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Hidden Valley Lake 2017 Halloween Walk Fun
2017 Halloween Walk Fun

The Hidden Valley Lake Children’s Activities Club focuses on planning and hosting a variety of fun and safe activities for children and their families to enjoy. Volunteers are welcome!

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Thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s INDEPENDENCE BIKE PARADE.


Thank you to all who attended the Hayride.. Volunteers, drivers and goblins.  Over 1200 riders made it another great Children’s Activity.  Now.. see you at the Halloween Walk….


 Santa’s Workshop: Sunday, December 2nd   $3 per child
2pm @ Willies basement


We look forward to seeing you at this year’s events!

-Shawnee, Korry, Jill, Deana, Autumn, Yalonda & Karen

Events we all enjoyed last year

October 2017

October is always the HVL Children’s Committee’s busiest month. In addition to the 8 other events we host every year, our two largest events fall in this month.

2017 Haunted Hayride

2017 Hidden Valley Lake Haunted Hayride Scarers
2017 Haunted Hayride Scarers

The turnout for the Haunted Hayride is always large, and this year was no exception. We accommodated about 1200 riders between 5 – 11pm!  This event gets rave reviews, but requires much effort and coordination. If it weren’t for the following people who all VOLUNTEER their time (none of us are paid to do this), it wouldn’t happen:


Jay Muffett (who also donated a trailer)
Nate Turner (who also donated a trailer)
Guy Shybly (who also donated a trailer)
Allen Meyer
Tim Kleier
Matt Paul
Andrew (sorry, don’t know his last name!)


Bryant Dold (B&B Scapes) – donated 2 trailers
Casey Knigga – donated a trailer
Dave Hafner – donated a trailer

Residents scaring along the route

This year we had more residents than ever put a LOT of effort into decorating and/or scaring along the route. These are the ones we know of, but I am sure we missed others (sorry for not mentioning you!).

John Sterwerf, David and Michelle Wilhelm, Kathie Smid, Darlene Zacarias, Cathy Stevens, Jamaine Smith, Steve and Denice Siereveld, Shandy Stath, Carrie Brewer, Theresa Reddell, Chris Knosp, Amy Delp, Phil Dunham, Tina Minnick, Phil and Elaine Heit, Pennie Shuler, Brandon Cable, Kristen Day, Robert Montazemi, Kim Lewis, and Justin Egan.

Thanks to Volunteers and Donors

2017 Haunted Hayride in Hidden Valley Lake
2017 Haunted Hayride

Floyd Ogden and VRUC for allowing us to use their generators
Tony, Tyler and Zach Morris for scaring along the route
Eric Johnson, and Eric Airgood for all your help before, during and after the hayride
The HVL Maintenance team for delivering hay, garbage cans, cones, and other items
The deputies for helping out in many areas that night
Lawrenceburg Student Council and Key Clubs for helping out and scaring
Pat Sullivan for use of the golf course
Bruce Keller for his ongoing support and help
Steve and the Willies team for putting up with us in the parking lot
The vendors for selling all sorts of food and goodies (we hope you made a good profit!)

And anyone else who helped but we forgot to mention! We have a GREAT community and so many of you made this event happen. THANK YOU for stepping up!

And finally, thanks to the Children’s Committee members, who worked MANY hours to make this event happen!

2017 Halloween Walk

Hidden Valley Lake Halloween Walk 2017
2017 Halloween Walk

It wasn’t the best day weather-wise for the annual Halloween Walk. Still, about 300 kids and their families braved the cold for a chance to show off their costumes and get some Halloween treats. Kids age 10 and under were invited to collect candy and other goodies from 50 stations along Longview Drive.  And as a special surprise – Rosie Red and Gapper joined in on the fun!

We had a great time and hope everyone else did too!

Thank you so much to Paige Wurtz for helping organize the event, and to all the residents on Longview, the Bright Fire Department, Little Red Academy, Linda Rasp and family, Linda Miller and family, Ashley and Darryl Howe, all the other volunteers who passed out candy!

2017 Santa’s Workshop 

We had a wonderful turn out this year and Santa was overwhelmed with the wonderful kids we have in our community.

Great Gifts were made, wonderful ornaments were created and some Christmas Cards all will remember.

Thanks to all our wonderful volunteers for their effort in making this another simply fantastic Santa’s Workshop

Korry, Jill, Deana, Autumn, Yalonda, Karen, and Shawnee

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Upcoming 2018 Events

Outdoor Movie Night: Saturday, June 9th      FREE EVENT!
Dusk @ Ballfields
The movie for this  month is “FERDINAND”   WATCH THE TRAILER 

Independence Day Bike Parade: Wednesday, July 4th   FREE EVENT!
10am@ Ballfields

Outdoor Movie Night: Saturday, July 21st   FREE EVENT!
Dusk @ Ballfields
Walt Disney’s “Coco”

Back to School Beach Bash: Sunday, August 12th  FREE EVENT!
2pm @ HVL Beach

Outdoor Movie Night: Saturday, August 25th   FREE EVENT!
Dusk @ Ballfields
Walt Disney’s “The Incedibles” (Original)

Outdoor Movie Night: Saturday, September 15th   FREE EVENT!
Dusk @ Ballfields
*Movie TBD

 Haunted Hayride: Saturday, October 13th   $4 per person
5pm@ Willies Parking Lot

Halloween Walk: Sunday, October 21st   $3 per child
2pm@ Beach (along Longview)

 Santa’s Workshop: Sunday, December 2nd   $3 per child
2pm @ Willies basement

We look forward to seeing you at this year’s events!

-Shawnee, Korry, Jill, Deana, Autumn, Yalonda & Karen


Shawnee Airgood
Autumn Farmer
Karen Hatfield
Korry Johnson
Yalonda Lischkge
Deana Morris
Jill Paul