Board of Directors Meeting Minutes 7/28/22



Thursday, July 28, 2022 at 7:00 p.m. – POA Lower Level


Board of Directors Members Present:  Jeff Fuell, Doug Gabbard, Scott Giska, Ken Horn and Patricia Hawkins

Board Members Absent:  None

Community Manager:  Dave Wismann

July 28, 2022 Motions:

  • Approval of June 2022 Minutes—Board Secretary
  • Approval of Performance Bonds for Return 07/28/2022—Architectural Committee
  • Approval of May and June Financial Statements for POA and Golf Course—Finance Committee

Call to Order:  Scott Giska

President, Scott Giska called the Board of Director’s Meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

Pledge of Allegiance:

The meeting began with the Pledge of Allegiance.

President’s Report:  Scott Giska

Welcome everyone!

It’s hard to believe, August is upon us, and kids are ready to go back to school shortly.

As we move into August, the Board’s focus with Committee Chairs, and other key community leadership, will be to stay focused on key infrastructure improvements like roads, fiber installation, and maintaining our amenities to the highest degree possible within our budgets.

If we think about our community as an organization, we have our own small staff, and many volunteers with varied interests and perspectives. Our opportunity as we move forward is to collaborate more and align on strategies and objectives with one plan we are all very clear on.

We will have more to share on how we do that when we share specifics from our August Leadership Meeting findings and results. 

Treasurer’s Report:  Jeff Fuell

Financial Position for the month of June 2022:

Our Cash Position on June 1, 2022—$ 750,262.00

Ending Cash on June 30, 2022—$ 593,219.00


  1. All amounts are rounded to the nearest dollar.
  2. HVL POA plans annually for a balanced budget. (i.e., anticipated annual expenses are planned to not exceed anticipated annual income).
  3. Some infrequent expenses are predictable such as replacement of vehicles, maintenance of our roads, the many lake dams, swimming pool liner, lake dredging etc.  Funds are escrowed each year to cover those future expenses and are included in the totals.
  4. Projected cash at year end is generally equal to zero dollars plus escrowed funds for above mentioned expenses as well as necessary reserves.  Reserves include two months of operating capital, capital for asset purchases, and Architecture bond payments to be refunded.
  5. All financials will be audited by an outside auditor annually.
  • Leadership Council Meeting will be held August 15th at 7:00 p.m. in the Community Center.

Secretary’s Report:  Patricia Hawkins

  • Request for Approval of June 2022 Minutes with deletion of Future Planning bullet ID Badge Issue was made by Jeff Fuell and seconded by Doug Gabbard.  Motion passed 5-0. 

Golf Course Report:  Scott Giska

  1. 6/30/22 Cash Position


  1. 1/15 Starting Mortgage Balance


  1. 6/30/22 Mortgage Balance


  1. Estimated Equity of $800,000.00

(Based on 7 year old appraisal)

Community Manager’s Report:  Dave Wismann


Two of our season staff members will be returning to their duties at school in August.  We have several part-time members who will be assuming their roles.  We also have a new team member, Cody Miller, who was a jail officer at the Sheriff’s Department and has experience as a 911 dispatcher and with EMS.

Infrastructure Management

We plan to complete our paving project on Alpine Drive in mid-September. We will be marking the road with pink paint to locate the repairs in mid-August.  The crack fill machine was delivered on July 26th.


We believe this will be the easiest, most private and fastest way for HVL residents to communicate issues, identify repair needs, share feedback and ask questions to their local POA staff, board members and committees.  Watch for further announcements.

Willie’s Docks

When we discussed the bids with the Lakes Committee, a member suggested having a company retrofit the old docks to make them concrete docks.  This move could save over $50,000, if it can be done. We are researching the possibility.

Erosion Control

The Roads Task Force is asking for volunteers who would be willing to train to be spotters for our ditching efforts.  This will be a time commitment of only a couple of afternoons.  These volunteers will be given a short training session and a specific area to observe standing water and ditching problems in that area to help compile a report which will be used to create a plan to make necessary repairs and replacements to culverts and ditches.  Please email me if you are interested.

Golf Course

The cart paths are on the list for the contractor to complete in mid-August-depending on the weather.

Update on Fiber Optics…

The contractors are catching up on restoration work before moving on to the next project.  This is in response to complaints that yards were left unrepaired while they moved into the next area.  We have some details to work out, but the contractors have agreed to continue to keep up with restoration moving forward.

Further discussion continued involving phases of process.

4th of July

We have a great lineup with the bike parade at 10:00 a.m., boat parade at 6:30 p.m., and, of course, the fireworks at dark!  We have a few surprises as well.  Thank you to everyone who has worked to make this a great celebration for the United States and for HVL.

We ask everyone to please be patient, especially at the marina. We should have plenty of help parking, and, hopefully, we will again be using the fields at the POA parking lot for extra parking.

Emergency Preparedness for Lake:

  1. Lake Lights at Willie’s and the Beach will immediately go to Yellow (NO WAKE).
  2. Emergency Text will be sent to all registered HVL Boaters.
  3. Lake Patrol will notify when emergency is resolved.
  4. All clear will be texted to registered HVL Boaters.
  5. Lake lights will return to Green (Lake Normal Operations) Status.


Architecture Committee Report:  Tom Cross

  • Performance Bonds for Return 07/28/2022

Lot # 598H Ryan Morath

Property Address 1107 Springdale Court Bond Amount $2000.00

City, State, Zip Lawrenceburg, IN 47025 Dues Owed $0

Fine/Fees Owed $0

Lot # 169H William & Katrina Jacob

Property Address 1021 Hickory Road Bond Amount $2000.00

City, State, Zip Lawrenceburg, IN 47025 Dues Owed $0

Fine/Fees Owed $0

Lot # 1787H Darwin Kouns

Property Address 1321 Heidi Haven Drive Bond Amount $500.00

City, State, Zip Lawrenceburg, IN 47025 Dues Owed $0

Fine/Fees Owed $0

Lot # 1065H Thomas & Hilori Campbell

Property Address 20492 Matterhorn Drive Bond Amount $500.00

City, State, Zip Lawrenceburg, IN 47025 Dues Owed $0

Fine/Fees Owed $0

  • Motion of Bond Returns was made by Patricia Hawkins and seconded by Ken Horn.  Motion passed 5-0.

Finance Committee:  Kyle Packer

  • Approval of May and June Financial Statements for POA and Golf Course made by Jeff Fuell and seconded by Doug Gabbard.  Motion passed 5-0.

POA and Golf budget is tracking well from expense perspective.

Budgeting is in progress with completion expectation being in August.

Future Planning Committee:  George Lortz

Communications Task Force – Echoes

  1. We are in a three-month period to determine the success of using the new newsstands to distribute the Echoes.  After that, we will make adjustments regarding the number of Echoes to print and where the newsstands will be placed within HVL.
  1. The July Echoes issue was picked up at newsstands by 576 residents and 600 residents read it on-line.
  1. We are in the process of improving our on-line version of the Echoes to be easier to navigate when being read on mobile devices.

Front Entrance Task Force

  1. Many thanks to all who contributed to the “refreshing” of the Security Center and for the positive comments from HVL residents which were all very much appreciated.  The task force members contributed not only their personal time, but also funds to the effort.
  1. We will be spending the remainder of the year evaluating possibilities for completing no-cost or low-cost additional ways to enhance the appearance of the front entrance.

50th Anniversary Task Force

  1. The task force contributed funds for refreshments and manpower to the Pool Bash event.
  1. The task force also contributed funds to enhance the July 4th fireworks display for the 50 display in lights.
  1. We are making plans for Labor Day weekend events.  At this time, the two major efforts will be burying a time capsule near the gazebo and conducting HVL History slide shows.

Lakes Committee:  Eric Fox

  • Kids Fishing Derby was a big success!  Thank you for the effort of the volunteers who put this together.  Golf outing is September 17th at HVL to support the Fish and Game Club efforts.
  • If you are anchoring in one of our coves, please make sure you are not blocking boat traffic.
  1. Stay towards the center where possible.
  2. When tying off with others, throw multiple anchors in opposing directions to hold your line.
  3. When floating in the water near boats, be aware of passing boat traffic and do not block the channel.
  4. It’s about being safe and allowing movement of your neighbors through and around the coves.
  • When participating in towed watersports, be aware of your surroundings.  Watch where and when you are dropping riders.  Be courteous and be safe.
  • We are beginning to build the 2023 budget.
  • Small lakes task force will be bringing their plans for improvements to Crystal Lake and budget requests next month.

Update of Kids Fishing Derby is given by Jim Conner.

Parks and Recreation Committee Report:  Dave Wismann

Nature Trails Task Force

  • Work continues on maintenance of the trails.

Jim Conner shares update on the Hidden Valley Blue Bird Trail.

Pool/Beach Update:

  • The 50th Anniversary Pool celebration:  We would like to thank the board for making this party possible and the pool staff for all of their hard work.  The staff and manager are working well together and were proud to show off the pool this year.  We would also like to thank the 50th Anniversary Community for the food and Kona Ice.  Thank you also to POA office staff, Athletic Club, Fish and Game, the Hidden Valley Gators Diving Show Crew, special volunteers (Jan, Elizabeth, Adeline) and our awesome Maintenance Team.  Thank you for making this event successful.  We could not have done it without you!

Safety, Security and Elections:  Don Norris

  • Committee proposing Elections be separated from Safety and Security as it once was.  This has been tabled until further information can be introduced and assessed by the board.

Don Norris announces he is stepping down as chair.

  • Motion to reinstate Bonnie Starks as Safety, Security and Elections Chair is made by Patricia Hawkins and seconded by Ken Horn.  Motion passed 5-0.

Judicial Panel:  Rick Paul

3-1-1.  Judicial Panel Purposes

a. The purpose of the HVL POA Judicial Panel is to enforce the Rules and Regulations of the HVL POA>

Per the bylaws:

1-4-2.  Right to Serve on Committees or Panel

a. The specific membership qualifications for an HVL POA standing committee and the Judicial Panel shall be determined by each individual organization wit the exception of the following:

1. To qualify as a candidate for active membership in an HVL POA standing committee or the Judicial Panel. A person shall be a member or member’s spouse in good standing of the HVL POA.

2. Two or more persons from the same HVL household shall not be active members on the same HVLPOA standing committee or the Judicial Panel during the same time period.

3. Candidates for membership in the Judicial Panel must be unanimously approved by the chairpersons of all POA Standing Committees.

4. The current chair of the Judicial Panel shall pool all standing committee chairs to determine this approval.  After approval of the committee chairs is obtained, the candidate is presented to the Board of Directors for approval.

  • Ms. Cathy Price was introduced to the Board for a position on the Judicial Panel by its current members.  According to POA Board Rules listed above, positions on the Judicial Panel must also be ratified by all other POA committee chairs, who also unanimously approved.  These approvals were presented to the POA board members along with Ms. Price’s resume.
  • Motion to add Cathy Price to the Judicial Panel was made by Doug Gabbard and seconded by Jeff Fuell.  Motion passed 5-0.

Old Business:

None were reported.

New Business:

None were reported.


  • Motion to Adjourn was made by Jeff Fuell and seconded by Doug Gabbard.  Motion passed 5-0.

Minutes published in this paper are abbreviated.  A full account can be heard online at

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