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Contact: Dave Patterson
Work 1230 Belleview Dr. Dearborn Greendale IN 47025 USA Work Phone: 812-537-9669 Cell Phone: 513-967-8494 Anniversary: February 6, 2002 Website: Premier Properties


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Premier  Properties is a privately held, locally owned real estate firm owned by Dave and Kathy Patterson.  Our office is located at 1230 Belleview Drive, conveniently located on Route 1 between US50 & Ridge Avenue in Greendale, one half block from I-275, Lawrenceburg exit!  We are assisted by our agents, Paige Wurtz, Sarah Givin, Mike Chaney, and Sherry Gabbard, and by our very able Administrative Assistant Donna Ortiz.  We only work in Indiana and specialize in Southeastern Indiana.  We list market and sell residential properties, vacant land, farms and commercial properties.  Our target market area is Hidden Valley, Valley Woods, Bright, Greendale, and Lawrenceburg, but we also serve the half a dozen surrounding counties.   Dave and Kathy have lived in Hidden Valley since 1994 and are very familiar with HVL and its surroundings.  Dave has been very active in Hidden Valley, especially with the Lakes Committee, which he has chaired since about 1997.  Kathy has been active with the Dearborn County Home Builders Association where she is a board member, and also the Dearborn County Chamber of Commerce where she is a past president and a current board member.

Whether  you’re buying or selling, you can count on us for Premier Properties, Premier Production, and Premier Service.


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1230 Belleview Dr. Greendale IN 47025 USA

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