Board of Directors Minutes July 22, 2021



Thursday, July 22, 2021 


Board of Directors Members Present:  Scott Giska, Dave Hafner, Patricia Hawkins, and Steve Siereveld

Board Members Absent:  Jeff Fuell

Community Manager Present:  Dave Wismann

July Motions:

  • Approval of June Minutes—Board Secretary
  • Approval of Bond Returns—Architecture Committee
  • Request for Second Reading to add restrictions on political and issue signs outside of elections—Safety, Security and Elections

Call to Order

President Scott Giska called the Board of Directors meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

Pledge of Allegiance:  

The meeting began with the Pledge of Allegiance.

President’s Report:  Scott Giska

Good evening everyone – hope everyone here in person and online is having a great month! 

As July comes to a close, we all reflect back on a tremendous 4th of July, and last weekend’s super fun Lake Float. From the busiest day of the year– the 4th— to a no-wake day last weekend, our lake community proved once again we have something for everyone. Special thanks once again to Civista Bank for sponsoring our fireworks, and to our very active Civic Club for putting on the 2nd Annual Lake Float.

I want to address a couple of items that your board has engaged in over the last few weeks.

The 1st one is the flying flags. Plain and simple, fly your flags! As a reminder, the POA is not interested in coming between homeowners and their right to express their American pride. We had a small situation with an employee’s decision that was frankly blown out of proportion on social media. The situation was addressed quickly as a private matter with a very valuable and respected employee. I can assure you, we remain very supportive of the loyal, hardworking and dedicated employee. We also remain steadfast in support of our country, our military, and for certain our deputies and police forces everywhere!

Second, there have been lots of thoughts expressed about non-residents using our amenities (especially our highly enjoyed summer playground including the lake, beach, and pool.) While this is a challenging situation, as HVL is not gated at all of our entrances, it’s a situation we have some ideas about and will be exploring remedies for, to include improved existing processes for checking ID’s on a consistent basis. We have much to explore and to do on this topic, but it will be a priority for the remainder of 2021 and into 2022.

Finally, as I have been alluding to, we are looking to improve our annual planning process for next year’s approved projects and community wide priorities and the necessary supporting budgets. The process has already started and will run through October. We will have more inclusion with our committee chairs and other key thought leaders across HVL who care so deeply about our community. 

How can you help us one on one?Complete the annual homeowner satisfaction survey that we will be fielding in August, to help us better understand your levels of satisfaction living in HVL and the areas for improvement you desire across Hidden Valley. We will have to make choices, prioritize and execute on a timely, and prudent financial basis. We will make better decisions that reflect the needs of more homeowners, not less, by using a professional survey to begin deeper discussions. What else can you do? Engage with your Board of Directors, Community Manager and committee chairs to have your voices be heard. All of our emails are published monthly in The Echoes…and even simpler, call your POA office. Is social media a productive platform for planning purposes…it really isn’t.

Thank you everyone and thanks for being great neighbors that assume positive intent most days of the week!

Treasurer’s Report: Scott Giska (for Jeff Fuell)

Financial Position for the month of June 2021:

Our Cash Position on June 1, 2021—$618,681.00

Ending Cash on June 30, 2021—$413,132.00


  1. All amounts are rounded to the nearest dollar.
  2. HVL POA plans annually for a balanced budget. (i.e., anticipated annual expenses are planned to not exceed anticipated annual income) 
  3. Some infrequent expenses are predictable such as replacement of vehicles, maintenance of our roads, the many lake dams, swimming pool liner, lake dredging etc. Funds are escrowed each year to cover those future expenses and are included in the totals. 
  4. Projected cash at year end is generally equal to zero dollars plus escrowed funds for above mentioned expenses as well as necessary reserves. Reserves include two months of operating capital, capital for asset purchases, and Architecture bond payments to be refunded.
  5. All financials will be audited by an outside auditor annually.

Marla is currently processing only in the new database with QuickBooks. Because she has re-entered the entire year of 2021, the database of record on the new system will begin 1/1/2021 to the present. The old Access database of record will be for 12/31/2020 and prior years. Marla and the board appreciate everyone’s patience during this transition to this new system, as she works through the new workflow processes. 

Secretary’s Report:  Patricia Hawkins

  • Approval of June Minutes

Motion for Approval of the June minutes was made by Scott Giska and seconded by Dave Hafner.  Motion passed 4-0.

Golf Course Report:  Dave Hafner

Dave Hafner shared the following financial top lines for 2021 year-to-date:

  • We have completed the refinancing of the golf course loan.  It will be for the same term (maturing in February of 2030) but the interest rate will be reduced from 4.5% to 3.55%.  The board has agreed to not reduce the payments and put more toward principal each month.  If we continue doing so, it will allow us to pay off the loan several months sooner.
  • Our net income for the period January-June 2021 is $234,500.  This is an increase of $167,682 (250%) over the same period in 2020.
  • Our membership currently stands at 267.  This is an increase over the 250 members we had at the end of the 2020 golfing season.

Community Manager’s Report:  Dave Wismann


Dredging continues in the main lake. They are currently in the dock area of Sandamont. We are requesting those at these docks move their boats, so they can dredge the docks next week. 


We met with Road Task Force members and have begun assessing the roads. There is still plenty of work to be done and anyone who is interested, especially those with road experience, is encouraged to call or email me.

We are reclaiming the area along the maintenance road we have been using for yard waste. We are asking residents to only use the yard waste dumpster as we slowly remove the debris from the side of the road.

Golf Course

We continue to enjoy great attendance along with national trends. Rounds are up almost 1,000 from last year as of the end of June and we continue to attract new members.

Brian Krinsky is in the middle of a three-day Junior Camp this week.

Outings for August:

  • 9th Dearborn Community Foundation
  • 14th Ohio Valley Golf Association
  • 23rd Dearborn Community Home Builders
  • 27th HVL Riders


Architecture Committee Report:  Tom Cross

  • Performance Bonds for Return 6/24/2021

Lot # 270H Tonya & Adam Wolfe

Property Address 519 Hickory Road Bond Amount $500.00

City, State, Zip Lawrenceburg, IN 47025 Dues Owed $0

Fine/Fees Owed $0

Lot # 1348H Kristy Whitaker

Property Address 948 Greentree Road Bond Amount $500.00

City, State, Zip Lawrenceburg, IN 47025 Dues Owed $0

Fine/Fees Owed $0

Motion for Approval of Bond Returns was made by Dave Hafner and seconded by Steve Siereveld.  Motion passed 4-0.

Finance Committee Report:

No Report

Future Planning Committee:  Pat Paul

  1. We are happy to welcome Doug Gabbard as a new Future Planning Committee member
  1. Communications Task Force – Chaired by Rich Gannon
  • Work continues on enhancing and producing the Echoes through the Editorial Committee.
  • The Committee expects to participate in producing an RFP for a new high-speed Internet access system in HVL.
  • The Task Force is currently planning enhancements to the POA website.
  1. 50th Anniversary Celebration Steering Committee – Chaired by Pat Hawkins
  • The Steering Committee is scheduling planning meetings to start this summer.

Lakes Committee:

No Report

Parks and Recreation Committee:  Amy Ayers-Wilson

First on our agenda was Linda Hartmann, MS4 Coordinator for Hidden Valley Lake. She led us in a very informative discussion around our EPA Program (administered by the Indiana Department of Environment Management) and the new guidelines that were recently released.

Linda’s request is for volunteers to help with updating our current SWQMP (Municipal Separate Storm and Sewer Systems) which is due by the end of this year. Current SWQMP is a 67-page document created in 2003 and last updated in 2008. Though this is a large job, she has broken it down into sections that can be done by a single individual or a small group such as our committee. Our committee needs to be involved due to pollution control measures defined for all HVL properties which includes trash management, potential sewage leakages at shelters, erosion, pet waste and perhaps even forest restoration and planting native wildflowers. 

Linda has set this project up as a no-meeting with communications on-line. She introduced the committee to a new app ‘SeeClickFix’ that could be used to assist residents reporting concerns. A couple committee members downloaded the app and agreed that this could be very effective.

It is her hope through this project that we implement processes we are not doing (advanced best business practices) and should be along with looking at how to better document.

Miranda Wintz – Pool/Beach update

  • Miranda reported June revenue which included $2,515 from pool rental for parties, $2950 from swim lessons, $1,200 from guests at the pool, and $344 from guests at the beach. The revenue from guests at the beach was used to replace a chair lift battery which gave out in June.
  • Miranda had shared that the Greendale pool will be closing August 3 in an email earlier last week where she noted she was “proud to be a part of our great neighborhood and proud of our committee for keeping our pool open until the end of September”.  Noted at this meeting were the efforts Miranda had made to hire a staff of lifeguards that can work through September so this can happen.
  • New pool hours will be implemented starting August 16th and will be posted at the pool and on the website.
  • We need to replace the ropes in the pool as they are disintegrating. Miranda will move forward to review purchase options and replace.
  • Staff will be working on implementing a plan for inclement weather closings.
  • This week there was a concern with the bar code not reading on the residents’ ID badges. This has been taken care of with Miranda working with POA staff.
  • Miranda stressed that residents who have an issue with operations at the pool or beach should contact her directly.   
  • Miranda suggested that she schedule a “Meet and Greet” next year for the lifeguards, committee members, and board members.  Steve Siereveld will work with Miranda to schedule the event. 

Nature Trails Task Force

  • John Getzendanner shared his disappointment that some recently cleared trails need rework because of storm damage to trees in the area.   
  • The task force is working diligently to create new maps and signage for the hiking trails. John reviewed a laminated example with us that we thought would be effective and useful for residents and we support the use of these moving forward.   
  • Boxes will be set up in the trails area for the smaller maps so residents can have access to them. The Master Trail Map is also being updated and needs to be ordered along with the smaller maps. 
  • Maintenance has removed logs from Crystal Lake. Access from Greentree is available.
  • Clarification on property lines around the HVL smaller lakes was tabled until the next meeting.

Safety and Elections Committee Report:  Don Norris

  • Second Reading for Political or Issue signs that are not associated with a current election process. It should go into the Rulebook at 11-6-4(D).

Current rule:

11-6-4. Election and Political Sign Rules

a. Only two (2) “Election” or “Political” signs shall be permitted per membership, regardless of how many lots are assigned to that membership.

b. “Election” or “Political” signs may not be posted on private property within HVL sooner than thirty (30) days prior to an election and must be removed by the beginning of the sixth day after the election is held.

c. “Election or “Political” signs may not be put on community property except on Election Day and only at the voting precinct. All “Election” or “Political signs placed upon voting precincts property must be removed by noon the next day after the election is held. (As amended on 12/05/2019).

New Rule:

D. Political or issue signs that are not associated with a current election process are not permitted in 


The motion to request a Second Reading to add restrictions on political and issue signs outside of elections was made by Dave Hafner and seconded by Steve Siereveld.  Motion passed 4-0.

  • The committee has added Bonnie Mack as a new member.  Two other individuals are being evaluated.
  • The committee is researching stop sign placement within the valley to determine if some need to be removed.

Stop sign placement to be addressed as to Indiana Code:  stop signs are not to be used as speed control devices and every effort should be made to keep vehicles moving.  Committee will be looking at places where signs may not be appropriate in keeping traffic moving with safety concerns remaining paramount.

Civic Club:  Kevin Grosse


The Luau will be held on August 7th from 7:00 p.m. to midnight.  Lake will go to no wake at 5:00 p.m.  Ropes will be taken down at 5:30 p.m. for beach access.  Preparations are being made for 500 participants.  Two hogs have been purchased.  Tickets can be ordered online at HVL or purchased any time at Niki’s Boutique (outside our main entrance), or at the door the night of the event.  Ticket price is $15.00 each, two for $20.00, or 10 tickets for $100.00.

Labor Day Bash

The Labor Day Bash will be held on Sunday, September 5th at the ballfields.  There will be:

  • Three bands
  • A Bounce House for kids
  • Corn hole (winner take all)
  • Fun run
  • Food and drinks
  • Wood carving exhibitions with items available for purchase
  • Craft vendors
  • Split the Pot

Lap Swim Pool Parties

These parties will be held on Saturday, August 14 and Saturday, September 11th with food provided to police, fire, and military members in gratitude for their service. 

Judicial Panel:

No Report

Old Business:  

There was no old business.

New Business:  Patricia Hawkins

Steve Siereveld made a motion to accept for a First Reading and discussion the adding of restrictions on rental 

properties.  Dave Hafner seconded the motion and it passed 4-0. 

  • 13-3-1. Rental Properties

a. Property owners/landlords renting properties in Hidden Valley Lake must submit a completed HVL Rental Property Registration Form to the POA Office for each property rented.  (This agreement is located in Appendix A of these bylaws.)

b. Property owners/landlords must pay the POA a $1,000 registration fee and an annual $5,000 fee for each rental property.  There is a minimum $10,000 fine for failure to register a property or pay the annual fee.

c. Renters must sign and adhere to the guidelines contained in this HVL POA Renters Agreement and submit the fully executed document to the HVL POA Office (The HVL POA Renters Agreement is located in Appendix A of these bylaws).

c. Property rental periods may not be less than six months and all renters must be registered with the HVL POA.

  • 13-3-2. Renter’s Assessment to Use Amenities

Renters of property at Hidden Valley Lake Subdivision must pay an annual Renter Amenities Assessment in order to use the amenities provided by the HVL POA.  The assessment for a renter and their immediate family to use the amenities at HVL is $300.

Motion to accept for a First Reading and discussion was made by Steve Siereveld and seconded by Dave Hafner.  Motion passed 4-0.

Several residents in attendance suggested that the fees were too low but that the board might want to consider grandfathering properties that are already being rented.  Patricia thanked them for their comments and encouraged all residents to share their support, concerns, or questions with board members or Dave Wismann.


The Motion to Adjourn was made by Steve Siereveld and seconded by Patricia Hawkins.  Motion passed 4-0.

Now is the best time to sign up for Automatic Monthly Dues Payments

  • Pay your January 2024 dues in full by 1/31/2024.
  • Fill out the form to begin monthly payments toward your July 2024 dues on the 15th of each month beginning February 15th.

Sign up forms need to be received by February 7th, 2024.

Email to, send by mail, place in the secure drop box, or bring into the POA office.

Example of a monthly payment:  If your semi-annual dues are $563.50 your monthly automatic payments will be $ 93.92 each month.