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Contact: Kevin Grosse
Home 20127 Longview Drive Dearborn Lawrenceburg Indiana 47025 United States Work Phone: 513-320-9950 Website: HVL Handyman


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While we are just starting out as an “official business,” I’m no stranger to home remodeling as well as construction.  As a 4 time home owner and “unofficial” handyman for an untold number of home projects for friends, I’ve been around the block in terms of basic repair as well as interior embellishment.
​We offer neighbors, the decades of home maintenance expertise together with their vision of what they are needing done or thinking about creating.  We understand tight budgets as well as share a sense of urgency in project completion.
We also understand human nature of putting things off…..that’s where I come in!  Give me a call or click below for a no obligation appointment.
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20127 Longview Drive Lawrenceburg Indiana 47025 United States