, motors and trailers should be allowed to dry thoroughly in the sun for at least five days before boating again