Candidate Q&A

Your Questions - Their Answers​

The next set of answers to questions will be posted Thursday evening (Mar 11)

Last day to submit questions is March 8

Answer to questions will be updated on Thursday evenings.

Question 1

What are your views on what we should do with the golf course? The course has needed a new irrigation system for some time now, do you support this investment for the golf course? 

More specifically for Steve, since you mentioned in your resume that you envision an updated golf course that all residents of the valley can enjoy. Can you be more specific on how that would work and be sustainable?

Question 2

What is your stance on continuing the deer cull to maintain the number and health of our deer population? Please explain why you have this opinion.

Question 3

As avid hikers, we would love to see some hiking trails established on HVL property. We thought that this was already being planned, but it seems nothing has been done yet. Is there a way to make this happen?

Question 4

Are you willing to work on updating the main entrance HVL sign to a modern, clean looking, nice one?

Question 5

Hello, I have been a resident of Hidden Valley since 2011 and love this neighborhood. I have always felt safe and that my property was safe too.

My concern is regarding security, I live on Ventura Dr. which borders on the old Greendale landfill, beautiful reclaimed and lots of wildlife. My property now is also bordering the new Greendale bike trail. What type of security will be in place for this park/trail from the Greendale police? I certainly hope this has been asked of them. What security measures will be taken from our deputies to ensure our continued security.
Please address these questions for those of us who this will surely impact.

Question 6

Is there any way that the stop sign coming into the neighborhood from Stateline can be addressed again? This seems to cause a “pileup” of vehicles on a regular basis. Why is it necessary?

Question 7

Do you have any interest in working to have the state recognize the Native American site located within HVL? I know many of us in the community would like to have the site formally recognized with a plaque or ceremony.

Question 8

What are your thoughts on being able to more easily change existing rules? Specifically the rule in where you can build a shed on your own lot. The “courtesy to neighbors” is why it has to be so many feet off the property line is what I’m told. Why is it a different courtesy to back neighbors vs side neighbors? It’s asinine to need to build a shed smack in the middle of a single lot.

Question 9

Do you think HVL should be a community where families of all political viewpoints feel safe to live? If yes, what SPECIFICALLY would you do to make HVL a more open and safe community for EVERYONE, even those who may not share the views of the majority of residents?

Question 10

The ridiculous rules and helicopter oversight of the community pool is a major annoyance for me. The hours of operation are too few. The alcohol ban is absurd. Forcing guests to pay is silly. Several times the pool has been closed because “it wasn’t busy.” It closes early on the fourth of July…

If nothing else, I would love to see an adults-only pool constructed – One that must be accessed with a badge and is swim-at-your-own-risk. Has adding a second pool ever been discussed? And, what are your individual thoughts?

Question 11

How would you address the deteriorating condition of our main roads, especially Alpine?  How would we pay for it and when can we do it?

Question 12

What would be your first priority if elected to the boar

Question 13

Do you support the limits that currently exist on the board’s ability to make decisions without a community vote?  Should they be relaxed or more stringent?

Question 14

What is the most important quality for a board member to possess?

Question 15

Should our assessments change every year on an automatic basis?

Question 16

Should there be term limits for board and committee members?

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