Board of Directors Minutes March 25, 2021



Thursday, March 25, 2021 at 7:00 P.M. – POA Lower Level


Board Members, Committee Chairs, Club Representatives, employees, and a limited number of residents who have requested to attend.

March 25, 2021 Motions:

  • Approval of February 2021 Minutes — Board Secretary
  • Approval of Memorial Day concert
  • Approval of Performance Bonds for Return 03/25/2021 — Architecture Committee
  • Approval of first reading of 4-13 (Rules for Fences) / The proposed change is for 4-13-1-a — Architecture Committee
  • Approval of the October, November and January financial Committee Financial Statements – Financial Committee

Call to Order:  Patricia Hawkins

President Patricia Hawkins called the Board of Director Meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

Pledge of Allegiance:  

The Meeting began with the Pledge of Allegiance.

President’s Report:  

Good evening to all present and welcome to all the residents who are joining us via Zoom.

The Board of Directors has asked our Future Planning Committee to take the lead in organizing Hidden Valley Lake’s Fiftieth Birthday Celebration in 2022.  They will be reaching out to committees, clubs, and property owners for their input and assistance in planning for this important milestone.  George Lortz will have more information in Future Planning’s report this evening.

We are happy to announce that Hidden Valley Lake will host the Spring 2022 meeting of the Ohio Lakes Community Association.  You might recall that we were set to host their Fall 2020 meeting, but had to cancel because of COVID restrictions.  This is just one more sign that we might finally be returning to some semblance of normalcy.

Campaigns for the two Board of Directors positions are in full swing.  Ginny Boyer, Doug Gabbard, and Rich Gannon hosted a Candidates Night on March 11 and a recording of this, along with questions to the candidates and their answers, can be found on our website.  Remember that ballots are due back to the POA Office no later than April 19.  We will announce the results to the community on April 22 at our annual meeting.

Speaking of our annual meeting, by the time it takes place on April 22 Governor Holcomb will have lifted most restrictions on crowd sizes and mask requirements.  We look forward to both having a long overdue celebration and being able to accommodate more residents than was possible during the pandemic.

Treasurer’s Report:  

Our financial position as of the end of February 2021

Our cash was $732,714 dollars at the end of February 28th.

Our cash position was $100,134,837.  Some of those funds represent a safety net.

Secretary’s Report:  

Motion made by Robert Starks and seconded by Dave Hafner to accept the minutes from February the 25th.  Motion passed 3-0.

Community Manager’s Report:  

  • Request approval of Memorial Day concert at Sports Complex

Dredging has planned to return to the main lake as soon as we get a little bit more water in the lake hopefully after this weekend.  Our maintenance team continues to ramp up for the summer.  They’re freshening up mulch as you might have seen coming into the building, doing painting and repairing.  These are all the goals for spring as well as some drainage work projects.  Before long, we will be opening the pool, and that will take some time.  Unfortunately, we were unable to get to the riprap installed in the creeks leading into the lake.  We hope to get this done in the summer.  We’ve leveled some trip hazards on the walkway down to the beach, and the tennis courts and basketball courts will have some crack seals sometime this spring.  That’s going to be probably an annual thing we’ll have to do to maintain those two courts.  Our office will be closed on good Friday, April 2nd.  That’s a holiday for us.  We’re in the hiring process for an accounts receivable position (current staff to vacate at end of summer).  The keypad system at the athletic center crashed last fall, and we’ve kind of limped along until recently when we’ve replaced that with a card system that’s compatible with our current door lock system which creates a better tracking for who’s in the center and eliminates the keypad which has been problematic in the past due to the nature of keypads out in the outdoors.

Architecture Committee Report:  Tom Cross 1574, 1573

  • Approval of first reading of 4-13 (Rules for Fences) / The proposed change is for 4-13-1-a — Architecture Committee

4-13-1. Fences Require Approval and Lot Line Survey

  1. Fences require Architecture Committee approval prior to being or placed on a lot. Once approval has been granted, property lines must be surveyed by an Indiana licensed surveyor to insure the accuracy of placement. When applying for approval, the following items shall be submitted:

We’d like to eliminate the HVL administrative approval and have all fence approval ran past the Architecture Committee.  So, fences require architecture committee approval prior to being built or placed on a lot.  Once the approval has been granted, property lines must be surveyed by an Indiana license survey to ensure the accuracy of that placement.  (Resident questions the sequence of approval and survey.)  We thought and the committee would. be unanimous on this thought that if we were to require a survey prior to approval and the homeowner went and paid for a survey and then proposed a fence that was not what we would. want on that particular property that the homeowner could be unhappy that they had spent the money for a survey and then not had their fence approved so I think that by having them come to the committee first taking a look at what they want to put on their lot say that’s good we like that then finding out that the placement of that particular offense is. again accurate. and. in proper placement to their a lot (Resident questions if you do it in that sequence, are you implying then that if the survey didn’t work out correctly you could then deny the approval.)

No.  I don’t think that’s the case at all.  I think the survey is so that once the offense is approved that we’re sure that it’s placed accurately on the plot line.  It doesn’t impinge on anyone else’s property.  (Resident then asks, so you’re not attaching the approval of the of the request to the actual survey then?)  No, Sir.  That’s why we wanted the approval first in that particular order.  So, once the fence is approved, we’re fine with you placing the fence.  We just want to make sure it’s approved or that its placed properly.  Am I not being clear?

(Resident says it just seems to be that if the survey turned out to be incorrect from what was assumed when you made the approval it would seem to me that the survey proved something different if you as a committee should have the right to disapprove your previous decision.)  Well, if I’m understanding you correctly, again I would say that we’re asking that the fence be approved therefore what they’re asking for what they’re asking to be permitted is a particular offense, and once we look at that and say, yes, that fence is fine.  We’re allowing you to place that fence on your property, we then would require the survey to make sure that the fence that’s approved is placed on the property line.  (Resident asks, so your approval then is for the fence itself only not the location?)  Correct.

Pat Hawkins

Tom, generally people are going to put fences to the maximum allowable with the setbacks in consideration, aren’t they?  So, essentially in most cases okay what the survey is going to do then is just verify that the homeowner’s understanding of where the setback is consistent with what the surveyor.

Absolutely, and we’ve had a couple of instances come up where the property owner has said well here’s my property and it’s not.  You know for one reason or rather it’s just not accurate where they think it is or perhaps where they’re blocking the properties so in this case we just want to make sure that the fence is put where it’s meant to be and not. on someone else’s property.  

Amy Ayers 2106.

Just out of curiosity how much does a survey typically run to get that done, and Then would the Valley be able to recommend someone to do that.  Also, does the Valley not have a master sheet.

We’re not asking for a full survey in this case.  We’re asking for a lot line.  I’m guessing somewhere in maybe the $200-$250 dollar range.  We can certainly give you a list okay some of the surveyors that have done work here in the Valley.  We do have plot plans, but you don’t really know where the lines actually are relative to the roads and the other properties except for pins that are actually placed in the ground.  Your plot plan will give you the dimensions of your lot.  Let’s say it’s 70 by 199, but where does that 70 and where is that 199 begin and end and that’s what we’re concerned with.  In some cases, there’s some confusion. between some of the problems.  I’m sure that if I’m putting up a fence and you’re by my bucking neighbor.  I think we’ve had some history of using existing plot plans.  People in good faith putting something on their property consistent with them only to find out that they were not drawn correctly, and that’s just tearing things out and reworking things down the road so this is just an effort to make sure that all of that’s taken care of up front 


Amy depending on how recently that property was surveyed, it may be something as simple as just locating pins that are already there which is a far less complicated and expensive manner of the majority

Motion made Robert Starks and seconded by Dave Hafner to approve the performance Bonds returns for 03/25/2021.  Motion passed 3-0.

  • Performance Bonds for Return 03/25/2021

Lot # 1676 John Hummel

Property Address 1147 Montclair Court Bond Amount $500.00

City, State, Zip Lawrenceburg, IN 47025 Dues Owed $0

Fine/Fees Owed $0

Finance Committee Report:

Motion made by Robert Starks and seconded by Dave Hafner to approve the October, November and January Financial Committee Financial Statements.  Motion passed 3-0.

Future Planning Committee:  George Lortz

We have a new committee member.  Dee Hacker has agreed to join our committee.  The second thing on the agenda is that we are hoping to have a pretty significant 50th anniversary celebration of our founding date next year.  We don’t have any details yet on what these events might be. but we are planning, to form a task force, with the Hackers.  We will be putting out information about the task force, how you can join the task force and at least a little bit of information about what we’re thinking about for next year, but it is a pretty significant year.  Fifty is a long time.

Regarding The Ohio Lakes Community Association and we have agreed to. respond to that a year from now in April.  We formed this task force last fall.  One initiative is to add texting capabilities to POA communications, which has been completed.  We are very actively working on enhancing the Echoes.  That’s going to be going on for some time now. Our next big project is going to be working on the POA website and making it more usable, presentable and more representative of the community.  Rich has done a great job with the enhancement of this room for multimedia communications.  This room is becoming much more usable for online. virtual meetings.  We are also. going to work with the group that’s called Neighbors Helping Neighbors.  That was an initiative that’s been going on for probably ten years now but not formalized.  Basically, it’s residents that live here in Hidden Valley who would make themselves available to help other people in need.  Of course, during the COVID, people ran shopping errands and similar, but this would be a much broader helping neighbors type project.

We have a project looking at four HVL exit signs to digitize and modifiable from the office to keep thing updated.  We may pilot the front entrance first to see if this is going to be meet the expense criteria and also meets what our needs would.

The last thing is a project to upgrade the Hidden Valley Lake high speed internet capability.  We have looked at several options here, and there are unfortunately caveats to all of them.  We have yet to come up with a solution to that problem which would meet cost criteria as well as speed criteria.  We would entertain anybody interested in joining us.  (Resident at lot 3070 through 72 asks are you looking at multiple companies so that we have competitive bidding within the Valley?)  The biggest problem now though is what is the technology of the solution?  One company, for example, came in and said we’ll dig trenches and put high-speed internet lines all over underground, but who’s going to pay for that?  Really settling on a solution is the first thing we got to do then we’ll go out for multiple bids within that solution.  I think that’s kind of the sequence we’re looking at right now.

The Finance Committee met recently and unanimously approved and requested the board approved the October, November of 2020 and January of 2021 Financial Statements.  Any questions concerns issues with the financial statements okay all in favor of accepting.  Unanimous

Lakes & Parks Committee Report:  Dave Patterson Chair of Lakes Committee 1533

Dave Jeffco, chair of the Highway Task Force, basically represented his presentation and the recommendations of the task force was charged to do (address the highway rule that’s in place currently).  John’s position was that wake surfing was not a good thing for the lake.  A common ground could not be found.  We were forced to vote on what the task force presented to replace the existing rule which is:  damaging or dangerous wake is prohibited.  The use of installed boat devices and or boat operations that cause the creation of damaging or dangerous wakes are prohibited on HVL Lakes.  They’ll want to replace that with wake surfing:  lake surfing is allowed in the high-speed zone on the main lake from the dam to near Moeller Park.  The exact end of the wake surfing zone will be marked by two red buoys.  While wake surfing boats should be as close to the center of the lake as practical, but at least 200 to be off the shoreline.  Lake surfing will not be allowed on weekends and federal holidays beginning Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend from noon to 6.  A motion was made to approve the recommendation of the task force.  The vote was zero for and seven against.  They still have the right to come and present to the board if they so wanted.  The board wanted to hear John’s presentation and the task force presentation in an executive session prior to the board meeting.

Pat Hawkins states for the benefit of folks who haven’t been watching this whole high wave, the Lake Patrol is perfectly willing to enforce it, but the rule is very nebulous, so the Task Force was charged with just giving enough of a definition, enough clarity around what the rule meant, because there’s no point in having any rule if it can’t be enforced if nobody knows what the heck it is.  In a nutshell the Highway Task Force essentially said this activity which is a generator of these high waves would be permissible in certain parts of the lake at certain times.

Dave Patterson responds, that’s correct, and they chose that because they felt that wake surfing generated the most egregious weights.  They felt that that’s what they would attack as opposed to the rest of the range of potentials that they could have.

Q.   Pat Hawkins asks, so, where it stands now if these individuals wish to come to the board ,we would ask given its complexity, that we get to see it before seeing it again in an open meeting and we would extend the same invitation to John if he wished to present to the board on that basis as well?

A.   Dave Patterson responds, yes.  My last communication with Dave Jeffco was that, he was kind of waiting for results of Scott, myself and you and Dave getting together and seeing what the next steps might be.  Well that meeting didn’t happen because work things got in the way for me, Scott was out and so forth.  I think that can probably happen next week at which time we can then give Dave our feedback and recommendations as to what the next step might be for the Task Force at that point in time.  That’s kind of where I think we are.  Otherwise, the way it stands right now the rule is unchanged.

Pat Hawkins informs everyone, if this rule is modified it will require two readings in an open board meeting, so nothing is happening right now.  The rule, as understandable as it is, indeed that’s the word, still stands.  If there is any language agreed upon to change it, it will be read twice here before being voted on by the board.

Q.   Steve Siereveld 1930 1931

Seems to me, if the task force was charged to come up with a definition, can’t they be reformed or recharge to actually come back with what they were supposed to do-provide a definition of a high wake like when we wouldn’t allow a wake?

A.   I can address that.  They did come to preceding Lakes Committee and meeting and made a presentation.  They were given feedback from the Committee-specifically from Scott and me.  They had a couple more task force meetings.  Basically, they came back with a very much unchanged presentation and recommendation the second time around, so to your point they were basically charged to go back and think about it but didn’t make much changes.  They will possibly try to come back with third round.  I don’t know where they’re going to go at this time.

Q.   Tom Cross 1573 and 4

Given our bylaws and the current rule against damaging high waves, is there misunderstanding. that these waves are doing damage to our lakeshore and that because of that damage that we’re incurring some expenses on some of those lake property owners to repair the damage that’s being done?  I don’t quite understand.  If we have the rule, why can’t it be enforced?

A.   Dave Patterson

Definition of what is damaging and dangerous to you is one thing.  Number two, we have had very, very few complaints about people’s shorelines and docks being damaged.  Over the past several years, I can only think of a few.  The definition of what is dangerous and damaging and then if you can define it how do you measure it.  So, it’s a very subjective rule at this point in time, so what we’re trying to get to is something that’s more measurable, and because Lake Patrol can turn around and say you’re throwing up too much of a wake, and then you look back and where is it, what is it?  So far as damage goes, how do you know what damage is caused by what specific wave or was it the spring storm that came through the preceding weekend.  There are all kinds of nebulous things with the rule that’s in place right now.

Q.  (Unknown) I’m understanding as it stands now with the. onset of boating season right around the corner, there will be no changes at this point.

A.   Dave Patterson responds, this point in time there’s no changes that’s correct, and I anticipate that the topic is going to be discussed at future Lakes Committee meeting.

Q.   John Locke 1854 1855

As part of my presentation, I did make a recommendation for a rule proposal for that to change.  It did not get discussed fully to go to vote.  The problem has been defining dangerous and damaging.  You can.  Both of the rules, the first one from 2004 and then the current version of 2011, both of them mentioned boat operation and devices used to create that type of wake, so that’s where my proposal focuses on.  You have to use those type of devices in boat operation to wake surf, and I just googled small lakes and wake boats and the information just exploded and as far as why it’s bad, property damage, safety.  It prohibits activities out on the lake, the erosion the algae bloom, just all over the place.  So, at the next Lakes Committee meeting I’m going to reintroduce that, and I assume that we’ll have a discussion and a vote on that.  I can make that available to anyone that wants to see what that proposal is ahead of time.

A.   Dave Patterson responds, that’s a good rendition of what’s probably going to happen at the next meeting too anything else on this topic okay 

Q.   Ken (Unknown):  At the Lakes Committee meeting it’s in the minutes that you explain that even though the Committee did not support the recommendation the Task Force could still take their recommendations to the Board.

A.   Dave Patterson:  that’s what I said.  That’s right.

Q.   If that were the case, the Board will want to see both presentations in the executive session prior to the next Board meeting which is tonight.  If they haven’t presented anything to the Board, is their work done?

A.   Prior to it coming to a Board, it needs to go to the preceding executive session whether that Board meeting or if they want to go to is the next one or three or four one out.  It has to be presented to an executive session prior to coming to the Board, and we want it to be the right rule.

Q:   The reason I asked that is because it said prior to the next Board meeting, I think.  To get a new rule that was enforceable in place prior to this boating season.  Exactly, but if the Task Force hasn’t presented to the Board that they still have more work to do.  Basically, my thing is that they were tasked with modifying or clarifying the existing rule and they basically abolished that rule and want to institute the wake surfing ,so my thought is since the Task Force did not do what they were tasked with doing and they haven’t brought anything back to the Board, why are they even still in existence .  They did not do what they were charged with doing to begin with, so why are we going to drag it out for another month, another month, another month.  John’s got a proposal which we’ll go over at the April meeting, but we need to get something going and something in place before the boating season.

Pat Hawkins:

Ken, might just be splitting hairs here the work of the High Wave Task Force, when their recommendation was not accepted, was essentially done.  However, these same individuals have the right at any time, just like any resident does here, to come before the Board as will John who has a very different view and opinion on the subject of these high waves.  This is the court of last resort for lack of a better term.  You can always appeal things to the Board.  Now, your point is, the timing is going to be a little bit of a problem because we’re going to start boating in May, and if the rule came before us in April the soonest it would be voted on would be May.  My guess is that that would be a stretch.  There would be quite a bit of community input that might stretch that out a little longer.

Dave Patterson 

That was also one of the topics that was mentioned was that before we make a change to the rule that we get some input from the community too.

Doug Gabbard 218

Why are we chasing the size of the wave?  We’ve already got a definition of how large a boat could be and probably speeds.  If you define that, you can measure both speed, you can measure both size and boat weight.  If they want to make bigger waves, they have to modify the boat that wouldn’t fit the requirements anymore.

Dave Patterson

It would still fit the requirements because you can just stick three or four people in the back end of the boat and trim it and tab it and plow and that’ll create the waves that you need.

Doug Gabbard

I’m just I was just trying to think of a way to you’ve got some things in place already because like you said you can’t measure a wave after the wave is gone.  You’re not going to be able to stop everybody.  To wake surf, you have to go 10-12 miles an hour.


Yes, we do have limitations on boat size and there is a speed limit.  Goin 10-12 miles and hours is what they want to do in the middle of the high speed zone and it creates that type of wake that is a lot larger than a normal lake so the wake boats themselves are allowed tubing skiing wakeboarding those are allowed it’s this weight surfing that’s the issue I said just google small lakes and lake boats.  It’s crazy.  All across the country people are having problems with them in the damage Lake Santee is having problems

Pat Hawkins

The board will be happy, whenever groups are ready, to hear what they would like to say.

By all means you’re welcome to come to the next meeting if I can make a recommendation


Don’t bring up the weight the boat-length.  I brought this up four years ago in an open meeting I‘m a boater.  I own ski boats.  I own bass boats.  You can manipulate anything you want to.  We need to get away from the 20-foot boat.  That’s not going to help us here.  It’s more of what the boat’s designed to do.  We can look at weight, we can look at displace, but there’s so many things you can look at.  We’re just we’re just beating our head against the wall.  We’re talking about you know at 20-foot length or you know…

Dave Patterson

There’s no impetus or even discussion at this point in time about making any modifications to the length of limits on the boats and that’s why I don’t because there’s so many pieces and parts to this and there’s so much input.  That’s why I don’t want to just try and slam something in here.  If it doesn’t get done until June or July, so what.  Implementing a rule that governs activity is not same as implementing a rule that governs something you physically can or can’t do with your boat or your dock.  You’re talking about regulating an activity.  You can come up next week and say speed limit in the Valley is 20.  You better modify your behavior accordingly.  There’s never a good time for that kind, so I’d rather we spend the time and come up with something that addresses the problem in the right way.

Southeast Indiana REMC is having their board meeting coming up, and we have a resident who is running for the board of directors and it’d be nice if this community could support that resident.  Jeff Bittner is running for the one of one of the seats on the Board of directors.  I don’t know whether the election is over yet.  The ballots have been out, what the deadline to get them back is?  Tuesday the 30th is when the meeting is.  Someone had also requested that we delay closing the sluice gate because we delayed opening it and also it was very cold and you couldn’t get a whole lot of work done.  Dave brought up and mentioned to us that we’ve got commitments to the dredger.  We’ve got to get this closed and the lake up so we can get going on that contract, so the committee said no, we’re going to leave it on the right schedule.

Fish and Game

The club is going to be reducing the number of tournaments by approximately 25% this year to reduce the pressure on fishing on the lake.  They’ll probably be taking tournaments to perhaps Brookville or maybe some other lakes involved too.  They’re also continuing to work on putting more structure into the lake.  They’re looking at the kids fishing derby.  Eric made a motion that we approved $750.00 to purchase the catfish for the derby.  That motion was approved, so we’ll be supporting them in that regard as well which is something we do every year.

Covered boat lifts:

Cody Johnson presented on the proposal of that.  The proposal is going along well though.  It’s got the support of the committee.  I think the next step is that they’re going to put out a survey to the community to get some input on that topic.

Dredging is going to be as soon as the lake comes up.  The silt removal point is down at the end of the beach where the one loading and unloading dock is going to be.  In past, we’ve done the loading and unloading from the wall in the parking lot in the marina.  You’ll see some changes going on in that within the next month or so.

We’re looking at extending the last dock that’s next to the sluice gate making that just a little longer so that it’s easier for pickup and drop off especially for mobility challenged individuals.  Boards are being put across the front edge of the docks with the slips so that when the pontoons come back and forth, they’re not cutting into the plastic of the docks themselves.  The maintenance crew has put boards in front of two pairs of slips on the lakeside of the docks that come out from the walkway.  They are going to protect the docks and add significant stability to the docks themselves.  If we can get those on front of all the docks throughout the whole marina. They also put two additional cleats on the very ends of each slip to increase the ability of tying off properly and get the boat, so it doesn’t bang and beat up on the dock so much.  Finally, the deck of the patrol boat is getting redone.  It got some damage last year, but it’ll be getting some repair there.  As soon as it’s done, it’ll be back on the water.

Dianna Clark 73, 74 and 75

I’d like to see a rack set aside for people that are that need a close spot for health reasons.  There’s 84 slots that are numbered right now.  You have one rack that has got no numbers on it.  Is there not a reason why you couldn’t take and put one up there for people that are like myself?  I don’t think it’s fair if you can’t take and have at least one rack for people like myself that needs a kayak rack.  In the beginning it wasn’t fair what you did not having a rack for some people that might need it.  That’s my opinion.

Dave Patterson replies, there is a rack down there, but it is not a rack designed to handle kayaks.  The reason it’s not in place anywhere and it’s not numbered is that is used as we’re adding additional racks.  We use that to sit in in the place where the next rack is going to be, so we know where to put the holes in to put the next rack that’s going to be set there.  That is used as basically a prototype to set in the ground.  It’s quite possible changes could be considered, but what I’m saying, the rack you’re seeing down there has a purpose and that’s why it’s not being numbered.  I will we will address the situation as best we can and if since people like Dave probably said all of the racks now are assigned and they’re very difficult to turn around tell somebody well we’re going to take your wreck back now.  I mean that wouldn’t be fair to those who’ve got the racks now either.  Thank you very much we’ll try and keep that into consideration in the future anything else thank you would it be possible to ask someone that’s up close if they’d be willing to volunteer in this situation and just ask someone maybe say well okay I understand if someone in her situation they may be willing to do that just a suggestion an option you know there might be someone that says that is a possibility we’ll see what we can do yeah thanks there’s several things and we might go take a look thank you bonnie will you be giving the 

Parks and Recreation Committee:  Amy Ayers 2106

We are now Parks and Recreation as of the beginning of March.  We already have a task force for the trails which is ran by John Getzendanner.  They have all the trails marked.  We are cleaning them up.  We have maps and signs that we are going to have for residents.  That’s probably going to be a process.  These are these are these are the hiking trails that are cemented-not the paved path the cement.  We have some manuals coming in.  I spoke with a gentleman from the Dearborn Parks named John Howley who has forwarded over some information and how to maintain these trails.

Miranda the pool manager, is working on getting all of that.  We’re in full swing and. hope to be open in May.  We have all the guards to go through all the way to the end of September.  As of today, I don’t think we have any COVID restrictions and we should be at full capacity with the Board’s approval.  We meet the second Wednesday of the month at 6:00 p.m. right before Lakes.  The Task Force for the trails meet the third Monday.  Confirm by calling the POA.  We welcome anybody that wants to come and be a part of it

If anybody has any questions, they can call me or Dave.

Q.   Resident asks about a slide at the pool and having fans running inside of the bathrooms to help with drying we floors.

A.    A discussion has not been had in regard to, but there’s a lot of things the kids would like.  As of right now, the committee is just trying to maintain what is currently in place such as new umbrellas and shading for everyone.  The committee is also working on new chairs or re-strapping them.  The Committee will request the fans to be on.

Safety and Elections Committee Report:  Becky Lortz 1882

This month, we were focusing a lot on the elections that are coming up.  Jenny Boyer has done a great job as far as moderating Meet the Candidates meeting.  She also is making sure that all is in order for counting the ballots after they have come back in.  We’re looking at some things to do with fireworks.  We are also looking at some things to do with stop sign locations and ongoing concerns with speeding.  Our next meeting is Tuesday, May 4th at 6 30 upstairs at the POA.  If anyone would like to come. they are welcome.  We have open meetings.  If you have something that you would like put on our agenda, we would appreciate your contacting either Bonnie Starks or Dave Wismann to be added to the agenda.  If you would like to join, we ask that you attend a couple of meetings first to see if you’re interested once you see what we do.

Civic Club Report:  Steve Siereveld 1930 1931

Spring dance will possible be the last week in April or the first week in May at the golf course.  Coordination will golf course will be implemented if dance is held

Motion made by Dave Hafner and seconded by Robert Starks to approve Spring Dance.  Passed 3-0.

The Polar Bear Plunge had a great turnout and went very well for short notice

Dave Wissman speaks on behalf of Andy Dipuccio who has requested a Memorial Day concert to be held at 77 acres.

Motion made by Dave Haffner and seconded by Robert Starks to approve the Memorial Day concert.  Passed 3-0.

Judicial Panel:  

No business.

Old Business:  

No business.

New Business:  Bob Starks

The Finance Committee has a member moving away and is seeking new members to help with the



Motion was made to adjourn and a seconded.

This meeting is adjourned have a wonderful Easter.

*Minutes published in the paper are abbreviated.

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  • Fill out the form to begin monthly payments toward your July 2024 dues on the 15th of each month beginning February 15th.

Sign up forms need to be received by February 7th, 2024.

Email to, send by mail, place in the secure drop box, or bring into the POA office.

Example of a monthly payment:  If your semi-annual dues are $563.50 your monthly automatic payments will be $ 93.92 each month.