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Lawrenceburg Locksmith

Contact: Blake McGurrin
Work 221 Walnut Street Dearborn Lawrenceburg Indiana 47025 United States Work Phone: 812-269-6970 Website: Website


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About Us

Lawrenceburg Lock is a division of the A.B. Bonded Locksmith family of locksmith companies. Founded in 1933, we’ve been locally owned and operated for four generations. While the technology behind locks and security has changed, our knowledge has kept up with the cutting while our high standards of personal customer service haven’t changed a bit. It’s why our customers trust us with all of their security needs.  Keys and locks are essential for the protection of your home, property, and privacy. To keep your locks operational and effective, Lawrenceburg Lock in Indiana is here to help.  Security is a top priority. Properly working keys and locks are essential to keeping your family, business, and possessions safe. If you’re having trouble with your current keys and locks, contact our experts. We offer services for auto, residential, commercial lock situations. We are a full-service locksmith and that means we can help you regardless of your problem. Lawrenceburg Lock has nearly nine decades of experience, and each member of our team is fully trained to help fix any lock or key issue that may come up. It doesn’t matter the type of key or lock—we have you covered.
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221 Walnut Street Lawrenceburg Indiana 47025 United States

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