Board of Directors Meeting Minutes 10/24/19 Lower Level Community Center 7:00pm



Board of Directors Meeting

Thursday, October 24, 2019 7 PM



Board of Directors Present:  Pat Hawkins, Dave Hafner, Robert Starks and Donna Yetzer

Board of Directors absent: Scott Giska

Community Manager Present: Bruce Keller

October 24, 2019 Motions:

  • Approval of September 2019 Minutes — Board Secretary
  • Approval of Bond Returns—Architectural Committee
  • Approval of August and September Financials—Finance Committee
  • Approval of 2020 Budget. Includes a 5 dollar a month assessment increase—Finance Committee
  • Approval to allocate expenditures for a new data base for the POA designed specifically for POAs—Finance Committee.
  • Request a motion setting the Kayak Storage Fee at $50 per year—Lakes Committee
  • Approval of Sign/Solicitation Rules to put our By-Laws in line with Indiana Law—Safety and

 Elections Committee. (Second and final reading)

  • Request a motion increasing the amount of fine for a stop work order from 100, up to 500 dollars.  (First Reading)

Call to Order:  Patricia Hawkins

President Patricia Hawkins called the October 24, 2019 Board of Director Meeting to order at 7:00pm

Pledge of Allegiance:  Patricia Hawkins

The meeting began with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Presidents Report: Patricia Hawkins

In tonight’s meeting, the Finance Committee will ask the Board of Directors to approve a budget for 2020.  They plan to recommend an increase in assessments to bring the proposed budget in balance.

We know that the Finance Committee will not make this request lightly.  Neither will we approve it lightly.    Your board, especially Bob Starks, has worked closely with Finance to understand what is driving our budget increases.  While the costs of most of our budget items are increasing, two are particularly significant—the cost of providing health care coverage to our employees and the cost of maintaining our existing infrastructure.  With this in mind, and working to keep any future increases reasonable, the board is looking to:

  • Give office staff more flexibility in negotiating settlements with property owners who are in arrears in their dues and assessments, and
  • Change our focus from allocating (escrowing) funds for new amenities to maintaining what we already have to even higher standards. In this past year alone, we have redone the lifeguard shack based on feedback we received from property owners, added a pickle ball court, built a new shelter at the marina, installed floating docks, and added a kayak launch.  All of these new amenities will require funds on an on-going basis to keep them tidy and in good repair and these required funds put additional pressure on the budget.  Not adding to the amenity “portfolio”, at least in the short-term, will help alleviate this pressure.

Thanks again to members of the Finance Committee and my fellow board members (especially Bob Starks) for their diligence and creativity in balancing the desires of property owners with our budgetary constraints.

On another topic, golf course management and members of Hidden Valley Golf Club’s Board of Governors have approached the Board of Directors to talk about on-going capital needs at the golf course.  We will keep you advised on the progress and content of these discussions.

Treasurers report:   Robert Starks

All amounts are rounded to the nearest dollar.

Financial Position as of the end of September 2019.

Beginning Cash on September 1, 2019, $1,160,063.00

Ending Cash on September 30, 2019, $1,027,235.00

Bob Starks reported that the weather played a big part in getting the new marina shelter started and had a hard time finding a contractor to build the shelter.  He said that the quality of the building is great and anticipate it to be under budget.

Willie’s needs a new roof.  The sheeting underneath the shingles is a big issue. The roof projections are deteriorating.  There is also no venting on the roof. They are looking at a very big expense to replace the roof.

Lot # 1604, Al Hewetson asked if the vents had a filter system to catch the grease.  He said if the grease is not caught internally it will rot out the roof quickly.

There was some discussion on the replacement of the roof.

Secretary’s Report:  Donna Yetzer

  • Request a motion for approval of September 26, 2019 Minutes

Motion made by Robert Starks and seconded by Dave Hafner to approve the September 26, 2019 Meeting Minutes.  Motion passed 4-0-1.

Community Managers Report:  Bruce Keller

As you hopefully have noticed, there will be a motion under the Finance Committee Report for 5 dollar a month increase in your assessments along with the motion to approve our 2020 budget.  With that increase I wanted to make a few points to put things in perspective.  In July of 2004, members with a home on a single lot paid 397.50.  In January of 2020 your bill for the first half will be 500 dollars.  This is a 21 percent increase since 2004.  The cumulative inflation rate since 2004 has been 36 percent.  Keep in mind that the ratio to increase over inflation is even more astounding when you take out the golf course assessment, which goes away in 10 years, out of the equation.  Let me summarize this again, Januarys increase will represent a total of 21 percent increase in 15 years vs 36 percent inflation in the same time frame.  Without the golf course assessment, it is only a 15 percent increase.

This only happened because you have had boards, committees, especially Finance and employees that have watched the spending.  If you want more details on the steps past volunteers and employees have taken to keep your budget down, read my article this month in echoes.

Finally, let me reiterate what our Board President has already said.  There is little room or appetite for any significant increases in amenities.  We also do not look at increases in assessments lightly.  We need to get to the business of maintaining what we have in a superb manor.  This is what you will begin seeing.

The Fish and Game Club has purchased a pontoon boat and converted it into a work barge.  They have added two extra pontoons to floatation, which will increase its payload significantly.  While fish and game will use the barge to install more fry structure to the lake, the POA maintenance department will gain significantly with the ability to haul rip rap into our stream inlet areas to slow down silt from building in our lake.  There may even be a way to rent it out to contractors doing shoreline restoration work for residents.  Anyway, I would like the board’s approval to take this donation from the Fish and Game Club with a POA expense of 2,000 dollars to cover improvement cost.

Request motion to approve accepting the work barge from Fish and Game.

Motion made by Donna Yetzer and seconded by Dave Hafner to accept this for discussion and approve the work barge.  Motion passed 4-0-1.

There will be no Board of Directors Meeting in November due to Thanksgiving Holiday.  The next Board of Directors meeting will be December 5, 2019 at 7:00pm.

Assistant Community Managers Report:  Dave Wismann

Marina Shelter

Continuing the finishing touch items, such as the interior walls and fixtures. The electric is now in and will be installing cameras and picnic tables. The next portion for the builder will be concrete work for the walkway and grading the lot.

Upper Beach Bathrooms

Work will begin soon. As stated previously, permits have been obtained.

Pool Committee

Members met on Tuesday, October 9. They supported two projects: sealing the bathroom floors at the beach and pool and installing a shade structure along the fence by the baby pool. Even though each project was below $10,000, they were presented to Finance Committee and will be completed using current pool maintenance funding.

Miranda and Amy have some great ideas to attract and retain lifeguards and the group is currently investigating ways to heat the pool in early season and late summer.

Pat Hawkins wanted to know if the restrooms at the marina would be open all year round.  It is Dave’s understanding they will be open year-round.

Lot # 1876, Cindy Mischell asked where the Kayak Racks will be placed.  The racks will be along the spillway on the other side of the walk path across the bridge.  A siphon will have to be put in before the racks can be put in.

Cindy also said that the marina shelter looked nice.  Bruce added that the restrooms will be heated.

Golf Course Managers ReportJen Reuter

Many people believe that once Labor Day passes, the golf season is over.  However, it is by far the most beautiful and scenic time to hit the course.  There is still plenty of good golfing weather left, so come on out and use that yellow pass, grab a bucket of balls for the driving range, and see the specials we have going on in the Pro Shop.

Every Monday from here on out will be an “Open Play Monday”.  These are open to everyone at a discounted rate…$25 for 18 holes and $15 for 9 holes.   Give the Pro Shop a call and they will be happy to set up a time to get you out on the course!

Quite a few people have taken advantage of our Fall Membership special already.  As a Hidden Valley resident, you can join the club at an introductory rate of $995.  That applies to your first year and is good for either a single or a family membership.  If you join now for 2020, you get the rest of 2019 for free!  Yes, that’s 14 months for just $995.  If you are a golfer and have been thinking about joining us, it’s time to pull the trigger.  If you don’t golf, but have a friend or family member who does, give them your yellow pass and tell them about our special.  For a non-resident, it is still only $1,100 for the first year.  There is no better time to stop by the club and check us out, as this rate is only good through the end of this year.

We have been toying with some ideas to generate some extra play on the course.  So far, we have….

“Mixed Martial Mondays”: Our attorney suggested we skip this one.

“Naked Tuesdays”:  Bruce put a nix to that one.

“Big Cup Wednesdays”:  But it was too difficult to retrieve your ball…

“Bring your pet Thursdays”. We are still reviewing

One thing I know for sure…we have a “Big Club Sale” and other tremendous deals going on in the Pro Shop.

We are about 2 weeks away from really revving up the new Pub.  Our first “Football Frenzy” will be Sunday November 10 where we will be offering free, yes FREE, appetizers and some great drink specials!  We will be unveiling our $5.00 appetizers menu which will be available every Saturday and Sunday, and some great specialty beers on rotating tap!  Currently we have Kona Big Wave, Brooklyn Lager & Rhinegeist Truth.  We will have other seasonal specials through the fall and winter.  Keep your eyes open for upcoming Trivia Nights, as well as other fun events!  The course is open all year, weather permitting, but the Pub will be open year-round.  Stop by and check it out!

Committee and Club Reports

Architecture Committee Report:  Phil Heitz

  • Approval of Bond Returns

Lot # 2365H                                                           Jeffrey & Susan Timberlake   

Property Address 19317 Par Drive                         Bond Amount $500.00

City, State, Zip Lawrenceburg, IN 47025                 Dues Owed $0

                                                                              Fine/Fees Owed $0 

Lot # 877H                                                             Lorraine & Stephen Pollack    

Property Address 21157 Interlochen Lane              Bond Amount $500.00

City, State, Zip Lawrenceburg, IN 47025                 Dues Owed $0

                                                                              Fine/Fees Owed $0

Lot # 1085H                                                           Mark & Kathy Johnson           

Property Address 20282 Matterhorn Drive              Bond Amount $500.00

City, State, Zip Lawrenceburg, IN 47025                 Dues Owed $0

                                                                              Fine/Fees Owed $0

Lot # 1561H                                                           Tyler Penick & Samantha Brotherton 

Property Address 19368 Newcom Knoll                  Bond Amount $2000.00

City, State, Zip Lawrenceburg, IN 47025                 Dues Owed $0

                                                                              Fine/Fees Owed $0

Lot # 2622H                                                           Janet Pecquet & Richard Roden        

Property Address 20320 Alpine Drive                     Bond Amount $500.00

City, State, Zip Lawrenceburg, IN 47025                 Dues Owed $0

                                                                              Fine/Fees Owed $0

 Signed by Floyd Ogden, Bruce Keller, Tom Cross, Jesse Jones, Dave Wismann, Dan Tester and Phil Heitz.

Motion made by Robert Starks and seconded by Dave Hafner to approve the Bond Returns.  Motion passed 4-0-1.

  • Request approval of variance for Olena & Georgiy Kamenetska Lot # 1152, 20463 Meercham Way.  Requesting a 9’ variance for a retaining wall on side setback.  Adjoining neighbors approve.

Motion made by Dave Hafner and seconded by Donna Yetzer to approve the 9’ variance.  Motion passed 4-0-1.

  • Request approval of Variance for Zachary & Abby Asman, Lot # 2542, 1712 Cove Circle West.  Requesting a 5’ variance for a new home on the front elevation of property Adjoining neighbors approve

Motion made by Robert Starks and seconded by Donna Yetzer to approve the 5’ variance.  Motion passed 4-0-1.

  • Request a motion increasing the amount of fine for a stop work order from 100, up to 500 dollars.  (First Reading)

There was no vote on this motion.  More discussion is needed on increasing the fine amount with the Architectural Committee.

There was much discussion on increasing the amount of fine for a stop work order.

Architecture meeting schedule has been changed during the winter.  The Architecture Committee will meet once a month on the second Wednesday of each month at 5:30 beginning in November.

Finance Committee Report: Kyle Packer

  • Approval of August and September Financials.

Motion made by Robert Starks and seconded by Dave Hafner to approve the Bond Returns.  Motion passed 4-0-1.

  • Approval of 2020 Budget. Includes a 5 dollar a month assessment increase.

Motion made by Robert Starks and seconded by Dave Hafner to approve the 2020 Budget.  Motion passed 4-0-1.

Lot # 1303, Ted Richardt, wanted to know what the $60.00 dollars adds up to over a year.  With 2080 members it adds up to $120,000.

Lot # 85, Bill Blantz, wanted to know if this assessment was on the membership.  This assessment is on the membership, not on each lot the resident owns.

Lot # 621, Karen Hatfield, asked about the golf course assessment.  When the POA acquired the golf course we were told in the meetings that the assessment would cover the expense of the golf course.  She asked if we had to fund money from the POA to the golf course and then wanted to know if it was paid back by the golf course.

To hear more on this discussion, visit our website and listen to the audio portion of the minutes.

  • Approval to allocate expenditures for a new data base for the POA designed specifically for POAs

Motion made by Robert Starks and seconded by Dave Hafner to approve the expenditures for a new database for the POA.  Motion passed 4-0-1.

The cost will be $22,000 for the new database.  The existing database is about 13 years old.  The individual that created the database has since passed away, so we no longer have support.

Lot # 1303, Ted Richardt, wanted to know what is included with the price; will they transfer the data; will they install the software.  Bruce gave Ted the information to read over.

Lot # 85, Bill Blantz feels there should be a breakdown on what the cost is for the new database and other projects in the Valley.   This information will be supplied in the future.

Future Planning:  Dick Myers

Future Planning Staffing – The F&P Committee is pleased to announce the acceptance of two new members onto the committee – Pat Paul and Rich Mischell.  Both new members have already indicated areas of committee business they are interested in helping out.  A Committee welcome to them both.

New Future Planning Committee Projects – There are two new proposals being considered on how to best coordinate the Outdoor Activities and Hiking Trails task forces.  Discussions are needed with the POA Board and the Lakes and Parks Committee about these proposals.

OLCA Meeting Planning – Bruce Keller, Pat Hawkins and Dave Wismann recently attended the September 2019 OLCA Meeting and reported their observations about the community they visited and how the meeting was conducted.  The HVL OLCA Meeting will be held on Oct. 7 – 10 in 2020 and work is underway on a daily agenda, hotel arrangements for the attendees and possible meal options.

Development of an Improvement Project Procedure – The Committee reviewed an initial outline draft of what we hope to be a fully documented procedure on how to initiate and complete improvement projects for the HVL POA.  The Committee has asked the Board to review the draft and provide suggestions.  Other POA Committees will be asked to help as the procedure is being further developed.

Community Master Plan Update – In addition to integrating changes from POA staff, committees, task forces and clubs, the F&P Committee will develop updates that include the HVL Golf Club in the new CMP update due to be completed by the 2020 POA Annual Meeting.

High-speed Internet options for HVL – Rich Gannon is actively seeking alternatives for providing HVL residents with additional high-speed options for Internet service.  We know of at least one current option that is being terminated in November.

Judicial Panel Report:  Bruce Plashko

No report

Lakes Committee Report: Dave Patterson

Flags on boats towing skiers or others is not necessary.

Stickers on inflated paddle board or kayaks will not be required.  This was voted on by the Lakes and Parks Committee.

A resident felt that if she had to put stickers on her paddle board which is smaller than some of the inflatable paddle boards that they should have to pay for a sticker as well.

Lot # 1303, Claudia Richardt, has an inflatable paddleboard and puts a sticker on her board every year.  Her sticker does not come off.

This decision will be revisited by Lakes and Parks

Parking issues related to the kayak launching area – No action taken by the committee.  There will be paving on part of the parking lot near the corner of the sluice gate and ramp.

Fish and Game: Reported that so far over 1700 slot bass have been removed from the lake.  Good job guys!  The budget for 2020 includes monies for bait fish, as promised.

The Annual Golf Scramble was again a huge success.

The club sponsored the Cincinnati Youth Bass Club Fishing Tournament at HVL on Oct 13.  They kept all slot bass in addition to those weighed in for tourney prizes.

They are donating funds to East Central to start a Bass Club.

They approved and sent gift cards to Angie and Moe at their retirement in recognition of their service.

Lake Patrol: Reported that the flashing yellow light on the patrol boat needs to be fixed.  They have been counting fish in random live wells and creels.  So far all is good.  The days are getting shorter and so are the shifts.

Lake Statistics: Measurements were taken on 09/10 across from the beach.  All measurements were typical for October when compared to past years.  The lake is in good shape and is healthy.

Small Lake Maintenance – Still need to finish the emergency spillway at Crystal Lake.  Jill requested that we get with Jennifer Hughes to see if she can assist us in erosion control. Apparently, her job has changed a bit over the years, but Bruce will still contact her for assistance.  We have been using larger rip rap, which seems to be helping.

Request for fishing event – Dohn Community High School – This seems to have been postponed to a future date, yet to be determined.

Continue discussion to allow covered boat lifts and shore screens – No news on this topic.  The task force still needs to gather more information.

Marina Shelter — This project is almost complete.  Most of the lighting and electric is finished.  Then they will turn to adding restrooms to the upper beach shelter.

Marina Dock Replacement – Remove the current floating docks from the finger closest to the spillway.   We will redeploy some or the old floating docks which are sturdier for those identified in the Task above.  This will require reskinning the older structures with wood or concrete stone or possibly a Trex-like material.  We will test out the options and see which one is better and most economical.  This will require moving members that currently rent these docks unless they meet the criteria of the task.  We will also install a handicapped parking area in the parking lot directly in front of the slip area.  Note:  This finger will also be a drop off and pick up spot for all boaters.  We will probably have to tweak things as we go, e.g. we might need to widen the area where the ramp meets the dock to allow for leaving a wheelchair while the person is out on their kayak.  This shouldn’t impact the number of available slips.

The handicapped dock on the left of the launching ramp as you face the lake will be removed and the older style of floating dock will replace it.  Mr. Theobald, the current occupant of that slip, will be moved to the finger nearest to the sluice gate.  His current slot will remain empty to accommodate those handicapped and gait challenged members in the launching of their boats.  The kayak launch will remain in about the same location, but the brackets will need to be modified since the older style docks are higher out of the water than the cube docks.  This is one of the features that makes them better as handicapped docks, too.

The first finger of docks from the launching ramp will be slightly re-configured to facilitate straight in landings to the ramp area.

All of the remaining cube dock slips at the marina will be widened by one row of cubes.  These cubes will come from the dismantled cubes at the finger closest to the sluice gate and the current handicapped slip.  A 4-inch pole will be added in the center cube at the end of each slip, and the pair of smaller poles will be removed.  A wooden brace will be added to both sides of each slip to stabilize the cubes.  Additional 4-inch poles will be added at various places to further stabilize the docks, especially those that extend out from the concrete walkway.

We feel that these steps will improve the boating experience for all residents and their guest, the cost will be minimal.  (Under 25,000 dollars, which is included in this year’s annual budget).

Sluice Gate Bridge Project– Contractor has been located and scheduling is now the hold up. 

Task force Updates

Hiking trails in the 77- acre park – Status to be determined

Construct and outdoor activity center – Status to be determined.

RV/Boat/Trailer storage area – They are not finding many feasible sites within HVL boundaries.

Kayak/paddle board/canoe racks – The project is on hold pending completion of the lake draw-down project.  We discussed what the annual fee should be for leasing a storage spot.

  • Request a motion setting the Kayak Storage Fee at $50 per year.

Motion made by Dave Hafner and seconded by Donna Yetzer for the Kayak Storage Fee.  Motion passed 4-0-1.

To hear more on the discussion of docks and kayak racks go to our website and listen to the audio portion of the meeting.

Safety, Security & Elections Committee Report:  Bonnie Starks

  • Request a motion making the following changes to our Sign/Solicitation rules to bring our by-laws into line with the state of Indiana Law. (Second and final reading)


11-6-4. Election and Political Sign Rules for lots:

Only one (1) “Election” or “Political” sign shall be permitted and is per membership regardless of how many lots are assigned to that membership. “Election” or “Political” signs may not be posted on private property within HVL sooner than sixty (60) days prior to an election and mustbe removed by the beginning of the sixth day after the election is held. It is the responsibility of the property owner to remove the sign in a timely manner.

Signs may not be put on community property except on Election Day at the voting precinct only. All “Election” or “Political” signs on voting precincts’ property have to be removed by noon the next day after the election is held.

No vote taken at this time.  This motion has been tabled and Bruce will contact our attorney to go over the rules and then will be discussed again at the December meeting.

Civic Club Report:  Steve Siereveld

Halloween Dance Saturday, October 26, 2019.

Old Business:


New Business:

Bob Starks shared that the Miller Fire House on Route 1 is looking for volunteers.  He said that the same thing is true around the whole country.  If you volunteer as a Fire Fighter or EMS at the Lawrenceburg Ivy Tech you can get your 2-year degree free.

Adjournment: 9:02pm

Motion to adjourn made by Donna Yetzer and seconded by Robert Starks. 

Minutes Prepared by Gina

Minutes published in this paper are abbreviated and a full account can be heard online at









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