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POA Notice  7/11/19


Your POA staff has been monitoring the conditions of the main lake and need to give you an update.  Yesterday, we had ATAC, our lake treatment company, inspect the lake for algae plumes and treat as appropriate.  We also asked them to tell us what the white stuff floating on the top of the water was.  ATAC inspected the entire shoreline of the main lake and samples were taken from Kathy Lake, where we previously had a concern about blue-green algae.

ATAC believes that the white stuff in the main lake, as well as what is in Kathy Lake, is a mixture of dead algae and organic matter and that controlling it will be a challenge as long as we have insufficient rainfall.  Linda Hartmann, our Natural Resources Manager, advises “We have not detected any toxic algal growths, but residents should use caution when swimming and boating to avoid areas that have light green or oily white films floating on the surface of the water.  Residents should shower after swimming in the lake and rinse off pets that have played in the lake”.

Linda’s advice should be the norm when swimming in any lake.  Please let us know if you see anything else out of the ordinary on any of the lakes.  Our treatment company will be inspecting our lake every other week and Linda Hartmann will be testing for blue-green algae as necessary.



POA NOTICE  7/2/19

We have been made aware of the possible presence of blue green algae in Kathy Lake.  This has not been confirmed as the necessary tests will take some time.  However, since your safety is paramount, we wanted to advise you of the possibility.

As a precaution, we ask that people not swim, boat, drink from, or eat fish taken from Kathy Lake.  Also, please do not allow your dogs to drink from or swim in Kathy Lake.  Do note that Kathy Lake is the only lake that may be affected.  Activities on the other lakes are not impacted.

We will advise as soon as we have the test results.




Please check this location for further updates.   As always, for current, hour by hour updates,  you can check the status lights that are in front of Willies (can be seen from beach parking lot) or the status lights over the pavilion at the beach.  



Coming Together this week as a Community to Celebrate our Independence Day




Your Community at a Glance




Casey’s July Events 



Plant Propagation- The Method Of Getting Free Plants

Cost: $10.00

Fun for all ages…Adults & Kids will love learning how to grow their own food!

Propagating plants is an easy and free way to get new plants from plants you already have. It is the process of growing new plants from seeds, cuttings, and other plant parts. You will receive select plant cuttings to start growing your own plants.

We will be discussing how to propagate:
Lettuce, Bok Choy, Cabbage, Celery, Bean Sprouts, Pineapple, Onions, Avocado, Butterfly Bushes, Succulents, Roses and More!

Topics of discussion will be:
1. What propagation is
2. Different types of propagation
3. Hormones that help speed up propagation projects
4. Seed Propagation
5. Cuttings Propagation
6. Bulbs
7. Using products from your kitchen to grow plants

Reservation Deadline: July 9th. Reservations accepted by calling 812-537-3800 or online at


Hidden Valley Riders



In 2016, we added a Business Directory to our website.
This directory’s purpose is to provide names of companies and individuals
who are capable of providing services to all our residents.
So.. check it out and next time you need some help, we can do our part in supporting local businesses.
Hidden Valley Lake Business Directory



Civic Club Card Night

The Civic Club  sponsors Card Nights the 3rd Saturday
of each month thru April 21.

Please join us for some Euchre. Hope to see you there!

 Questions? Call Matt Harrison 513-532-0823.

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Timely Reminders

Dead/Dying trees, Yard Waste Disposal and Traffic Safety

Trees — Dead or dying trees must come down sooner or later, and sooner is better. The cost to remove totally dead trees may be higher as tree removal services consider it dangerous to climb a dead, brittle tree. Please have potentially dangerous trees removed before they fall into the street, on your house or deck or on your neighbors’ property. Several tree services are listed in our Business Directory.

Yard Waste Disposal —The yard waste dumpster near front entrance is for residents’ convenience. Do not dump on vacant lots or in greenspace! Use the dumpster or bundle it for Rumpke (no longer than 4 feet, no heavier than 50 pounds). Please call the POA Office for special pickup.

Traffic Safety — With school now in session and days getting shorter, please remind children walking to the school bus to walk against traffic. Conversely, when on a bike, ride with traffic. Reflective clothing for your children is a great idea. You can purchase reflective belts for under $10.  Drivers, please be extra vigilant when leaving the Valley in the morning!

Screen Shot of Drone Video of Hidden Valley LakeTake the New Video Tour of HVL!

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Visit our home page and scroll down to the new video tour of Hidden Valley Lake. Produced and narrated by Philip Krinsky Productions, the dynamic drone footage offers a spectacular birds’ eye view of our community. The tour highlights HVL’s amenities and unique features, perfectly illustrating why we say, “Life Is Good Where We Live.”

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Glorious glowing sky over Hidden Valley Lake

Glorious Skies Gallery

9 great photos of glorious skies over Hidden Valley Lake

See why HVL is famous for its spectacular sunsets and sunrises. All of these photos were taken by residents. Life is good where we live!

View the latest HVL Gallery!

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Hidden Valley Golf Club Specials

Twilight Thursdays after 3 p.m.
For HVL Residents & Their Guests 

18 Holes Golf/Cart   $25.00 per person
9 Holes Golf/Cart     $15.00 per person
$4 warm up bucket, $7 regular bucket

Call ahead for tee time availability, 812-537-5033 Dress code in effect: collared shirts, golf attire. 

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