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Trinity Dry Cleaners

Contact: Linda Mitchell
Home 1011 W. Eads Pkwy. Lawrenceburg IN 47025 Work Phone: (844) LIKE-TDC Website: Trinity Dry Cleaners – Home Page


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Trinity Dry Cleaners is a family owned business located in Lawrenceburg, IN and services customers in IN, OH, and KY.  Our mission is to provide exceptional cleaning results while utilizing environmentally responsible resources.

We provide a free pick up and delivery service to the Hidden Valley Community every Monday and Thursday to customers that regularly require dry cleaning and laundry services. We also provide full visibility to your orders and allow you to schedule pick-ups through our cellphone app. Our drivers are mature, have passed extensive background checks and are bonded and insured. Call us today to sign up for our free delivery service.

Trinity Dry Cleaners is dedicated to making a difference, for the Tri-State area. It all starts with our unique GreenEarth dry cleaning process. It is safer for people and the environment because it uses no hazardous chemicals and is non-polluting and non-toxic. Our eco friendly technology is one of the many ways we try to be a green dry cleaner.

We pride ourselves on our superior customer service skills and outstanding quality. We also provide a complete tailoring and alterations service and clean a wide variety of household items and leather goods as well as offering a shoe repair service.

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1011 W. Eads Pkwy. Lawrenceburg IN 47025

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