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Hidden Valley Lake 2017 Halloween Walk Fun
2017 Halloween Walk Fun


The Hidden Valley Lake Children’s Activities Club focuses on planning and hosting
a variety of fun and safe activities for children and their families to enjoy. Volunteers are welcome!

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Children’s Activity Club  Halloween Walk   2019

It was a record breaking amount of Spooky Walkers with over 350 tickets sold. 

We would like to thank Paige Wurtz for coordinating the Longview neighbors,  all of the Longview residents who participated, the HVL Riders, Bright Fire Department and all the other volunteers who made this Halloween walk possible: Bella O’Neill, Ellie Paul Gus. Mapes, Landon Ward, Tina Geuss, Becka Geussall, St. Lawrence students, Linda Rasp, Bob Rasp,Tyler and Zach Morris, Sam Airgood Tatum Johnson, Sophia and Jase Armbruster, Carrie and Violet Rebich, Heather O’Neill. Jenna Baumgartner, and Ashley Howe

Plus all of the AMAZING LADIES on the Children’s Committee!

Our next event is Santa’s Workshop –  



Children’s Activity Club  Haunted Hayride   2019
The HVL Children’s Activities Committee would like to thank our many volunteers, drivers, those who lent trailers and of course all the residents that decorate, hand out candy and scare for us for hours in the cold!
Our winners for most creative and scary displays this year go to:
1st place- Steve and Denise Siereveld 20072 Cravenhurst
2nd place- John and Petra Sterwerf, Jessie and friends at 19602 Knollwood in conjunction with
                   Bonnie and Gary Curtis, Claire & Joelle 19592 Knollwood
3rd place- Tonya and Adam Wolfe 19663 Ventura




2019 Event Schedule

Events we enjoyed in 2018


Thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s INDEPENDENCE BIKE PARADE.

Children’s Activity Committee
Update for October and More


October is always the busiest month of the year for the Children’s Committee, and this year was no exception!  Not only is it our busiest, we also host two of our largest events.  This year we were very fortunate to have great weather for both!

Haunted Hayride

The Haunted Hayride is our largest event, and the one that helps us raise money for our other events and other items we purchase for the neighborhood.  This year we had close to 1200 riders between 5-10pm – that’s about 240 riders an hour!  No event is perfect, but we continue to get many comments that people love this event. If it weren’t for the following people who all VOLUNTEER their time (not one of us is paid to do this), it wouldn’t happen:


Bill Dillaha, Richard Higgins, Robert Burgess, Dave Wingate, Mike Moore. Matt Stelle (who also donated a trailer). Kevin Griffin (who also donated a trailer), Matt Paul, Scott Jackson, Nate Turner (who also donated a trailer)

Trailers Donations:

Bryant Dold (B&B Scapes) – 2 trailers, Casey Knigga, Dave Hafner, Chris Riggs – 2 haywagons, Hoeting Realtors – trolley, Jay Muffett


Residents scaring along the route

It is always amazing how much time and effort our residents along the route put into this hayride.  These people do this on their own dime, and we can’t thank them enough. This year we split the prize money for best house among the residents of Cravenhurst.  Every year they come together to make an awesome display! Each resident on Cravenhurst that participated got a $50 Visa gift card.  Thank you to ALL the residents that volunteer to do this each year!


Volunteers and Donations:

  • This year Sherilyn Reynolds and her team at Caldwell Bankers Real Estate sponsored the hayride. They donated $150 to go towards the drivers gas cards.  THANK YOU!!
  • Floyd Ogden and VRUC for allowing us to use their generator.
  • Jennifer Dutton and Mady Carnes for scaring along the route
  • Jared Lischke, Bella Meadows, Luke Farmer, Boone Farmer and friends for scaring along the route
  • The kids from St. Lawrence and their parents for scaring along the route
  • The HVL Maintenance team for helping before and after with hay, garbage cans, cones, tables. Etc.
  • The HVL deputies for helping out in many areas that night
  • The HVL Golf Course for letting us decorate and scare on the property
  • Steve and the Willies team for putting up with us in the parking lot
  • Eric Johnson, and Eric Airgood for all your help before, during and after the hayride.
  • The vendors for selling all sorts of food and goodies (we hope you made a good profit!)
  • Bruce Keller and the POA for your ongoing support and help


Anyone else that helped but we forgot to mention!  We have a GREAT community and so many of you made this event happen.  THANK YOU for stepping up!

And finally, the Children’s Committee who worked MANY hours to make the event happen!


Halloween Walk

We had a great day for our annual Halloween walk on Sunday, October 27th..  We had lots of kids and their families join us and show off their costumes to get some Halloween treats.  Kids age 10 and under were invited to collect candy and other goodies from 50 stations along Longview.  And special guests Rosie Red and Mr. Reglegs joined in on the fun!  We had a great time and hope everyone else did too! Thank you so much to Paige Wurtz for helping organization the event, and to all the residents on Longview, the Bright Fire Department, and all the volunteers who  passed out candy!


Last event of the year – Santa’s Workshop!

Our last event of 2019 is “Santa’s Workshop”. Here are the details:

On Sunday, December 2ndthe event will be held in Willies basement from 2-4pm.  During this time, families are welcome to come anytime (similar to an Open House) and see Santa.  We will have cookies to decorate along with a drink (juice & water), a craft to make, and a special gift from Santa.  Bring your own camera and take pictures of your child(ren) with Santa.

The great thing is, since it is an event where people can come and go, we are not limited in the number of people that come like years past!  However, YOU MUST RSVP so we can prepare and manage the event appropriately.   Cost is $3 per child age 1-10.  Children older than age 10 are welcome to get a picture with their younger siblings/families for no additional cost.

There are three ways to RSVP:

  1. Send an email to  with the names and ages of the children.  We will confirm your reservation and provide instructions on how to pay.
  2. Private message us on our facebook page (Hidden Valley Lake Childrens Committee).  We will confirm your reservation and provide instructions on how to pay.
  3. Buy your wristband and confirm your spot ahead of time!  Date/time will be determined soon.

As always, if you would like to volunteer to help with any of our events, or if you have any ideas or questions, please contact us at

Shawnee, Korry, Jill, Deana, Autumn, Yalonda, and Karen


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