Board of Directors Minutes 1/26/23



Thursday, January 26, 2023 7:00 p.m. -8:30 p.m.– POA Lower Level


Board of Director’s Members Present:  Doug Gabbard, Patricia Hawkins, Ken Horn and Jeff Fuell

Board of Director’s Members Absent:  Scott Giska

Community Manager Present:  Dave Wismann

January 2023 Motions:

  • Approval of October 27, 2022 and December 8, 2022 Minutes—Board Secretary
  • Approval of Performance Bonds for Return 01/26/2023—Architectural Committee
  • Approval of New Panel Member—Judicial Panel

Call to Order:  Doug Gabbard

Vice President, Doug Gabbard called the Board of Director’s Meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

Pledge of Allegiance:

The meeting began with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Treasures Report:  Doug Gabbard

Financial Position for the month of December 2022:

Our Cash Position on December 1, 2022—$ 258,073.00

Ending Cash on December 31, 2022—$ 195,885.00

Note: 2022 Financials are officially “under Audit”

The auditors plan to be onsite Feb 22nd – 24th


  1. All amounts are rounded to the nearest dollar.
  2. HVL POA plans annually for a balanced budget. (i.e., anticipated annual expenses are planned to not exceed anticipated annual income) 
  3. Some infrequent expenses are predictable such as replacement of vehicles, maintenance of our roads, the many lake dams, swimming pool liner, lake dredging etc.  Funds are escrowed each year to cover those future expenses and are included in the totals. 
  4. Projected cash at year end is generally equal to zero dollars plus escrowed funds for above mentioned expenses as well as necessary reserves.  Reserves include two months of operating capital, capital for asset purchases, and Architecture bond payments to be refunded.
  5. All financials will be audited by an outside auditor annually.

Secretary’s Report:  Patricia Hawkins

  • Motion to Approve October 2022 and December 2022 Minutes made by Jeff Fuell and seconded by Ken Horn.  Motion passed 4-0.

Golf Update:  Dave Wismann

Financial Highlights for 2022 and 2023

  • 2022
  • Cart path paving
  • Carts paid off
  • Clubhouse repairs
  • 2023
  • 15% membership dues increase
  • $1.00 cart rental increase
  • Purchase Aerator
  • Purchase Ball washer / Ball Picker

Community Manager’s Report:  Dave Wismann

Golf Course 

I have toured the course with the Golf Pro, Brian Krinsky, and the Maintenance Supervisor, Jason Gadd. We developed a plan to make some repairs to T-boxes and sand traps, as well as other minor maintenance and repairs.

Infrastructure Management

Our maintenance team has been clearing snow recently and, when possible, working on the docks at Willie’s. We are waiting at this point for the rest of the materials to arrive to complete the project.


The office is preparing for the election. We have two seats open this year and, so far, three candidates. There will be announcements in the online version of Echoes, a banner on the homepage, a Listserv, and on the exit signs at various times throughout January. We still have a few days to accept nominations.

  • Nominations shall be closed and forms received in the HVL POA Office by the nomination deadline date, which will be at noon on the first Friday in February (February 3, 2023).  After the nomination deadline date, candidate nominations shall be validated at the HVL POA Office to assure that each candidate is a Qualified HVL POA Board of Directors Member Candidate. Every qualified candidate’s completed Nomination Form and photo shall be printed in the February and March issues of the Echoes.

Update on Fiber Optics…

The crews have begun work again and you will be seeing more of them in the area. We are planning to meet with REMC soon to get a more firm date for initial installation.

Yard Waste Dumpster

We are almost caught up. If you have yard waste, please take it to the dumpster as soon as possible. We will try to take a month or two off of having the dumpster to save money.

Boat Registrations

The season is coming up. Please have all your information (insurance, etc.) ready when you come in. There will be a check sheet in your paperwork to assist you.


Architecture Committee Report:  Tom Cross

  • Performance Bonds for Return 1/26/2023

Lot # 555H Robert & Peggy Schutzman

Property Address 1384 Skyview circle Bond Amount $500.00

City, State, Zip Lawrenceburg, IN 47025 Dues Owed $0

Fine/Fees Owed $0

Lot # 2627H Phillip & Melissa Stewart

Property Address 20360 Alpine Drive Bond Amount $500.00

City, State, Zip Lawrenceburg, IN 47025 Dues Owed $0

Fine/Fees Owed $0

Lot # 3086H Kenneth & Kenny Kincart

Property Address 20932 Bellemeade Bond Amount $2,000.00

City, State, Zip Lawrenceburg, IN 47025 Dues Owed $0

Fine/Fees Owed $0

Lot # 1708H Shelby Ellis

Property Address 1338 Cliftmont Circle Bond Amount $500.00

City, State, Zip Lawrenceburg, IN 47025 Dues Owed $0

Fine/Fees Owed $0

Lot # 828H Gary & Judith Bufler

Property Address 21058 Lakeview Drive Bond Amount $2,000.00

City, State, Zip Lawrenceburg, IN 47025 Dues Owed $0

Fine/Fees Owed $0

Lot # 957H Bradley Berry

Property Address 20966 Alpine Drive Bond Amount $500.00

City, State, Zip Lawrenceburg, IN 47025 Dues Owed $0

Fine/Fees Owed $0

  • Motion for Approval of Performance Bonds for Return 01/26/2023 requested by Jeff Fuell and seconded by Ken Horn.  Motion passes 4-0.

Future Planning Committee:  George Lortz

The Future Planning Committee is developing a plan of action to address the following major activities in 2023.

1) Assisting in defining, developing, implementing and maintaining current and effective community communications systems – There is a task force already in place that is working on this activity.

2) Evaluating current POA property and buildings for the purposes of future repair, improving and upgrading. – There is a second task force already in place that is working on this activity.

3) Assisting in maintaining and enhancing the current By-laws. – Our plans continue assisting other POA organizations in developing new enhancements to the By-laws but also assisting, when asked, in the current activity of rewriting the By-laws.

4) Assisting in completing the current Community Master Plan (CMP) by adding strategic planning information. – This will require assistance by all POA organizations as directed by the Board.

5) Assisting in scheduling and conducting open (town hall) meetings for the purpose of addressing planning and current community issues. – This offer is made to any POA organization who wishes to make their subject(s) part of this informative process.

6) Developing and maintaining contact with community, county and state personnel and monitoring news media for the purposes of staying informed on current issues and events. – We will be more involved in his process in 2023 and report any findings to future Board meetings.

Lakes Committee:  Jeff Fuell

  • 2023 Boat Test is ready to send.  Please look to the rule book online as your “study guide”.  We are not mailing the rules to save on postage.
  • Dock Rental notices will go out soon as well.  Please let us know if you plan to continue renting, as we would like to make any openings available to those on the waiting list.
  • Willie’s dock re-construction is on track.  HVL resident, Adam Mauer has organized around refurbishing the frames, making them so that we can have concrete tops similar to the kayak launch dock.
  • We are looking to do the lake clean-up this spring again.  Shooting for May 1-15th time frame.  Emails will be sent out as details are finalized.

Safety, Security & Elections Committee Report:  Dave Buschmiller

  • Stop sign replacement to be evaluated (state laws and maintenance issues to be considered)
  • Golf cart policy
  • Halloween safety travel plan
  • Evaluation of elections policies
  • Security policies
  • Dog policies
  • Member resignation (Pam Wilson)

Judicial Panel:  Rick Paul

  • Motion to Approve new Panel Member Karen Plogsted was made by Patricia Hawkins and seconded by Jeff Fuell.  Motion passes 4-0.

Civic Club:  Kevin Grosse

  • Events yet to be approved for remainder of the year

Old Business:  

Bylaws:  Several sections can come before the board for a first reading next month (clarification)


  • Future Planning
  • Architecture (final review needed)
    • Reference Sheets to be added

Dave Wismann announced that the deer culling ended January 2, 2023 with 22 deer culled this season.  Fly over will occur if snow permits some time this winter.

New Business:

  • No new business


  • Motion to Adjourn made by Jeff Fuell and seconded by Ken Horn.  Motion passed 4-0.


Now is the best time to sign up for Automatic Monthly Dues Payments

  • Pay your January 2024 dues in full by 1/31/2024.
  • Fill out the form to begin monthly payments toward your July 2024 dues on the 15th of each month beginning February 15th.

Sign up forms need to be received by February 7th, 2024.

Email to, send by mail, place in the secure drop box, or bring into the POA office.

Example of a monthly payment:  If your semi-annual dues are $563.50 your monthly automatic payments will be $ 93.92 each month.