Fish & Game Club



The Fish & Game Club held a night tournament on Friday July 19th from 7pm-1am.  It was a very warm evening, a slight breeze helped manage the heat.  There were 8 boats and 15 anglers.  A total of 19 keepers were caught.  1st place went to Adam Maurer and Jim Buchanan with a winning weight of 9.38lbs.  Coming in 2nd place was the father/son team of Butch and Marco Mikesell weighing in 7.63lbs.  3rd place went to the team of Bill Sess and Roy Croley.  The team of Ken Horn and Jon Dutton finished in 4th.  Coming in 5th place was Sam Maxfield and his grandson, Logan O’Meara.  Big bass was caught by Adam Maurer, 2.76lbs.    



The Fish & Game Club sponsored another slot-size (9-13”) tournament on Sunday July 14th from 7am-1pm.  It was a beautiful morning to be on the lake.  There were 6 boats and 12 anglers who participated.  There were a total of 70 slot size bass caught and relocated.  The winners are determined by the number of bass caught, not total weight.  Coming in 1st place was the team of Bill Sphire and John Riesenbeck with 17.  2nd place (13) was a tie between the team of Ken Horn and Jon Dutton and the team of Bill Sess and Roy Croley, who showed they know how to catch a few of the smaller ones besides just the big, tournament keeper size.  

These tournaments are open to all POA members.  You do not have to be a Fish & Game Club member to participate.  There is a $5 entry fee per angler.  As a reminder, the purpose of the slot size tournaments are to remove as many of the 9-13” “slot” size bass as possible, thereby improving the lake as a fishery.  These tournaments, which are open to all POA members, are being held in response to the lake survey that was done last year.  The survey showed that there is an overabundance of this size bass in the lake.  Too many of the slot size, which eat more than their share of the bait, hinder the health of the larger bass and affects their ability to reach their full potential.  Watch the HVL calendar for upcoming slot tournaments.  We hope to have you join us to fish, or show up at the end of the tournament and take home some perfect size fish for a fish fry.  



The Fish & Game Club held their 6th tournament of the year on Sunday, June 2nd.  8 boats and 16 anglers participated.  It was a beautiful day with the temperature at 61 degrees at the 6am start and warming up to 80 degrees by noon.  Coming in 1st, again, was the team of Bill Sess and Roy Croley weighing in 4 keepers tipping the scales at 8.79lbs.  Not far behind, in 2nd place was the team of Adam Maurer and Jim Buchanan, also weighing in 4 keepers at 8.27lbs.  3rd place went to Butch and Marco Mikesell with 3 keepers weighing 5.14lbs.  Ken Horn and Jon Dutton finished in 4th place.  Coming in 5th place was Jim Conner and Wayne Stubenrauch.  There were 18 keepers weighed in and 111 slot size bass caught and relocated.  We want to remind everyone that the lake survey that was done last year provided valuable information regarding the overall health of the larger bass and the overabundance of the 9-13” “slot size”  bass.  There are way too many of the slot size bass, making it difficult for the larger bass to feed as they should to reach their normal weight as it relates to their size.  The Fish & Game Club has committed to removing a large number of the slot size bass as the lake survey recommended; this will give the larger bass the opportunity to feed on the bait fish with less competition.  Anyone that wants some of the slot size bass for a fish fry can just show up at the marina at the end of the tournament, we’ll be glad to put some in your cooler for you.  We are also having a number of “slot only” tournaments that any resident of the Valley can participate in.  Watch the Echoes for dates and rules.  We hope to have you join us.



Finally!  It’s fishing time!!
First Slot Tourney-Sunday, April 7th, 9am-3pm

The Fish & Game Club has some exciting news for ALL residents of the Valley. New this year, we are having “slot tournaments” that ALL residents are welcome to participate in.
You do not have to be a member of the F&G Club to fish in them. 

Background-  In studying the Lake survey that was done last year it was evident that, while the overall health of the lake is very good, there are way too many of the 9-13” “slot size” bass. These size bass far outnumber the larger bass and are like the teenagers of the lake, they are voracious eaters. Having too many of the slot size bass inhibits the growth of the others. The Lakes & Parks Committee, in partnership with the Fish & Game Club, came up with a plan to significantly reduce the number of slot size bass in the lake. In doing so, this will help the overall health of the lake as a fishery. The Fish & Game Club, in coordination with the Lakes & Parks Committee, put in some new rules for this year. There will be a number of “slot only tournaments” throughout the year. In these tournaments, only bass that fall within the slot size of 9-13” will be kept. Any resident can participate. You do not have to be a member of the F&G Club to fish in any of the slot tournaments. 

RulesThe rules are; $5 entry fee per person, open to all POA owners, artificial and live bait can be used, 2 people per boat maximum. The total number of fish brought in at the end of the tournament will win. It is not based on total weight. It will be 100% payout. The club will not be keeping any of the entry fees.  Payout will be; 1st place = 60%, 2nd place = 30%, 3rd place = 10%.  There is a slot tournament on May 5th, 8 am to 2pm.. We hope to have a great turnout! There will be more slot tournaments announced throughout the year that ALL residents can participate in. 

Keep All Fish Caught  Another strategy being implemented by the F & G Club to reduce the number of slot fish will be to keep all slot size fish caught during regular tournaments as well as during recreational fishing. The F & G Club has purchased 3 baskets that will be placed around the lake to place the fish in, with one being near the sluice gate. These are floating baskets with an opening on the top and are identifiable by purple floatation tubes. These fish will be available to all residents if they want to have a fish fry. In addition, Wormie’s and Indian Springs have agreed to take some as well as a few local pond owners. By reducing the amount of slot fish, it will improve the overall health of the lake as a fishery. The Lakes & Parks Committee is encouraging all residents as they catch a slot size bass, to either keep them or place them in one of the baskets. The F & G Club, will monitor the baskets and consolidate them to the basket located near the sluice gate. Residents will only be able to take fish from the basket near the sluice gate, the others are for drop off only. The F & G Club will be keeping track of the number of slot fish removed throughout the year. We are developing an email for all residents to use to report how many they remove also (we will announce the email address as soon as it is available). By tracking the number of slot size bass removed, it will give us a better understanding of how many there may be as well as it being beneficial as we move forward on a yearly basis. The lake survey provided valuable information to the Lakes & Parks Committee and the Fish & Game Club as we studied how best to improve the lake as a fishery. We believe the strategies we are using this year will provide a better opportunity for everyone to see a picture of you in the Echoes with that 7lb bass you catch. Tight lines!!


Upcoming Fish and Game
Scheduled Tournaments

Sept. 21,  Saturday – Annual F&G Golf Scramble at Sugar Ridge G.C.

Welcome New Members

The HVL Fish & Game Club invites residents to join in the fun! You don’t have to fish to be a member. Some members are hunting enthusiasts or enjoy boating, golf, and other outdoor activities. Many of our meetings feature guest speakers on a variety of outdoor topics. The club takes a special interest in getting youth involved in outdoor activities. All of us care deeply about the lakes and natural environment, both here in HVL and elsewhere.

In addition to club business and social interaction, meetings include food, snacks and beverages – all for $30 a year. We hope to see many new faces!

Scroll down for Tournament Schedules and results. View the HVL Events Calendar.



Kids’s Fishing Derby, 2018
Held on July 14 at Melody Lake in Hidden Valley Lake, Indiana
A great success this year…. going to be even better next year.
Watch for the video… coming soon.



President: Dave Ryberg, 513-478-7251
Vice President: Ken Horn
Treasurer: Jim Buchanan
Secretary: Mike Seipel, 513-637-1123


First Tuesday of each month – 7:30 p.m.
April through October at Upper Beach Shelter
November through March in HVL Community Room
Dues – $30/ year


Lake Enhancement Projects
Environmental improvements, such as Clean Up America Project
Support for HVL residents
Guest Speakers
Kids Fishing Derby
Outdoor Education
Fishing Tournaments (schedule below)
Seniors Weekday Tournaments (schedule below)
Sponsor of a Junior BASS Tournament
Golf Outing
Christmas Party
Assist Lakes & Parks Committee on Lake Management

Cincinnati Youth Bass Tournament
Seventeen young angers ages 11 to 17 years old from the tri-state area boarded nine Fish & Game member’s bass boats at 7 a.m. on Saturday, April 28thin search of HVL’s largemouth bass in what has become one of the Fish & Game’s most rewarding annual events.  The Cincinnati Youth Bass Club not only gives kids opportunities to competitively fish in tri-state areas lakes but emphasizes respect for the environment, each other and the adults with whom they share the water.
Lots of bass were weighed in and lots of smiles were seen on the faces of the young anglers as the proudly held up their catch for pictures from the many parents who attended to support their children. Every F&G member who served as boat operators said the experience and interaction with the youth was extremely positive and they were very impressed with fishing skills, politeness and efforts of the kids.
At the conclusion of the tourney the F&G Club hosted a cook out at the pool shelter for the Youth Bass members and their parents.




The Fish and Game Club had their first tournament of the year on March 23rd.  There were 11 boats and 21 anglers.  The weather cooperated to make it a nice day to be on the lake.  Bill Sess and Roy Croley got off to a strong start to the year in defense of their Angler(s) of the Year title they shared with Butch and Marco Mikesell last year.  They don’t look to want to share this year.  Bill & Roy dominated the field by bringing in a total weight over 16lbs. They also had the big bass of the day with one tipping the scale at 5.39lbs while also bringing in a beautiful smallmouth in the 4lb range.  Taking 2ndplace were Jeff Nevels and Mike Koetting, weighing in over 8lbs. 3rdplace went to Ken Horn & Jon Dutton.  Coming in 4thplace were Adam Maurer and Jim Buchanan, they weighed in a nice one also, at 4.70lbs.  5thplace went to Sam Maxfield and his grandson, Logan O’Meara.  Water temperature was around 45 degrees.  There were 16 keepers caught and 9 in the 9-13” “slot size”.  We want to remind everyone, based on the lake survey from last year that showed an overabundance of the slot size bass, we are keeping and removing all of the slot size we keep throughout the year.  This will help the quality of the lake as a fishery for years to come.  We want to encourage all residents to also keep and remove them.  Either keep them for themselves to eat, or place them in one of the floating baskets that are located around the lake.  The baskets are easily identified by the purple floatation tubes.  The fish in the basket near the sluice gate are available to everyone.  The F & G Club has found a home for the slot size fish if there are any left after residents have had the chance to get them.  Reminder, we are having a number of “slot only tournaments” this year. All POA members are eligible to fish in these. The next slot tournament is May 5th.  Entry fee is $5 per person.  We hope to have you join us.


Fishing Tips

Seasonal Fishing Tip of the Month

As the temperature starts to heat up, so does the water and the fishing.  Early in the season, think shallow.  The shallow water will heat up the fastest, drawing fish to these areas.  Until the water really warms up, keep your presentation slow.  If fishing for bass, try these baits; a jig, a crawfish imitating plastic, a jerkbait or a shallow running crankbait.  If fishing for blue gill, try these under a bobber; redworm, nightcrawler or a cricket. If you need to stock up on any of these baits, try Wormie’s just down the road.  Spring can be a great time to catch some nice size fish, they are actively feeding after winter and preparing to spawn.


Redworms, waxworms, nightcrawlers, crickets, and minnows are all excellent baits for fishing in HVL. Panfish bass and catfish love them. We are fortunate to have Wormies Bait Shop just down the road. Many of these baits can even be found in your yard. Remember, don’t put your unused minnows in any of the lakes as you might be putting in an unwanted species.

Zebra Mussel Prevention

Keep Hidden Valley Lake free of invasive species.

Inspect – Thoroughly inspect your boat’s hull, drive unit, trim plates, trolling plates, prop guards, transducers, centerboards, rollers, axles, anchor, anchor rope and trailer. Scrape off and trash any suspected mussels, however small. Remove all water weeds hanging from the boat or trailer before leaving any water body. Aquatic vegetation can carry mussels.

Drain – Drain water from the motor, livewell, bilge and transom wells and any other water from your boat and equipment while on land before leaving any water body.

Dump – Trash leftover bait on land, away from water, before leaving any water body. Leftover live aquatic bait that has contacted infested waters should not be taken to uninfested waters.

Rinse – When you get home – before launching your boat into uninfested waters – thoroughly rinse and dry the hull, drive unit, livewells (and livewell pumping system), bilge, trailer, bait buckets, engine cooling system and other boat parts that got wet while in infested waters; use a hard spray from a garden hose.

Dry – Boats, motors and trailers should be allowed to dry thoroughly in the sun for at least five days before boating again.

Tournament Directors

Senior Tournament Directors

  • Age 50 or over* Entry fee: $10/person(includes refreshments)
  • All HVL F&G rules apply except as noted
  • March-June Bass size is 15”. July- Nov. bass size is 14”
  • Brookville-5 bass limit@ 14”
  • Ohio River-5 bass limit @ 12”
  • Coast Guard approved vests must be worn while main engine is on.
  • Tournament Directors: Sam Maxfield- 513-515-1743/812-537-9408


Shirley Jones- 513-368-8855
Call if weather looks to be severe enough to cause cancellation or delay